Your Guardian Angel Has A

"Your Guardian Angel Spoke To Us And We Must Deliver This Angelic Plan For Guidance, Blessings And Miracles To You So You Can Receive Their Help...
Over The Next 12 Days!"

Dearest Child Of God...

The message you're reading now is a channeled message through our angel oracles at Celestial Inspiration because in the coming days... you’ll be going through massive changes in your life’s path!

And for better or worse, what you must do this very moment is to GET PREPARED so you’ll know what to do when the time comes.

There has been a massive shift in the energies on earth.

The fact that you’re reading this now is because your guardian angel is preparing you for this shift and has led you here so you’ll be able to stay aligned with the Divine plan!

When you do so, not only will you be able to stay connected to their angelic guidance... you will not miss out on the beautiful plan that God has laid out for you since you were born...

Your guardian angel has been reaching out to you over and over again... to share this beautiful plan of abundance, joy and prosperity for you...

But because of external forces and distractions, you were unable to see the signs your angels were sending to you.

Thankfully, because of the unfailing love of your angels, they have reached out through our angel oracles to personally deliver you this message so you'll be able to realize their prosperous plan for you over the next 12 days.

Your Guardian Angel Is Eager To Shower You With Blessings On Your Divine Path... But If You MISSED THEIR SIGNS, They Can't Help You...

That’s right, dear child of God… even though you are greatly loved and highly favored by your angels, you’ve been missing out on their blessings because you weren’t ‘vibrationally aligned’ to read their signs.

Because you’ve been too busy with everyday life, angels who obey Divine Laws will not intervene with your free will unless you decide to act upon the plan they have laid out for you.

Luckily, they have been gently nudging you and sending you signs so you can get back on your aligned path.

Your angels also know that the biggest challenges you’ve been facing is that you aren’t able to sense a strong connection with them.

Without a strong connection and having a low vibration, you won’t be prepared when it comes to shifting the trajectory of your life meaning that you’ll be missing out on the gifts and blessings of being aligned to the path that your angels have laid out for you.

Your Angels Want You To Know That It’s Not Too Late, Dear Child Of God! Pay Close Attention And You’ll Be Aligned With God’s Plan To Prosper Your Life!

In order to prevent you from missing out further, your angels have revealed through us the 12 signs that will come into your life if you are aligned with your highest path in the next 12 days:

  • 💰 Financial signs and blessings of abundance will be coming your way
  • 🛡 You’ll receive the Divine protection from your angels so that no weapon formed against you shall prosper
  • 🌱 Healing and restoration will come upon you and your family
  • 💕 Love and harmony will bless your relationships and end any conflict
  • 🧘‍♀️ You’ll receive the peace of God that surpasses all understanding
  • 📚 Divine knowledge will enter your mind so you’ll be guided to receive new understandings
  • 💃 Your world will be adorned with great beauty, inside and outside so you become a new person
  • 🙇‍♀️ Your intuition will be awakened and you’ll be guided to make the best decisions at the right time
  • 💡 Divine inspiration will inspire you to use your imagination for the benefit of others
  • 📣 The power of expression so that your tongue will bless others and you’ll be blessed in return
  • 👩🏻‍🏫 The wisdom of God will illuminate you and override all foolish decisions in the past
  • ☀️ You’ll have absolute clarity on your path that God has laid out for you and confusion will be dispelled

Positive changes are coming your way from the Divine, dear child.

God has a plan for you - to prosper you and give you a great future.

But only if you act upon the plan your angels have for you without any deviation, you’ll not miss out on God’s blessings for your life ever again.

All you need to do is follow the instructions of your personal guide on this journey as He reveals the next crucial steps.

Your Guide On This Journey Is None Other Than Heaven’s Mightiest Archangel:
Archangel Michael!

You’re very blessed to have Archangel Michael as your guide, dear child of God. Michael, known in Hebrew as Mikha’el, also known as St. Michael the Archangel is known as the “Great Captain” and the leader of the heavenly hosts. 👩‍✈️

He is the great warrior helping God’s children to navigate through the darkness. He protects and defends those who love God and are aligned on God’s path. As God’s top angel leading all the angels in heaven, he wants you to know that he is preparing you for spiritual warfare. 👼

He knows that the battle ahead is not one fought with swords and shields but the internal battle that will determine the trajectory of your life over the next 12 days - whether it is one filled with blessings above or one that you’ll miss out on if you keep walking on a deviated path, away from God’s original plan.

Michael wants you to know that he is ready to protect you and guide you... that is why you must listen to him. He is ready to be your spiritual sword and shield. He is ready to bless you abundantly and give you strength through the trials and tribulations of your life.

Archangel Michael Wants To Guide You And Help You To Defy The Odds Just As He Has Guided Joan Of Arc To Victory!

Michael knows about the struggles of your life and how much you need financial blessings, healing energies and loving relationships and above all, deep connection with angels and God. He also knows that there is a purpose behind everything you’ve suffered in your life.

Right now, he wants to reassure you that no matter how great the odds and how challenging your life is right now, he is prepared to help you defy the odds.

Do you remember the story of a teenage girl from a tiny village who barely left her home to save her entire nation from enemies and foreign invaders?

How did a girl with no military training at all courageously led thousands of soldiers into battle and emerge victorious?

It’s all because God, through Archangel Michael inspired Joan of Arc.
Joan’s relationship with Archangel Michael made it possible. A voice came to her… Michael’s voice… and she knew it was the voice of an angel.

Michael told her to have faith and trust in him and that she was not alone. Michael also revealed his great plan to Joan to act upon his voice in order to trust God move forward with obedience. She was assured that God will help her every step of the way and she would complete her mission.

Michael is ready to help you with your life’s challenges just as he did with Joan of Arc. Have faith in Michael’s plan for your life and you’ll overcome greatest of challenges!

Dearest Child Of God, NOW Is The ONLY Time To Claim Your Divine Birthright By Faith!

You’ve probably felt that life is taking you two steps forward and three steps back. But rest assured, this is all part of the Divine plan that God has laid out for you.

After all we know that in all things, God works for the good of those who love him and who have been called according to His purpose.

It doesn't matter how old you are or what mistakes you've made in the past... Align with God's plan and he will correct all wrongs.

Whatever you’ve endured, whatever you’ve suffered in the past will all have resolution because of the higher purpose you’ve been called to live for.

Remember that God is not the author of confusion - his plan to prosper you doesn’t contain any wasted moves for he knows all and sees all.

Know that God’s timing is perfect and that is why you’re seeing this now. As long as you’re aligned with God’s plan, you’ll be abundantly rewarded. But only if you ACT UPON IT.

Here’s what you need to do…

Celestial Inspiration Presents:


God’s message has reached you from the heavens down to earth through this angelic channel called “Celestial Inspiration”.

They are a team of lightworkers who have helped tens of thousands of angel enthusiasts like you to strengthen your connection with angels since 2014. Angelic channelers who specialize in bringing the high vibration essence of angels and archangels to you and the rest of the world through our deep connection with the celestial realms.

This channel has recognized the unique shifts in the energy of the planet and that is why their mission and purpose is to raise the consciousness of the planet through touching one life at a time and bettering lives through teaching them how to receive more blessings, guidance and miracles.

The messages you’re receiving from Archangel Michael has been channeled by them and brought to you right now.

Through the channeled messages and knowledge about spiritual warfare, they have channeled and prepared your angelic path to show you how Archangel Michael is going to lead you in the next 12 days how to live a victorious life.

Here’s What Will Happen If You Follow Michael’s Plan And ‘Activate’ Your Divine Path...

OVER The Next 12 Days...

MICHAEL - the leader of heavenly hosts, will lead his celestial team of archangels to bless you one day at a time by whispering their angelic voices so you will receive the following 12 gifts & blessings!

How Will These Blessings Come To Pass On My Life’s Path?

Each angelic path on each day is carefully laid out so that no stone is left unturned.

Your archangels will guide you through a series of Divine messages so you’ll understand God’s plan for your life as it gradually unfolds.

Each day’s special reading will also contain very important step-by-step action plans over the next 12 days.

These steps are very easy to understand and simple to follow.

After that, you’ll be guided through an immersive experience with your angels through 'The Celestial Whispers'... a powerful process that connects you with the celestial realms so you can claim your blessings, guidance and miracles for the day. You'll also raise your vibration so you’ll experience the presence of that Archangel with you for the rest of the day.

How Celestial Whisper works is that as each of Michael's army of angels whisper their channeled words into your ears, they are whispering the language of Enochian - the tongue of angels containing the speeches of God otherwise known as 'Loagaeth' to transform you from within.

Following these simple steps, each day is very simple and it will only take a few minutes. Just follow these steps for 12 days and you’ll not only find a radical shift in your energy, but you’ll also have the power to take on spiritual armies - the challenges you were afraid to face, you now can with the help and protection of your angels

All you need to do is click the button below to get started and Archangel Michael will set your highest plan in motion!

Don’t Put Your Destiny On Hold Anymore!

A word of caution… just as lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice, so does destiny.

Your archangels are ready to guide you, but remember that they are bound by the law of FREE WILL and will not intervene with your destiny unless you CHOOSE IT.

Now, destiny is calling you to embrace it and not to delay any longer. When you aren't living your dream life, one act of faith... one decision can transform everything.

That is why there is an element of truth in the saying, “God helps those who helps themselves.”

Right now, there's a reason why you're reading this far...

An abundance of wealth, love, joy, health and peace is yours when you are align with the plan that God has set out for you... but if you doubt, you could derail years of hard work that God has set in motion for prospering your life...

Archangel Michael wants you to have faith in the present moment and remember that if you are willing to take a leap of faith, you will be guided and you will be protected - so you have nothing to worry about.

All you need to do is follow the path that has been laid out for you and just that simple trust is all that is needed to help yourself claim all the blessings your angels have for you.

Only the first step may be the most difficult, but your angels reassure you that after you take the first step and that leap of faith, everything gets so much easier and you’ll be singing tunes of joy when blessings come into your life - and it can easily happen in just the first day alone.

Can you imagine what would happen by the end of the 12 day? Your life and your house will be filled with so much blessings that your house will be unable to contain them.

But If You Put Your Destiny On Hold, You Will MISS OUT On All Of Them... That Is Why You Must ACT NOW!

You Are Protected By The Covenant Of 60 Days Guarantee

In order to take away any risk from this leap of faith, your safety net is called a ‘covenantal guarantee’.

Celestial Inspiration is an organization that carries out the will of the angels and you know you will be protected from any financial risk under any circumstances.

All you need to do is trust your angels for 12 days.

This means, even after the 12 day of following the plan, if you don’t feel that your life has changed or your vibration has lifted, you know you'll be protected by this 'covenant guarantee'.

A covenantal guarantee is an unbreakable agreement we made with God to make sure you get what you’re looking for.

If you don’t get what you’re looking for, simply email us at [email protected] and you’ll get your money back - no questions asked. No harm shall fall upon you.

A Recap Of All That You Will Receive

The angelic path of guidance, blessings and prosperity will contain the following:

Here’s what will happen if you follow Michael’s plan and ‘activate’ your divine path in the next 12 days.

Michael - being the leader of heavenly hosts, will lead his celestial team of archangels to bless you one day at a time with the following blessings:

Each day's blessings are worth $99, so this product is worth a grand total of $1,188.

$1,188 is a small price to pay to receive financial blessings, meet your soul mate / twin flame, receiving healing from your angels and following the path that God has laid out for you... in fact, by connecting with your angels, you'll be blessed with more than that!

But as our service to mankind and to help you remove all barriers to these cosmic shifts, we want to make it as affordable to you as possible.

So we won't be charging you $̶1̶,̶1̶8̶8̶...

In fact, we won't even be charging you $̶4̶4̶4̶ or even $̶2̶2̶2̶...

Your angels have a beautiful plan for you and they want to make sure that price is never a concern...

All you pay is one low price of $44.44.

Why $44.44? Because angel number 4444 is an angel number that angels use to help you overcome great difficulties.

That is why we will only charge a small sum of $44.44 because all obstacles and difficulties have been removed for you so you can receive blessings from your angels!

You can't afford not to invest in this!

Archangel Michael And His Heavenly Host Are Waiting For YOU!

Remember that as powerful as Archangel Michael is, he is bound by the law of free will and will not intervene with your free will.

You will only be able to access his power if you choose to open yourself to him.

Now, there are three options:

  • You can go back to the way your life is forgetting you’ve read this letter
  • You can figure it out on your own, trying to maintain a high vibration by yourself and battle with all the difficulties of staying strong in the modern world
  • You can give this a try for a very low price and a risk-free money-back guarantee. You will have all the tools you’ll need saving you from all the guesswork of figuring it out on your own.

I’m sure by now you’ll know that the 3rd option is the most feasible way to enhance the power in your life.

Your angels have led you here for a reason and that is to end your suffering. They have been sending you signs after signs to put your problems to rest. This is your opportunity to fix it once and for all.

Click the buy button now! It’s risk-free!

Frequently Asked Questions About The Celestial Whispers Program

Still sitting on the fence?

You probably have some questions about the program and how the Celestial Whispers works.

How does the Celestial Whisper work?

Celestial Whispers works in a way that each of Michael's army of angels whispers their channeled words into your ears, they are whispering the language of Enochian - the tongue of angels containing the speeches of God otherwise known as 'Loagaeth' to transform you from within. Each day is very simple and it will only take a few minutes. Just follow the suggested steps for 12 days and you’ll not only find a radical shift in your energy, but you’ll also have the power to take on spiritual armies - the challenges you were afraid to face, you now can with the power of your archangels’ guidance.

Am I paying a one-time payment of $44.44 for all 12 courses?

YES! You will benefit from 12 powerful courses (Originally priced at $1,188) but today, you will only pay $44.44 for the entire program!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

YES! We’ve removed all the risks for you. If you’ve applied the tools and you still don’t experience any energy shifts, you can write a message to our help desk although we doubt that you’ll need to do so if you use the tools because it is easier to access heavenly strength and divine protection using our powerful celestial tools. But, if you have any questions about the program or issues with your purchases or perhaps you want a refund, please contact our customer service via our OFFICIAL HELPDESK at [email protected]. We will only process refund requests sent thru this email within the 60-day money-back guarantee period.

We’ll end with this...

God has always taught His people to tithe 10% of their income to the church. Tithing doesn't deprive His people but rather, it makes them much more abundant than ever. They know that tithing will open the windows of the heavens and give us blessings beyond our ability to receive them.

By choosing to tithe or give offerings, it is also an act of faith - that you will be blessed financially.

If you're willing to invest in working on following God's plan (for only a few cups of coffee), God will bless you 100 fold financially and in all areas of your life! You’ll definitely be blessed abundantly by your angels as the windows of heaven open up and abundance flows in!

All you need to do is click the BUY NOW button below to begin your journey!

Your Angels Want You To Know That This May Be Your Last Chance...

If you’ve skipped all the way till the end of the letter, then pay close attention because you’re ONE DECISION AWAY to missing out on blessings from your guardian angels that will change your life completely.

Your angels want you to know that you’ve already gone through so much in life and now is an opportunity to turn it all around. As long as you're aligned with God's plan for your life, your efforts will not be in vain.

But if you're out of alignment with your angel's guidance, life will miss out on God's blessings and your destiny forever.

Don’t miss out on this last chance just like all the other chances you’ve missed in the past.

You can turn it all around if you pay attention to the multitude of signs your angels have been sending your way and this is the last sign they have sent to you that will change your destiny.

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Your angels are waiting for you!