Can I Save My Marriage?

Marriage is a great source of joy and a special gift from God. There is so much love and trust in a marriage but it is not without trials. 


We all know that any relationship is not easy, the road will be filled with bumps. You will face difficult times. You and your spouse will face within yourselves and your relationships.


Sometimes, even when the love is strong you will face challenges beyond your control. Such as economic or financial problems, illness, accidents, and such. 


Marriage problems can easily make you feel like you are alone and no one will understand your struggles. There will be times when you do not know where to go and who to turn to.


But you are not alone. Your marriage has been blessed by God and His angels are ready to come to you to help you make the decisions for your and your marriage.


Your angels’ guidance is what you need to clear your mind and see things from a better perspective to make the best decisions you would not regret. The light from your angels will show you the right path that will bring you genuine happiness and growth.


Angel signs that God is Working to Save Your Marriage

When your marriage starts to get rocky, it seemed easier to give up and get out. Some people would choose to run away from the problem to save themselves from the pain and hurt.


Giving up is a choice you are entitled to have. But taking time and thinking about saving your marriage is also an alternative you can hold hopes for.


But marriage is a special gift from God and He will not let it go to waste that easily. Together with His angels, God will assure you that He is working with you to save your marriage.


God wants you to turn to your angels and ask them for help and clarity when things get confusing. Your angels will use all their ways of communicating with you to make sure that you do not regret the choices you make when it comes to your marriage.


Here are some of the signs from your angels that tell you that your marriage still has a chance:


  • Frequent messages will appear to you about your marriage


The first sign that God and the angels are working to restore your marriage is when you often find messages about saving your marriage all the time. 


Whether it is a Bible verse, a book quote, or a TV commercial, your angels will send you messages that will make you see the merit of saving your marriage.


This is the Divine’s way of telling you that not everything is hopeless and that there is still a chance for you to save your marriage. It was like they are opening you to new perspectives about your relationship and how things are going for you and your spouse.


  • You feel a sudden desire to let go


When your marriage is struggling you start to overthink where you went wrong. You start to think about everything you have done, everything your spouse has done, and every uncontrollable thing happening around you.


You try hard to understand where everything went wrong. You try to understand when things started to fall apart.


But then, when God starts fixing your marriage, the angels will send this sign to you: You feel a sudden desire to let go and let God handle the rest.


It was you letting go of overthinking things. You are letting go of trying to understand everything and you start to trust the process you are in.


This sign is a hard one to recognize because you will always have this urge to take control of your marriage and what’s happening in your relationship.


But it will get easier when you start to open yourself to the ways of God and the guidance of your angels.


  • God will ask you to trust him and his ways


There are things that will happen in your life that will make no sense and you begin to wonder why these things are happening and how they can affect your marriage.


But God’s ways are always peculiar. Sometimes it is hard to understand why He does certain things or why He gives you certain things.


When God is working to restore your marriage He will first ask you to trust Him and His ways. Again, it will be hard for you to let God take control because you want to be able to fix your relationship yourself.


But remember that God is not taking away your will. The trust he is asking of you is his way of telling you to open yourself to his guidance and the guidance of the His angels watching over you.


Ultimately, you have the choice. You are the one who will make the ultimate decision when it comes to your marriage. All the angels can do is guide you and give you clarity.


Angels’ advice on how you can save your marriage

God and your angels will always be there to help you with your relationship. They will do everything they can to guide you as you try to save your marriage.


Right now, your angels want you to let go of your desire to take control of everything that is happening in your marriage.


Remember that you are not the only party in the relationship. You are married to your partner and you must share everything with them. Your angels want you to remember that even though you are having troubles right now, your spouse will always be your confidant. They have been and will always be there to listen to you especially when it concerns your marriage.


Another piece of advice from your angels is to open your heart to forgiveness. Forgiveness is a really difficult pill to swallow when you are hurting and in pain or when you are suffering, and trying to make sense of everything. It is easier to find blame so you can justify why things are going wrong.


But you can never move forward when you do not forgive. You can never let go and trust God if you don’t open yourself to forgiveness. 


Know that you are not just trying to forgive your spouse. You also need to forgive yourself and your circumstances. You need to acknowledge that you are a part of this whole process. You also have to accept that there are things you can never control and you have to forgive yourself for that.


A Prayer for your Angel’s Guidance to Save Your Marriage

Beloved angels of God,


Thank you for all the guidance and blessings you deliver on behalf of the Divine.


Thank you for watching over me and protecting me.


Thank you for your wisdom and guidance.


I pray to you today to ask for your clarity and light. 


May you guide me to make the best decision concerning my marriage.


Please open my heart to forgiveness and help me let go of the things I cannot control.


Please help me and my spouse to move forward, to let go of any resentments, so we can work together under the guidance of the Lord to save our love.


With you by our side, we will become stronger and wiser. Amen.