Birthing of a New Age – Birthing New Creations, Dreaming a New World into Being

Transmissions From The Council Of Light

We, the Council of Light, stand in jubilant anticipation at the cusp of this new era you are about to enter. The card “Birthing A New Age” comes forth not as a simple card but as a cosmic decree, an alignment of celestial forces that are about to unleash a wave of unprecedented creativity and transformation.

Do you sense it? The subtle shifts in your thoughts, the surges of inspiration and, most importantly, the increase in synchronous events around you? We are aligning cosmic configurations to aid you in this birth. Every idea, every dream, and every endeavor you invest in now has exponential potential for growth and realization. Your soul’s capacity to manifest is at its zenith. This is your spiritual spring; the spiritual soil is fertile, and it’s time to plant the seeds of your grandest visions.


“In communion with the Council of Light, I consciously participate in the grand cycle of creation. I am an active force, birthing a new age through my intentions, actions, and expressions.”

Your Soul’s Inquiry

Your soul is not just a passive observer in this process. It’s the master artist, the composer of a grand symphony that has been rehearsing silently within the depths of your being. You may have already received snippets of this masterpiece as dreams, intuitions, or fleeting insights. Now, in this pregnant pause before the grand performance, what is your soul whispering to you?

What visions flood your consciousness when you relinquish control and allow your internal rivers to flow freely? Listen to these cues carefully. For some, it could be a career change to something more fulfilling; for others, it may be an urge to create art or transform their community. Understand that no dream is too big or too small in the eyes of the universe. Your soul’s deepest desires are divine cues, aligned with the cosmic plan of birthing a new age.

Question to Ponder:

“Which of my dreams are most vivid and recurring? How can these dreams be pieces of a larger tapestry that contributes to the collective consciousness?”

Confirmation from the Divine

Receiving this card is your confirmation from the Divine. If you’ve been waiting for a sign to proceed with a particular endeavor or to make a significant life change, this is it. The energies surrounding you now are not just fertile but also highly volatile, capable of molding themselves into whatever form you strongly envision.

It’s as though the very fabric of reality is waiting for your touch to shape it. However, this is a double-edged sword: your thoughts, both positive and negative, have immense manifesting power now. Therefore, this is also a time to cultivate mental and emotional discipline, to focus only on what you wish to see manifested.


“I am a co-creator with the universe. Every thought I think and every emotion I feel is an active contribution to the birthing of this new age. I focus only on what I wish to bring into form.”

Certainly, I can expand upon the previous sections to add more depth and length.

Activating Your Light As A Lightworker

The resonance of your creative essence hasn’t gone unnoticed by us—the Council of Light. Visions of a better world, dreams of harmonious coexistence, and inklings of innovative solutions have been circulating in your auric field. It’s as if you’re standing on the precipice of a whole new era, brushing against the veils of other realms to bring something radically beautiful into this world.

The time to step forward is now. However, the activation of your creative potential isn’t a matter to be taken lightly. This is a sacred responsibility, a covenant between your soul and the cosmos. And while your individual expression is invaluable, this is far from a solitary journey. The wisdom of many lifetimes, of lost civilizations and cosmic entities, is within your reach to fortify and enrich your creative endeavors.

In other words, dear soul, you’re not merely painting a picture on a canvas; you’re adding a transcendent shade of divine light to a universal tapestry, one that’s woven with the threads of time and space, infused with the consciousness of countless awakened souls.


“In activating my creative potential, I become a conscious co-creator in birthing a New Age. I connect with the timeless wisdom and celestial energies that propel my soul into its most elevated expression.”

Suggested Actions

The seeds of ideas and inklings of potential you’ve been nurturing in your soul’s sanctuary are aching to burst into full blossom. They require not just intention but tangible, actionable steps in the world you currently occupy. This means breaking out of your comfort zones and stepping into the role of a manifestor, a divine architect, if you will.

Now, here comes your most sacred mission, your momentous task: to ground the ethereal dreams and make them palpable, shaping the energies you’ve been working with into physical form. This task calls for sacred wisdom, mystical teachings that can’t be found in conventional classrooms or common texts.

Your Next Step:

Therefore, we, the Council of Light, extend an exclusive invitation to you to join our ancient Mystery School—a repository of esoteric knowledge that has been the training ground for some of the world’s greatest visionaries, like Moses, Jesus, and other unsung heroes throughout history. Here, you will delve into the sacred geometries, ancient rituals, and cosmic codes that will allow you to activate your fullest creative potential and contribute to the birthing of the New Age in a way you’ve never conceived possible.

By accepting this unique invitation, you’re not just unlocking your individual potential; you’re stepping into a synergistic flow of co-creation with awakened souls across timelines and dimensions. The Council of Light stands at the ready, watching your next steps with immense excitement and unwavering love.

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