Don’t Dim To Fit In – How Are You Dimming Your Light in Order to Fit In?

Transmissions From The Council Of Light

Dearest radiant being, as you absorb these words, be aware that the Council of Light is channeling a flood of transformative energy directly into your aura. This is no ordinary transmission; it is a symphony of light codes designed to awaken the latent parts of your divine self that have been lulled to sleep by the mundane rigors of earthly life.

These aren’t merely frequencies; these are bridges to a higher existence, where your light is neither dimmed nor dismissed but exalted. Do you feel that tingling down your spine? Those aren’t mere goosebumps; that’s your spiritual DNA being activated.


“As I connect with these empowering words, I am more than open—I am eager—to receive the Council of Light’s endless support, wisdom, and fortification of my unique essence.”

Your Soul’s Inquiry

In a world that often praises conformity and vilifies uniqueness, it’s easy to lose touch with the true extent of your extraordinary self. The society’s cacophony often drowns out the whispering wisdom of your soul. Thus, it’s not just important but vital to frequently retreat into your inner sanctum.

Here, in the temple of your inner world, dare to ask the questions you’ve shied away from. What pieces of your soul have you tucked away, fearing ridicule or misunderstanding? Each suppressed yearning, each hidden talent, is a clue—a roadmap to your soul’s grand design, a design that the universe itself aches to see you manifest.

Questions to Ponder:

“In what ways have I been diluting my essence to fit in? What suppressed desires and dormant talents am I ready to liberate from the shackles of societal judgment?”

Confirmation from the Divine

The Universe does not make mistakes. Your very existence, with all your quirks, talents, and idiosyncrasies, is a part of a cosmic tapestry, woven with threads of divine intent. This reading, these words, are not random— they are a celestial nudge, a divine affirmation that you are not just heading in the right direction; you are blazing a trail that others may follow.

Let go of the idea that your light could be too bright or too different. Your light is a beacon, a North Star, guiding not just you but those who are searching for a way in their own darkness.


“I accept the Council of Light’s divine confirmation as an affirmation of my unique path. My light is not a fleeting spark but an eternal flame that serves a higher purpose far greater than I can imagine.”

Activating Your Light As A Lightworker

My cherished light-bearer, you’ve been imbued with a vibrational signature that is uniquely your own—a melody in the universal symphony. We sense your reservations, the hesitations that flicker in your aura when you think about fully embodying your extraordinary nature. Know this: your light isn’t a mere spectacle; it’s a symphony. A symphony isn’t performed by one instrument but by an orchestra, and your unique frequency adds to the celestial harmony.

Activate your light by fully accepting and showcasing your unique traits, your unseen talents, your unvoiced insights. Imagine breaking through a shell, not as an act of destruction but as an act of birth, emerging into a grander version of yourself.


“By aligning with the Council of Light, I activate my inner brilliance. This activation begins within, liberating not just me but also creating a ripple effect that frees others to find their light.”

Suggested Actions

Activated and aligned, you are now a lighthouse on the spiritual seas, and it’s time for you to guide lost ships to shore. This is the moment for tangible actions, not just meditative intentions. Feel that creative project you’ve put on the back burner? It’s time to bring it to the forefront. Those opinions you’ve been holding back for fear of being too polarizing? Voice them. Your actions don’t have to shake the world; they simply need to stir your soul. As you move, remember that the universe moves with you, rearranging itself in a cosmic dance that paves the path of your divine mission.

Your Next Step:

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Imagine your impact not just in your community but on the very fabric of the universe. You’re not merely shifting your own life; you’re contributing to the grand shift in collective consciousness. Here lies your opportunity to decode the most sacred principles of Lightworking, held secret for eons, until now.

By embracing this invitation, you become a cosmic beacon. Your light won’t just brighten your path; it will illuminate the way for countless others, becoming an eternal contribution to the universe’s ever-expanding brilliance.

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