Archangel Michael – Your Personal Guide To Your Life’s Purpose

Are you trying to find out what your heart’s truest desires but the answers you get seem to be too vague to understand?

Sure you know what your desires are but have you found out the deepest desire of your soul?

Your Archangel Michael can be your personal life coach!

He can walk with you on your journey towards your soul’s purpose. He is ever ready to give you guidance and infuse you with strength and courage to continue walking with him in realizing your highest purpose.

Are you ready to work with the Prince of all the Archangels?

We’ll help you get started!

Who is Archangel Michael?

Archangel Michael is the angel of protection and a defender of the people.

The origin of the name Michael, means “Who is like unto God?” So Archangel Michael means “the greatest messenger, who is like God.”

In other words, Michael brings pure messages of love, wisdom, and power directly from the Creator. Archangel Michael is widely known as the archangel of the first ray of protection, faith and the will of God.

He is the Prince of all the Archangels and of the Angelic Hosts as well as the Defender of the Faith and the Angel of Deliverance.

He personifies strength and valor and intervenes ceaselessly for those who call upon him.

He has saved countless lives by protecting them from calamities and keeping their bodies safe. Also, he has been known to save people from car accidents as he has been sighted numerous times amidst these tragic circumstances.

As an omnipresent being, he also watches over our possessions ensuring that thieves do not get near that which is beloved to us. He is also God’s champion against fear and the forces of darkness. His protective might ensure that all around him are free from fear.

Finally, if you ever feel directionless in life, God will send Archangel Michael to shine a light for your God-given path and provide you guidance so that you will never be lost when it comes to making life-changing decisions that will affect your future.

Functions and Powers:

The embodiment of strength and valor, protection for all, the slayer of ego and fear and last but not the least to give guidance for divine missions.

Attributes and common signs to recognize Archangel Michael:

  • Angel Light (Blue Light Ray)
  • Feathers (A Feather In One’s Path)
  • Scents (Divine Smell)
  • Essential Oil (Unadulterated Oils)
  • Gemstone (Lapis Lazuli)
  • Energy Color (Sapphire Blue)

Simple Prayer to invoke Archangel Michael:

“Lord Michael to the left of me, Lord Michael to the right

Lord Michael in front and Lord Michael behind;

Lord Michael above and Lord Michael below

Lord Michael, Lord Michael, wherever I go!”

How can Archangel Michael help you to fulfill God’s purposes for your life?

Archangel Michael is a record keeper and manager, hence he can help you, and everyone else, know the purpose of your life. He also guides your next step and helps you make important life changes.

He will help you harness and develop the skills and talents you need to support your dreams and mission for the benefit of the communities and the world. As you yield to his guidance and assistance on your life’s journey, you will become more organized and you will be able to find a simpler and rhythmic albeit orderly routine in your everyday life.

Also, Michael wants 
to motivate you to become
 more driven and 
productive to fulfill your
 life’s purposes. He provides
 such deliberate and
 personalized guidance that 
prepares you for all that you receive in your mind which are sure sign that he is with you every step of the way. He is the spiritual force you need to help you build and foster a healthy foundation, strength, and stability that your body, mind, and soul require.

Moreover, you can ask Michael to urge and motivate you to pursue spiritual disciplines like prayer and reading sacred scriptures that will strengthen your faith in God and passion for truth and divine assignments.

Archangel Michael has been overseeing God’s mission on Earth since before people populated the planet, and he lovingly oversees our human Divine life missions hence, you can be sure he is the one who can greatly help you in ensuring your success in your mission.

Getting guidance from Archangel Michael for life’s mission

Apart from being a protector and defender, Archangel Michael is also seen as an angel of wisdom who gives guidance and direction to those who seek him. Some prayers said to him reflect this category of power he has as he asked to provide the wisdom needed to avoid deception and discern what’s really true in every part of life, from relationships to work.

To get guidance from Michael, ask him to help you see each situation you encounter from an accurate perspective and help you set the best priorities in order to make the best decisions in a given situation of each day.

If you do so, Michael can provide the guidance you need and help you to be courageous in life. Also, you will be happy to know that as you take your journey towards the fulfillment of your soul, Michael will be with you and fight for you by stopping any attacks against you in the spiritual realm so you can enjoy your life and your journey in peace and confidence.

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