Your Money Angel: Archangel Sachiel Has An URGENT MESSAGE For You!


"Your Money Angel Spoke To Us... That Is Why We Must Deliver This Angelic Plan For Wealth, Abundance And Prosperity To You So You Can Receive Their Help And TRANSFORM YOUR FINANCES...

Over The Next 7 Days!"

Dearest Child Of God...

What you're reading now is a channeled message through our angel oracles at Celestial Inspiration because if you're aligned with God's plan... you’ll have the opportunity to bring more abundance into your life!

If you have been trying very hard to save money but your savings aren't improving... (or worse, are depleting and go into debt...)

If you want to stop from living month to month, paycheck to paycheck...

If you are sick and tired of living a life of struggles for months and pray for debt cancellation and prosperity with your finances...

Then this is your opportunity to turn everything around because the great news is here to let you know that you can live a financially abundant life where you can give to others generously because of your nature.

When you read until the end of this letter, you will learn everything you need to know about how your money angels are going to prosper you and help you manifest great wealth and an unlimited abundance of money and resources over the next 7 days.

The Real Reason Why You Are Constantly Struggling With Lack, Scarcity & Debt Even Though You Are A Good Person... (And It's Not Your Fault...)

You might have asked yourself this, "Why doesn't God bless good people? Why shouldn't the kind-hearted and the humble become wealthy?"

The truth is, God meant for you to be rich and NOT live a life of financial struggle.

Yes - God's plan is to prosper you for that is your wealth birthright.

There Are Forces That Influence Why You're Not Reaping The Rewards Or Harvesting What Is Rightfully Yours...

It's because of the fallen angels.

The fallen angels are locked in an eternal cycle of strife against God's angels.

Lucifer, because of his pride and desire to be independent of God, rebelled against Him and took a third of the angels which are now fallen angels... to corrupt humanity.

Although God's angels and fallen angels are bound by the Law of Free Will and cannot directly intervene with our choices, they can still indirectly influence us to make decisions.

So if you're constantly entertaining thoughts of lack, scarcity, and struggle instead of wealth, abundance, and prosperity...

...Then it is no accident that you are here now and God's angels are here to help you return to your wealth birthright!

That’s right, dear child of God… even though you are greatly loved and highly favored by angels...

You’ve been missing out on their blessings because you weren’t ‘vibrationally aligned’ to receive their blessings.

Good people like you who are too busy with everyday life, taking care of others, and tending to the many demands of human nature...

...That's why the fallen angels are celebrating because you have been distracted from your wealth birthright...

It is the greatest illusion of the evil ones to make a good-hearted and giving person like you believe that you are cut off from your Divine blessings like you've been cast out from the Garden of Eden.

Unless you decide to act upon this INTERVENTION so that you return to the plan God has originally laid out for you.

Luckily, God's angels have been gently nudging you and sending you signs so you can get back and reclaim your wealth birthright.

God Wants To Restore You To Your Birthright And Be Financially Prosperous - Materially And Spiritually!

God wants to prosper you financially because He knows your heart and you are called to be the lender instead of the borrower.

The only reason why good people do not prosper financially is that they are not aligned with the Divine laws of wealth and missed out on the signs of God and His angels who are trying to help.

You must recognize your angel signs so that you are blessed instead of the wicked who are not responsibly stewarding God's wealth.

These signs that God is sending to you will make you wealthy - materially and spiritually so you'll experience a harvest of great wealth and financial turnaround in 7 days.

That's why He has sent the angels of wealth to help you... because when these angels of abundance are on assignment in your life, everything you touch will manifest a great harvest.

Wealth received from God and blessed by His angels is sacred and nothing that the enemy or the fallen angels can do to rob you of your wealth birthright and neither can they touch your harvest.

Just as the bible stated in Malachi 3:11...

"And I will rebuke the devourer for your sakes, and he shall not destroy the fruits of your ground; neither shall your vine cast her fruit before the time in the field, saith the Lord of hosts.

No longer will you need to fear your wealth and your hard-earned money being taken away from forces who seek to do you harm and keep you in the illusion that you're not wealthy.

The next 7 signs you see are very important... these are signs from your angels that a financial turnaround is coming...

There Are 7 Signs That Wealth & Prosperity Is Coming To You... And How To Recognize Them!

It doesn't matter if you're just looking for enough money to pay your bills or attracting millions of dollars like Mother Teresa to inspire millions of people...

...It is all the same to God seek wealth.

In order to prevent you from missing out further, God has sent his angels to reveal the 7 signs of Divine wealth coming to you over the next 7 days

These signs are:

Sign 1) Debt cancellation that financial abundance will return to your life!

Sign 2) Divine providence

...will arrive when you live according to God's Divine laws of wealth & increase.

Sign 3) Divine compensation coming when you live your passion and the dreams that God put in your heart.

Sign 4) Spiritual gifts

...that you have will be activated so you can easily attract money into your life.

Sign 5) Promises of deliverance

...will come upon you and your family as God sends the right people into your life.

Sign 6) Financial protection

...will bless your bank account as the wealth you've been given will be protected from losses and increased over time.

Sign 7) Path of prosperity revealed you gain absolute clarity about your wealth path and confusion will be dispelled from your life!

Look Up! For Positive Changes Are Coming Your Way, Dear One...

God has a plan for you - to prosper you and give you an abundant future...

But this is only if you act upon the plan your angels have for you without hesitation.

That is why God has sent his mightiest money angel to assist you.

This angel is the angel you have to connect with in order to restore your wealth birthright and claim your blessings.

All you need to do is follow the instructions of your personal guide on this journey as He reveals the next crucial steps.

Your Guide On This Journey Is God's Greatest Angel Of Money, Wealth And Prosperity:
Archangel Sachiel!

You’re very blessed to have Archangel Sachiel as your personal wealth guide, dear child of God. Sachiel is an archangel of the order of Cherubim. The meaning of his name is "the covering of God" and he is associated with all matters related to wealth, charity and good fortune.

Through our Celestial Inspiration channel, he will guide you on a very important journey over the next 7 days which will change the trajectory of your life financially.

Sachiel is the ruler of the 6th heaven and the overseer of the planet Jupiter. This is important because the planet Jupiter plays the primary and dominant role of expansion and giving great financial benefits as well as prosperity in your life.

He is considered by countless individuals to be the ambassador of benevolence and righteousness. Sachiel has appeared throughout the bible as a being dressed in purple robe, wearing a cloak and having the image of a wise old man with grey hair imparting his wisdom.

As you're reading this, Sachiel's energy is surrounding you now and urging you to connect with him and to work with him so that he can bless you financially. Sachiel will provide the covering of God over your finances so your wealth is protected.

Sachiel can fill you with ambition and motivation which brings into your career great success - making you fruitful and abundant. He will also bring you social prestige and respect.

Above all, Sachiel adores justice and hates corruption. If your finances have been assailed by your enemies, he will also bring the covering of god upon you and defend you as the defender of the innocent.

He will turn your luck around your finances without relying on corruption and defrauding others so that the wealth you receive is a righteous one that moth and rust will never destroy.

Sachiel has a connection with treasures and inheritance... and will lead you to truly inherit your wealth birthright.

Archangel Sachiel Wants To Reassure You That Victory Is Near!

Sachiel knows about the financial struggles you've been facing.

He knows how much you've sacrificed and strived for an increase. Circumstances haven't been kind to you and your wealth can really use a great increase.

Right now, he wants to reassure you that no matter how deep in debt you are or how challenging your financial situation is right now, he will help you defy the odds and create a turnaround in your financial situation.

All he asks is that no matter what financial situation you are in right now, you are committed to the ACT OF GIVING.

In Mark 12:41-45, there's a story of a poor widow that impressed Jesus:

"Jesus sat down opposite the place where the offerings were put and watched the crowd putting their money into the temple treasury. Many rich people threw in large amounts. But a poor widow came and put in two very small copper coins, worth only a few cents.

Calling his disciples to him, Jesus said, “

Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on.”

The act of giving when you're not having abundance is an act of faith and is in accordance with the Divine Laws of compensation.

Financial turnaround is truly possible even for people who are deep in debt because the habit of giving when you have nothing is a sign of prosperity and abundance.

Perhaps you may be like the poor widow in her financial situation...

Perhaps you may have experienced too many financial setbacks...

But if you are committed to the act of giving, Archangel Sachiel will reward your act of faith according to the Divine Laws of compensation and turn your financial setbacks into setups!

He will bring the 7 signs of wealth, abundance and prosperity into your life.

Sachiel is after all, the archangel of justice as well so he will take note of your goodness and reward you with victory!

Dearest Child Of God, Your Financial Trials Have Forged You To Finally Become Ready To Reclaim Your Wealth Birthright By Faith!

If you've felt unlucky with money and your bank account feels like it is taking two steps forward and three steps back, rest assured, that this is all part of the Divine plan to prosper you through trials.

It is no doubt that you've gone through financial challenges. But it all happened for good reason.

God will only bestow great wealth upon those that He deem are having a good heart and a will that perseveres. God doesn't bless those who are greedy, short-sighted and those who acquire wealth through unscrupulous means.

That is why plans for prosperity will never fall upon the wicked for God will not send Archangel Sachiel to prosper them.

But for a responsible steward like you, God has allowed great trials to test you so that you're worthy to take on the responsibility.

Like the parable of the talents, you are now entrusted with 5 talents to do great things for God. God will bless your efforts for stewarding His resources instead of the slothful who buries it in the ground.

Likewise, your past and present challenges will position you like a slingshot - every financial setback pulling you further and further back... until it is time and you'll fly ahead financially at great speeds.

Whatever you’ve endured, whatever you’ve suffered in the past will all have resolution because your birthright is restored.

God’s timing is perfect and the fact that you've read up to this point is clear as day that you're ready.

The only thing you need to remember is that you must act on your birthright NOW... otherwise you'll miss out on your rewards.

Here’s what you need to do…

Celestial Inspiration Presents:



Archangel Sachiel's message has reached you from the heavens down to earth through our angelic channel called “Celestial Inspiration”.

We are a team of angel channelers, healers, Lightworkers, Starseeds and earth angels helping people connect with your guides since 2014.

The teachings in our ‘school of angels and guides’ help others to receive guidance, Divine blessings and miracles from angels.

Through our channeled messages and online courses, we will share Sachiel and his team of angels' knowledge on how they are going to lead you over the next 7 days on receiving an abundance of money, wealth and prosperity.

Here’s What Will Happen If You Follow Sachiel's Plan And ‘Activate’ Your Divine Path...

OVER The Next 7 Days...

Archangel Sachiel will lead his celestial team of archangels to bless you one day at a time to receive 7 powerful gifts and blessings...

How Will These Blessings Come To Pass For My Wealth Path?

Each angelic path on each day is carefully laid out so that no stone is left unturned.

Your archangels will guide you through a series of Divine messages so you’ll understand God’s plan for your wealth as it gradually unfolds.

Each day’s special reading will also contain very important step-by-step action plans over the next 7 days.

These steps are very easy to understand and simple to follow.

After that, you’ll be guided through an immersive experience with your angels through 'The Celestial Whispers'... a powerful process that connects you with the celestial realms so you can claim your blessings, guidance and miracles for the day.

You'll also raise your vibration so you’ll experience the presence of that Archangel with you for the rest of the day.

Archangel Sachiel will be the overseer of the course and his energies will permeate through the program.

He has also recruited other angels to help you such as:

Following these simple steps, each day is very simple and it will only take a few minutes. Just follow these steps for 7 days and you’ll not only find a radical shift in your energy, but you’ll also have the power to take on spiritual armies - the challenges you were afraid to face, you now can with the help and protection of your angels

All you need to do is click the button below to get started and Archangel Sachiel will set your highest plan in motion!

Testimonials From People Who Have Transformed Their Wealth!

This Investment Will Ensure You Will Never Have To Worry About Your Finances Ever Again...

You are called to be the lender instead of the borrower... this means waking up each morning thinking about who you are able to help and become a provider of abundance rather than worrying about not having enough money at the end of the month.

Your mornings will be filled with a strong sense of peace and calmness flowing through your body because you will not have to worry about how you're going to make ends meet.

Concerns about your bills will be a thing from the past because you'll have more money than you'll ever need for several lifetimes.

Today is the day you will finally have the chance to live according to your own choices rather than the choices of your creditors, your bosses or even your landlord.

You will be able to bless your closest friends and family and help them alleviate their problems.

Life will become your playground and you can create anything you want using the abundance of your resources and never from a place of necessity or lack.

But these dreams will not become your reality unless you choose to make a decision and invest in this course.

Your archangels are ready to guide you and bless you, but they are bound by the Divine Law of FREE WILL and will not intervene with your destiny unless you CHOOSE IT.

Now, destiny is calling you to embrace it and not to delay any longer. When you aren't living your dream life, one act of faith... one decision can transform everything.

That is why there is an element of truth in the saying, “God helps those who helps themselves.”

By Now, There's A Divine Reason Why You've Read This Far...

An abundance of money, abundance, wealth, and prosperity are yours when you are aligned with the plan that God has set out for you... but if you do not act today, you could derail years of hard work that God has set in motion for prospering your life...

Archangel Sachiel wants you to trust in the present moment and remember that if you are willing to take a leap of faith, you will be guided and you will be protected - so you have nothing to worry about.

All you need to do is follow the path that has been laid out for you and just that simple trust is all that is needed to help yourself claim all the blessings your angels have for you.

Only the first step may be the most difficult, but your angels reassure you that after you take the first step and that leap of faith, everything gets so much easier and you’ll be singing tunes of joy when blessings come into your life - and it can easily happen in just the first day alone.

Can you imagine what would happen by the end of the 7th day? Your life and your house will be filled with so much wealth that your house will be unable to contain them.

But If You Hesitate Today, You Will MISS OUT On All Of Them... That Is Why You Must ACT NOW!

You Are Protected By The Covenant Of 30 Days Guarantee

In order to take away any risk from this leap of faith, your safety net is called a ‘covenantal guarantee’.

Celestial Inspiration is an organization that carries out the will of the angels and you know you will be protected from any financial risk under any circumstances.

All you need to do is trust your angels for 7 days.

This means, even after the 7th day of following the plan, if you don’t feel that your life has changed or your vibration has lifted, you know you'll be protected by this 'covenant guarantee'.

A covenantal guarantee is an unbreakable agreement we made with God to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

If you don’t get what you’re looking for, simply email us at [email protected] and you’ll get your money back - no questions asked. No harm shall fall upon you.

A Recap Of All That You Will Receive

The angelic path of guidance, blessings and prosperity will contain the following:

Here’s what will happen if you follow Archangel Sachiel's plan and reclaim your wealth birthright after 7 days...

Sachiel - as the leader of wealth and luck, will lead his celestial team of archangels to bless you one day at a time with the following blessings:

Each day's blessings are worth $99, so this product is worth a grand total of $693.

$693 is a small price to pay to reclaim your wealth birthright... in fact, when you connect with your wealth angel guides, you'll be blessed with much, much more than that!

But we want as many people as possible to get this course...

So we won't be charging you $̶6̶9̶3̶...

We understand that the economy and recessions are making it hard for everyone...

In fact, we won't even be charging you $̶4̶4̶4̶ or even $̶2̶2̶2̶...

Your angels have a beautiful plan for you and they want to make sure that cost is never a concern...

All you pay is one low price of $44.44.

Why $44.44? Because angel number 4444 is an angel number that angels use to help you overcome great difficulties. It is a special number that signifies that things are about to get better. Seeing 4444 even signifies that you're getting the Divinely compensation you've been waiting for for a long time.

That is why we will only charge a small sum of $44.44 because all obstacles and difficulties have been removed for you so you can receive blessings from your angels and for our angel channelers in Celestial Inspiration to make a living.

You can't afford not to invest in this!

Archangel Sachiel And His Team Of Money Angels Are Waiting On YOU...

Remember that as powerful as Archangel Sachiel is, he is bound by the law of free will and will not intervene with your free will.

You will only be able to access his power if you choose to open yourself to him.

Now, there are three options:

  • You can go back to the way your life is forgetting you’ve read this letter
  • You can figure it out on your own, trying to get out of your financial difficulties by yourself and put yourself at the risk of trial and error and using even more time...
  • OR TAKE THIS AS THE BEST OPTION and give it a try for a low price with a risk-free money-back guarantee. You will have all the tools you’ll need saving you from all the guesswork of figuring it out on your own.

I’m sure by now you’ll know that the 3rd option is the most feasible way to enhance the power in your life.

Your angels have led you here for a reason and that is to end your suffering. They have been sending you signs after signs to put your problems to rest. This is your opportunity to fix it once and for all.

Click the buy button now! It’s risk-free!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Celestial Wealth And Prosperity Program

Still sitting on the fence?

You probably have some questions about the program and how the Celestial Wealth and Prosperity works.

Why must I pay money to connect with angels?

Connecting with angels is free and you don't have to pay money to work with angels and you can figure everything out on your own.

Unfortunately, people in general do not know the proper way to invoke angels and understand how to work with the specific gifts of the angels in a structured manner that will lead to real lasting change.

As such, our trained angel oracles and channelers at Celestial Inspiration work several hours each day to put together the 'fast-track' experience of working with angels for a very low price.

All we ask is small compensation for all the hard work our team members who spent hundreds of hours putting the course together - to help you save time and money by putting all the information in one place and infusing the energy of the angels within our teachings.

Our angelic team believes in the Divine Law of compensation and is committed to delivering the best experience for you so your payment of $44.44 will give you a value much higher than $693. In addition, if you go through the entire program, apply what you learned and let the angels' vibration work within you, you'll easily manifest 10 to 100 more of the $44.44 you paid.

I can't afford to pay $44.44 for this course...

We understand that there are people who find it very hard to even pay $44.44 for this course.

To present another scenario, if $44.44 is a problem for you, it is a sign that you need this more than ever. The mindset and vibration of financial abundance is very important - if you remain in a state of lack and scarcity where $44.44 is a problem, then you have to change your destiny no matter what.

Borrowing or manifesting another $44.44 isn't difficult if you set your mind to it. It is also an act of faith. Remember the story of the poor widow in the bible who gave two very small copper coins? God will not forget your act of faith by giving all you have and you will be rewarded.

$44.44 is the price of two meals at a restaurant or 6 cups of coffee at Starbucks... simply by saving two meals will allow you to have the opportunity to manifest more abundance than ever - 10 times, even 100 times more of that invest... you will be able to feast after you manifest that money and never go hungry again.

Remember that you're also protected by our money back guarantee and all the risk has been taken out from the transaction.

How does the Celestial Wealth And Prosperity work?

Celestial Wealth And Prosperity is a course based on the Divine Laws of compensation and increase. The principles are infallible and proven to work because they are based on the Laws of the universe. Human laws are breakable but Divine Laws (like the Law of gravity) are unbreakable and that is why the course is proven to work.

Each day, you'll be guided by Archangel Sachiel and his team of 7 money angels through online videos and guided meditations. You will receive the opportunity to create an account through our Celestial Inspiration portal and you will have lifetime access to the program.

Am I paying a one-time payment of $44.44 for the entire course? No future rebills?

YES! You will benefit from 12 powerful courses (Originally priced at $963) but today, you will only pay 1 payment of $44.44 for the entire program! You will only pay $44.44 on this page only... outside of this page, the course will cost $99.99 because we're running an introductory offer.

Is the price going to change in the future?

YES! The price you're seeing now is our absolute lowest price and it is open to the public for a short time. We are planning to increase the price in the future but if you make a purchase now, you are getting it at the absolute lowest affordable price.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES! We’ve removed all the risks for you. If you’ve applied the tools and you still don’t experience any energy shifts, you can write a message to our help desk although we doubt that you’ll need to do so if you use the tools because it is easier to access heavenly strength and divine protection using our powerful celestial tools. But, if you have any questions about the program or issues with your purchases or perhaps you want a refund, please contact our customer service via our OFFICIAL HELPDESK at [email protected]. We will only process refund requests sent thru this email within the 30-day money-back guarantee period.

We’ll end with this...

God has always taught His people to tithe 10% of their income to the church. Tithing doesn't deprive His people but rather, it makes them much more abundant than ever. They know that tithing will open the windows of the heavens and give us blessings beyond our ability to receive them.

By choosing to tithe or give offerings, it is also an act of faith - that you will be blessed financially.

If you're willing to invest in working on following God's plan (for only a few cups of coffee), God will bless you 100 fold financially and in all areas of your life! You’ll definitely be blessed abundantly by your angels as the windows of heaven open up and abundance flows in!

All you need to do is click the BUY NOW button below to begin your journey!

Good People Like You Deserve A Break... And Your Angels Are Ready To Help You All The Way!

Right now your may be wondering if you deserve to be wealthy or have more than enough money so you don't have to worry about it ever again.

After all the financial struggles you've been going through, it is very easy to lose hope and feel that you're unworthy for it.

Rest assured that God has truly taken note of your struggles. He knows that good people like you deserve a break and your financial breakthrough is just one decision away.

Do not believe the lies of the fallen angels that you do not deserve to be rich. Do not believe their illusions that this is not for you.

A lack of financial abundance means constantly needing to say 'no' to a lot of things... isn't it finally the time for you to say 'yes' to yourself and your financial future to provide for your loved ones?

You are just one financial decision away from the greatest financial breakthrough in your life.

Remember the act of giving? It is the most important virtue of the faithful because children of the light are all about giving while children of darkness is all about taking.

Like the poor widow who impressed Jesus, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed and is willing to give all that you have by investing in this course and investing in your financial future, you will be Divinely compensated for your act of faith.

Financial turnaround is possible and your setbacks will become your setups to prosperity.

You are just one decision away from financial abundance!

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Archangel Sachiel Wants You To Know That This May Be Your Last Chance To Put An End To Your Financial Problems...

If you’ve skipped all the way till the end of the letter, then pay close attention because you’re ONE DECISION AWAY to missing out on the greatest wealth blessings from God that will change your life completely.

God knows that you’ve already gone through enough financial challenges in life and this is your one and only chance to turn everything around. As long as you're aligned with God's plan for your life, your efforts will not be in vain.

But if you're out of alignment with your angel's guidance, you will miss out on your wealth blessings and go back to struggling with your finances again and again.

If you are truly sick and tired of going round and round in circles and winding up back in the same place, then this will break the cycle once and for all.

You can turn it all around if you pay attention to the multitude of signs your angels have been sending your way and this is the last sign they have sent to you that will change your financial destiny.

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Your wealth angels are waiting for you!