Your Manifestation Angel:
Archangel Ariel Has An

"Your Guardian Angel Of Manifestation Spoke To Us And We Must Deliver This Angelic Plan For Abundance, Prosperity And Manifestation To You So You Can Receive Their Help And Manifest More Wealth, Healing, Love And Purpose...

The Next 15 Days!"

Dear Manifestation Seeker...

The message you're reading now is a channeled message through our angel oracles at Celestial Inspiration because in the next few days...

...Manifestation portals are opening and you'll have a limited window to manifest the life of your dreams that you've missed out for the longest time.

Your manifestation angels and guides have been desperately reaching out to you through signs and messages...

Signs that your life is finally about to change.

This sign you’re seeing now is very important because this may be the last sign you’ll see that will help you activate your manifestation energies before manifestation portals close.

Why Is It So Hard For You To Manifest Abundance And Prosperity In Your Life?

If you've always felt that your life is filled with lack, fear and endless struggle... it is because something important is missing in your life that is preventing you from manifesting what you want.

Your manifestation angels know how much you've struggled when you:

- Prayed for something only to be disappointed
- Longed for opportunities only to be unprepared for them
- Hoped for wonderful coincidences that will give you a much needed break in life... only to watch it pass you by
- Watching others 'effortlessly' manifest a new car, a new house or a new investment opportunity...

Something is blocking you from manifesting the life of your dreams.

And this block is NOT something that can be solved by reading a manifestation or self-help book, going to an expensive 'manifestation seminar' or working with a coach that can change your mind just by talking to you.

No... Something more is needed to help you become a VIBRATIONAL MATCH for an abundance, wealthy and prosperous life.

The Only Way To Become A Vibrational Match With Your Dreams Is To Work With The Right Manifestation Guides The Right Way!

There are no coincidences in this world... these 'coincidences' only happen when you're a vibrational match for them and for that you happen, you need to connect with the right guides and align with their higher vibration for it to work.

Manifestation works because it is a spiritual intent, manifested into the material world... when you set the right intent, God organizes and assembles the right resources to deliver what you desire.

That's why there's a saying, "As above, so below..." hence, "As within, so without".

What you are on the inside will be reflected on the outside.

So if you are vibrating at a low frequency, not only will you fail to manifest what you want, you will also wind up manifesting what you don't want which will set you back even more!

That is why for manifestation to FOR you rather than against you, you have to clear out all the hidden blockages in your vibration so you know you are manifesting correctly.

Luckily, your guardian angel who is here to help you with manifesting your dream life is ready to reveal herself to you and share with you important instructions on how to turn everything around.

The Name Of Your Guardian Angel And Manifestation Guide Is Archangel Ariel!

Archangel Ariel is the angel of abundance, prosperity and manifestation.

She is the perfect guide to help you with manifesting your goals, removing impossible obstacles and raising your vibration so you'll become a vibrational match for your dreams.

By following her instructions, you'll know how to take advantage of manifestation portals...

...And start manifesting great wealth, the love of your life, miraculous healings, a better job, a heart-centered business and unlimited resources that will show up at the right time in your life.

Who Is Ariel?

The literal meaning of the word Ariel is “Lion of God”.

Archangels are genderless, but will commonly appear in the form that will serve you best and in this case, a powerful manifestation guide from Mother Earth.

As a nurturer and great steward of Mother Earth and all her natural resources, she is gentle yet strong in helping you manifest what you want by reorganizing and delivering earth's resources.

That is why she is the most practical, yet magical angel who can use manifestation portals to help you manifest surprising miracles and unexpected abundance of wealth and joy into your life.

She is also the patron saint of new beginnings, so no matter how challenging your life's circumstances are, she will offer you a fresh start. As the lion of God, she will use her might to help you triumph over your obstacles and change your life's path for the better quickly.

Archangel Ariel's

Message Of Abundance For You...

“Do not worry about your future… for I am with you.

Abundance and prosperity are coming - miracles are being manifested as we speak!

Return to your abundance birthright and God shall increase you and bless you…

Have faith in God and you shall be rewarded! He shall open wide the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that your house will not have enough room to store it!”

This Is The Perfect Time To Work With Archangel Ariel As Manifestation Portals Are Opening!

Ariel wants you to know that time is of the essence!

Manifestation portals amplify anything that you want to manifest.

When you're at a vibrational match with your dreams when manifestation portals are open, anything you manifest comes to you bigger and faster.

That is why you must make haste.

Whatever setbacks you have endured in the past, you will now have the opportunity to make up for lost time when you take advantage of this manifestation opportunity.

This is exactly where we can help you...

Who Are We And How We Can Help You?

Ariel’s messages are channeled through this angelic channel called “Celestial Inspiration”.

We are a team of Lightworkers, Starseeds, and Earth Angels who have helped tens of thousands of students to manifest effectively using Divine tools since 2014.

Angelic channelers who specialize in bringing the high vibration essence of angels and guides to you and the rest of the world through our deep connection with the celestial realms.

We understand the challenges in trying to manifest an abundant and prosperous life and that is why our mission and purpose is to help you to achieve the life of your dreams by using the right tools to connect you with your manifestation guides.

Through the channeled messages and mysteries and secrets of the universe about the earth as a manifestation school, we spent years channeling Archangel Ariel's energies to help manifestors like you and thousands of students manifest the life of their dreams.

Celestial Inspiration Presents:

The Celestial Manifestations Discover Who Your Guides Are And How To Manifest Guidance, Blessings And Miracles Into Your Life!

  • The Celestial Manifestations program is an ADVANCED PROGRAM that will give you all the tools you’ll need to manifest anything you desire in life
  • It is designed to help you master manifestation by allowing you to experience easy and quick wins in 15 days to help you become a vibrational match for the life of your dreams.
  • Manifesting has never been this easy and enjoyable. All you need to do is ‘press play’ and let the tools do the work for you
  • It will reveal all the manifestation signs you’ll need each day so you can take advantage of the newfound skill you have
  • You can use the tools to manifest anything you want, whether it is more wealth, better health, a ‘soulmate’ or ‘twin flame’ relationship, more happiness and purpose for your life, etc
  • You’ll also know how to act on the signs make your dreams a reality with the help of your angels and guides

What Sets Celestial Manifestations Apart From Other Manifestations Program?

Most manifestation programs only provide you information and discuss manifestation techniques but they do not address two key issues:

Problem 1 - Vibration issues blocking your manifestation energies

Problem 2 - Where exactly those blocks are and how to clear them specifically

There are a thousand and one things in the world pulling your vibration down with negativity, toxic environments on the planet as well as your own personal life’s challenges - that's why manifestation is next to impossible under these circumstances.

And even if you do know how to fix your vibration, you need to apply the vibration in SPECIFIC blocks... and you need to be aware of those blocks otherwise it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

The Celestial Manifestations solve both problems by giving you the tools to connect with the highest vibrational guides, and the exact guides that will help you to clear the manifestation blocks you are unaware about!

When it comes to your dreams and goals, our advanced course approaches it like a surgeon's knife with utmost precision.

That's why you'll be working with a handpicked team of manifestation guides consisting of of angels, archangels, spirit guides, spirit animals, ascended masters and groups of beings to deal with specific issues and raise your vibration in different areas of your life.

We leave no stone unturned when it comes to removing all your manifestation blockages so that nothing stands in your way of manifesting wealth, better health, the love of your life, a heart-centered career, purpose and the life of your dreams.

No program out there can do this for you because the program is immersive and experiential - it changes you on a cellular level which you cannot get by reading a manifestation or self-help book, going to an expensive 'manifestation seminar' or working with a coach that can change your mind just by talking to you.

Meet The Manifestation Guides In Your Celestial Support Team!

Ariel has assembled a team of Manifestation and Abundance Guides to help you! You can call it your Celestial Support Team.

As the archangel of abundance, she has summoned many powerful manifestation angels and guides to come to the earth to assist you on this Divine mission.


With Archangel Ariel leading the charge, she has assembled the entire host of Archangels such as Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Metatron, and many, many more throughout your manifestation journey.

Each of these archangels will raise your vibration to the highest levels so that everything you want to manifest will materialize at the highest speeds. You can manifest in any area of your life - wealth, health, career, romance, peace, protection... work with the right angel for the right result!

Spirits Of The Earth

As the archangel in charge of earth’s treasures and God’s great steward of all natural resources, she has brought together the elements such as fire, water, earth, and air to make you a master of manifestation.

Ariel works with natural resources and by connecting with the 4 elements of manifestation, all of earth's natural resources will be reorganized and delivered by Ariel to give you all the resources you'll need no matter how big or small your manifestations are.

Spirit Animals

Ariel is a companion of animals. As the lion of God, she is the queen of the animals as they obey her every word. She sends you spirit animals to assist you on your manifestation journey.

Spirit animals are powerful and swift messengers... throughout the program, they are working in the background to send you the signs and synchronicities for your manifestations so you won't miss out on important messages from your angels and guides.

Ascended Masters

Ariel also calls upon many ascended masters to assist you on your journey. Ascended masters were once humans who manifested great things in the past and they are here to guide you in living in this manifestation school of life.

These ascended masters will bring their ascended wisdom to the table. Because they were once human, they understand full well what it means to manifest and struggle while in the human condition.

Like the surgeon's knife, they will cut out the specific manifestation blocks that are not serving you and help you speed up materialization from the spiritual realm into the material realm.

Guidance From Divine Groups…

They are here to help you such as the council of light, Starseed collective energies as well as the groups of beings from Lemuria, Atlantis, and Avalon are here to bring out all areas of your ability to manifest.

It is said that when two or more are gathered, Divine energy is at the most powerful. That is why these celestial team ups like the council of light and the Starseed collective consist of amplified powerful collective energies that will magnify and multiply anything you set your eyes upon.

Ancient energies like Lemuria, Atlantis and Avalon are also filled with ancient wisdom and the purest of intentions. They will give you tremendous clarity for your life's purpose and whatever you choose to manifest in this life.

Here's What You Get When You Invest In Our Advanced Manifestation Course

Once you invest in the product, you’ll be given a page to key in your login details and you can create an account to immediately access your manifestation course and start working with Archangel Ariel and her team of manifestation guides.

The course material looks like this:

The course is broken down into 15 days and you only need to spend a few minutes each day understanding the step-by-step video training, listening to the audio immersions that your manifestation guides will work on you, and taking small baby steps towards your goals.

At the end of every lesson, just doing the baby steps will grant you 'quick wins' and these quick wins are the key to sustaining momentum in your manifestation journey which will lead to the realization of your ultimate dream!

We can't even begin to imagine your life after the magical 15 days!

Here's What Our Students Loved About The Celestial Manifestations Program

Our students who have used our courses have experienced the following results:

"I am so happy I came across Celestial Manifestations! Manifesting with my angels and manifestation guides literally changed the trajectory of my life. Every area of my life has been blessed because this program empowers me to become the very best version of myself. It helped me embody the person I want to become, and help me unlock the infinite potential that helped me create the life of my dreams."

~ Jasmine

Are you thinking of manifesting a new house or a new car?
Day 4 of this manifestation course will show you how to manifest one easily.

Are you looking for a romantic, intimate connection with a life partner?

Day 7 will show you how.

"I've finally manifested my twin flame. I guess it's possible for anyone else who felt ready for a twin flame relationship. Previously, I had a really difficult soulmate relationship but looking back I realized that it was caused by my inability to receive love. Celestial Manifestations helped me work on removing the blocks that hinder me from manifesting true love in my life."


If you want a supportive social group to support your every need?
Day 8 will teach you how to manifest one.

"The Universe guided me in finding my soul family, and it came to me in perfect timing right when I thought my manifestations couldn't get any better. I'm grateful to have found Celestial Inspiration as well for not hesitating in sharing their wisdom and knowledge to boost my manifestation efforts through the Celestial Manifestations course! Now, my manifestation powers are magnified with the help of my soul family and manifestation guides!"

~ Courtney

Here's more from our Celestial Inspiration community through the years!

15 Days Is All You Need To Manifest The Life Of Your Dreams…

We leave no stone unturned - in 15 days, you will experience a complete transformation in your ability to manifest in any area of your life.

  • Day 1 - Set the right foundation for your manifestations
  • Day 2 - Open ‘Manifestation Portals’ to amplify your manifestation skills
  • Day 3 - Manifest your Divine calling by becoming a vibrational match for what you want
  • Day 4 - Bring your dreams into reality: living as if they already happened
  • Day 5 - Remove all manifestation blocks that are preventing you from manifesting what you want
  • Day 6 - Raise your vibration with the help of your guides
  • Day 7 - Send ‘Cosmic Orders’ To The Universe so the universe has no choice but to deliver what you want
  • Day 8 - Manifest a supportive soul family who will help you with your manifestations
  • Day 9 - Manifest more peace into your life so manifestations come to you in a peaceful, autopilot way
  • Day 10 - Manifest a healthier body and heal from the past
  • Day 11 - Improve the strength of your manifestation powers
  • Day 12 - Manifest more than enough wealth that will last lifetimes
  • Day 13 - Become a master of any skill you set your mind upon
  • Day 14 - Manifest your highest purpose
  • Day 15 - Create your ultimate legacy

Here’s What It Is Worth To You

By now, you’ll understand how your celestial support team led by Archangel Ariel is going all out to help you to become successful in manifesting the life of your dreams.

Not only will you make up for a lost time, but imagine if you can get ahead and make your dreams a reality, what would you do?

What would a life like this be worth to you?

It is priceless!

But this will only work for you if you act upon it.

No amount of intuitive guidance will work for you if you do not exercise your free will and work with Archangel Ariel and her team.

You will simply go back to doing the same thing over and over again even though the Divine has already given you a way out.

How Much Is The Course?

You are probably wondering how much this will cost.

Now imagine this… if you could develop the power to manifest as many hundred dollar bills as you want, would paying $500 seem like a big investment knowing that you can easily manifest it again?

Yes, $500 for the ability to manifest any amount of money, the health you desire, the relationship you dreamed of, and the life you have always wanted is but a small sum.

But as our service to mankind and to help you remove all barriers to these cosmic shifts, we want to make it as affordable to you as possible.

So we won't be charging you $5̶0̶0̶...

In fact, we won't even be charging you $̶3̶0̶0̶ or even $̶2̶0̶0̶...

The angels have spoken to us and guided us to charge the following price:

All you pay is one low price of $77.77.

Why $77.77? Because of the angel number 7777.

The angel number 7777 is a favorable indicator of manifesting one's desires. It is a number that doesn't appear frequently so take this as the final sign for you to manifest your dreams.

7777 means that the universe is ready to take care of you and catch you if you fall at any time. Things are going according to the Divine plan.

You can trust that with one payment of $77.77, your dreams will be manifested if you act today.

You can't afford not to invest in this!

Don't Put Your Destiny On Hold Anymore!

Remember that as powerful as Archangel Ariel is, she is bound by the law of free will and will not intervene with your free will.

You will only be able to access her power if you choose to open yourself to her.

Now, there are three options:

  • You can go back to the way your life is forgetting you’ve read this letter;
  • You can figure it out on your own, trying to maintain a high vibration by yourself and battle with all the difficulties of staying strong in the modern world;
  • You can give this a try for a very low price and a risk-free money-back guarantee. You will have all the tools you’ll need saving you from all the guesswork of figuring it out on your own.

I’m sure by now you’ll know that the 3rd option is the most feasible way to enhance the power in your life.

You now have the opportunity to invest in our highest rated, advanced manifestation course (Normally worth $1,166.55) for only $77.77!

Your angels have led you here for a reason and that is to take advantage of manifestation portals while the opportunity is here. They have been sending you signs after signs to put your problems to rest. This is your opportunity to turn everything around!

Click the buy button now! It’s risk-free!

A Recap Of All That You Will Receive

After investing in the Celestial Manifestations course, you will be given access to our exclusive teaching platform where you will be mastering manifestation by learning how to raise your vibration in order to connect with your manifestation angels and guides in 15 days.

Each day you'll need to spend a few minutes understanding the step-by-step video training and listening to guided meditations designed to help you work with your manifestation guides.

Here’s what will happen if you follow Ariel’s plan and ‘activate’ your manifesting power in the next 15 days.

Ariel will lead you in the next 15 days on how to connect with all your manifestation guides to make your dreams a reality!

Don't Let This Pass You By...

Your angels want you to know that you’ve already gone through so much in life and now is an opportunity to turn it all around.

As long as you're aligned with God's plan for your life, you will be able to manifest the life of your dreams and live a life filled with abundance and prosperity.

But if you're out of alignment with your angel's guidance, life will be a grueling struggle of taking 2 steps forward but 3 steps back over and over again.

Don’t miss out on this last chance just like all the other chances you’ve missed in the past.

You can turn it all around if you pay attention to the multitude of signs your angels have been sending your way and this is the last sign they have sent to you that will change your destiny.

Click the BUY NOW button below to learn about the most important thing that will change your life forever…

Your angels and guides are waiting for you!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Celestial Manifestations Program

Still sitting on the fence?

You probably have some questions about the program and how the Celestial Manifestations works.

How does The Celestial Manifestations work?

We understand the challenges in trying to manifest an abundant and prosperous life and that is why we designed the Celestial Manifestations program to help you to achieve the life of your dreams by providing you with the right tools in connecting with your manifestation guides led by Archangel Ariel so you can receive their guidance through channeled messages and divine knowledge for the next 15 days!

Each day is very simple and it will only take a few minutes. Just follow the suggested steps for 15 days and you’ll not only find a radical shift in your energy, but you’ll also have the power to manifest anything that you desire in your life with the help of your powerful manifestation guides.

Am I paying a one-time payment of $77.77 for all 15 days?

YES! You will benefit from 15 powerful lessons (each lesson normally costs $77.77 bring it to a grand total of $1,166.55) but today, you will only pay one single payment of $77.77 for LIFETIME ACCESS the entire program! This is a one time payment and you will not be charged a cent more.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES! We’ve removed all the risks for you. If you’ve applied the tools and you still don’t experience any energy shifts, you can write a message to our help desk although we doubt that you’ll need to do so if you use the tools because it is easier to access heavenly strength and divine protection using our powerful celestial tools.

But, IF in a very rare case you feel that the program is not helping you at all or if you have issues with your purchases or perhaps you want a refund, please contact our customer service via our OFFICIAL HELPDESK at [email protected]. We will only process refund requests sent thru this email within the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

We’ll end with this...

Investing In "The Celestial Manifestations" is the most important investment you can ever make!

You're basically investing in yourself.

For one small investment of $77.77, you are awakening your manifestation abilities so that you will gain the ability to multiply your investment and everything you have - 100-fold!

We've removed every possible risk from this transaction. When you invest in The Celestial Manifestations, you are protected by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee so you can safely take a leap of faith knowing that you'll be protected.

All you need to do is click the BUY NOW button below to begin your journey!

Don't Let The Door Of Opportunity Close On The Life You Want To Manifest...

If you’ve skipped all the way to the end of the letter, then pay close attention because you’re THIS CLOSE to missing out on blessings from your archangels that will transform the trajectory of your life.

Your angels want you to know that you’ve already gone through so much in life and now is an opportunity to turn it all around. As long as you're aligned with God's plan for your life, your efforts will not be in vain.

But if you're out of alignment with your angel's guidance, life will be a grueling struggle of taking 2 steps forward but 3 steps back over and over again.

Don’t miss out on this last chance just like all the other chances you’ve missed in the past. Manifestation portals are not open forever and this is your chance to make up for loss time.

Once they are closed, they are closed forever and so will the door of opportunity close on the life you want to manifest as well.

But you can turn it all around if you pay attention to the multitude of signs your angels have been sending your way and this is the last sign they have sent to you that will change your destiny.

Click the BUY NOW button below to learn about the most important thing that will change your life forever…

You don't have to worry about a thing because you are protected by our money back guarantee.

Your angels and manifestation guides are all waiting for you and eager to help you manifest the life of your dreams!

Manifest Guidance, Blessings, And Miracles Into Your Life Now!