Awakening – Energetic Upgrades. A New Way of Being. Integration

Transmissions from the Council of Light

Beloved seeker, your energetic field is currently bathed in a sea of divine light as you connect with the “Awakening” card. It is more than just a nudge; it’s a clarion call from the Cosmos, inviting you to shift fundamentally. The Council of Light is in the midst of transferring multi-dimensional energy codes directly into your consciousness.

These codes are designed to work at the cellular level, instigating a process of profound inner change. You may find yourself experiencing a range of phenomena, such as sudden intuitive insights, vivid dreams, or even periods of emotional release. These are your signposts, markers on the path of your unfolding awakening.


“As I willingly embrace the wisdom and energetic shifts of this awakening, I trust in the divine plan set forth by the Council of Light. I am ready to upgrade on every level.”

Your Soul’s Inquiry

The road of awakening is often winding and uncertain, challenging you to discard old paradigms to make room for the new. In your quiet moments, it’s crucial to dive deep into your inner world. Are there aspects of your life that no longer align with your emerging self?

The call to awaken means a call to transcend—not just to leave behind what doesn’t serve you, but to integrate those lessons into a newly minted version of yourself. This stage is about merging the wisdom of your experiences with the potential of your future, to be reborn into a reality where your actions, thoughts, and feelings are congruent with your highest ideals.

Question to Ponder:

“As my being undergoes this significant energetic shift, what outdated beliefs and systems am I willing to release? What am I feeling an inner pull to learn, or integrate, as part of my new being?”

Confirmation from the Divine

Don’t mistake this card’s appearance as mere coincidence. You are receiving divine affirmation that now is the opportune moment for this grand metamorphosis. The divine intelligences of the universe have aligned circumstances, lessons, and opportunities to this point of “readiness.”

Even if your mind harbors doubts, your soul is well-prepared and has been yearning for this upgrade. You are part of a bigger cosmic plan that includes not just your personal transformation but also the ascension of collective consciousness. Your process of awakening will serve as a beacon for others, igniting chain reactions of spiritual evolution far beyond what you can currently perceive.


“I am a willing participant in this grand cosmic design. My awakening serves not only my soul’s expansion but contributes to the collective elevation of consciousness on this planet.”

Activating Your Light As An Awakened Being

With this newfound awareness comes great responsibility. The Council of Light wants you to understand that an awakened life is not a state but a continuous journey. There is both a bliss and a burden in knowing that you are in the process of becoming, every moment, a more spiritually sophisticated version of yourself. This is not a path for the faint of heart.

Many are called to it, but few answer that call with the tenacity and courage it requires. You might face dissonance initially as you align your everyday life with your higher states of consciousness. Do not shy away from these experiences; they are your spiritual battleground, honing your spirit for higher quests.

The Council of Light infuses you now with a protective energetic envelope, a shield against lower energies that might attempt to deter you from your course. This shield also amplifies your innate qualities of compassion, wisdom, and divine love, thus enabling you to act as a catalyst in the lives of others.


“As I awaken, I become an active channel for the Council of Light. My every action is infused with divine purpose, and I understand that each challenge is an opportunity for further awakening.”

Suggested Actions

You’ve reached the point where theoretical understanding must be supplemented with practical application. Begin with small steps: perhaps it’s a matter of introducing new practices like daily meditation or affirmations that align with your newfound consciousness. Maybe you need to reevaluate your relationships, discarding those that anchor you to lower frequencies and embracing those that elevate you.

As you consider these steps, also ponder on larger life choices. Is your current occupation in alignment with your awakening? How can you contribute to the collective consciousness? This might be the time for you to use your newly calibrated spiritual antenna to guide you towards pursuits that are not just fulfilling, but also serve the greater good.
Don’t limit these actions to just the physical or emotional plane; integrate them into all aspects of your life. Your body, your mind, and your spirit must act in unison to fully embody the awakening that is taking place within you. As you act, keep your channels open for divine guidance. The Council of Light will send synchronicities, messages, and guides your way. Stay alert to these signals.


“I am not a passive observer in my awakening. Each decision I make and action I take is a conscious step towards embodying my highest self. I move in alignment with the divine orchestration of the Council of Light, confident that I am supported at every turn.”

This process of awakening invites you into a league of extraordinary souls who have responded to a similar call throughout the ages. Souls that were the underpinning of entire spiritual revolutions. Moses heard the call through a burning bush; Jesus found it in his sojourns into the desert. Just like them, your journey has its unique narrative, a story that will be etched into the cosmic tapestry of awakening and ascension.

The Council of Light now invites you to enter an exclusive mystery school, an ethereal space of learning and empowerment. This mystery school has spiritually nourished countless awakened souls over the ages, holding ancient secrets and practices aimed at accelerating your spiritual awakening.

Your Next Step:

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