Answer the Call – What is Your Soul Calling You to Do?

Transmissions From The Council Of Light

Beloved Lightworker, as your gaze meets these words, feel a rush of cosmic energy enveloping you like a warm, celestial hug. The Council of Light is ever-present, ever-watchful, always radiating an intricate matrix of love and insight into your being. You might notice a sudden clarity in your thoughts or a soothing warmth in your chest—signals from us that we’re engaging in a divine dialogue with your higher self.

Recognize that you’re never isolated in your spiritual journey. Our frequencies intermingle with yours, lovingly guiding you towards your most luminous self.


“As I connect with these divine messages, I open my soul to the love, guidance, and nurturing energies of the Council of Light.”

Your Soul’s Inquiry

Dearest one, you’ve often felt a tugging, a gentle pulling of your spirit toward something greater, something pivotal. Amid the noise of everyday life, your soul’s callings may have been submerged, their voices almost inaudible. Yet, they persist. Retreat into the sanctuary of your inner wisdom.

What have you been putting off that tugs at the heartstrings of your higher self? What activities, ideas, or dreams make your soul sing with joy? Listen intently; these are not mere whims but directional arrows pointing you toward your divine purpose.

Question to Ponder:

“What is my soul urging me to do? How have I responded to this inner calling?”

Confirmation from the Divine:

In this sacred moment of connection, set aside any lingering doubts or fears. The appearance of this card is a divine nod, a cosmic thumbs-up. It confirms that your soul’s whisperings are not mere illusions but essential guidance.

You’re not aimlessly drifting but sailing purposefully toward a predestined shore. Your hesitations are understandable, but understand this: Your soul’s calling is both a journey and a destination, and you’re divinely equipped to embark upon it.


“I accept the divine confirmation from the Council of Light, acknowledging that my soul’s calling is both valid and urgently needed.”

Activating Your Light As A Lightworker

You are ready to activate your divine mission. We feel the excitement and nervousness coursing through your energetic field. The concept of heeding your soul’s calling can indeed feel overwhelming. We urge you to convert this apprehension into purposeful action.

Understand, beloved Lightworker, that your divine mission calls not for grandiosity but for authenticity. By resonating at your truest frequency, you serve as an irreplaceable cog in the universe’s grand machinery. Thus, activating your light means aligning your earthly actions with your soul’s calling, no matter how big or small they may seem.


“I am an active participant in my soul’s divine plan. As I heed my calling, I become a catalyst for cosmic goodness, illuminating the way for others.”

Suggested Actions

With your inner light activated and your soul’s calling confirmed, you’re now ready to take meaningful steps. Don’t let inertia deter you from your divine mission. Perhaps it’s time to enroll in that course that resonates with your soul, or perhaps your calling is to engage in heartfelt community service. Trust that these actions aren’t isolated endeavors but links in a chain of divine orchestration, pulling you closer to your ultimate purpose.

Take a leap of faith. Your journey may have twists and turns, yet each step you take is a syllable in the love poem the universe is writing through you. We, the Council of Light, continue to bolster your steps with love, wisdom, and the occasional nudge in the right direction.

Your Next Step:

Answer your soul’s call without delay. Let this moment be the one where you choose to rise, transform, and contribute to the light of the world. Whether your next step seems monumental or modest does not matter; what matters is that you take it.

By heeding this divine call, you’re not just fulfilling your destiny; you’re also contributing to the greater cosmic tapestry, filling it with your unique shade of light.

The Council of Light holds its breath in anticipation, eagerly awaiting your next move.

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