Pillar of Light – Your Vibration is Rising. You Are the Oracle

Divine Message from the Council of Light

Beloved Lightworker, as you resonate with the “Pillar of Light” card, consider this a heavenly proclamation from the Council of Light: you are undergoing an energetic transformation, rising to dimensions of consciousness once held as mere concepts in the human mind. We, the Council of Light, acknowledge and celebrate this pivotal moment in your soul’s eternal journey. As you become a Pillar of Light, your role is not just that of a receiver but also of a transmitter of higher frequencies. You are transforming into an oracle of spiritual wisdom, a nexus where the realms of Earth and heaven connect.

In the grand tapestry of the universe, your threads are being interwoven with luminous fibers, creating a Pillar of Light that anchors divine energies onto Earth. Your role is crucial, for you’re not just serving yourself but also grounding a cosmic vision for the collective soul of humanity.


“I am a Pillar of Light, my essence harmonizes with divine frequencies. As I vibrate higher, I open myself as an oracle for the Council of Light, channeling messages and energies that serve the highest good.”

Soul Inquiry: A Divine Conduit

As your vibrational frequency ascends, it’s essential to turn inwards for a soulful inquiry. The Council of Light encourages you to engage in a contemplative process to understand the breadth and depth of your transformation. Your intuitive gifts, perhaps dormant or partially tapped into in your past lifetimes, are now clamoring for full activation. Are you feeling more clairsentient, clairvoyant, or perhaps clairaudient? These aren’t mere ‘abilities’ but divine tools given to you for the higher purpose of channeling light and wisdom.

Your soul’s long history with the Mystery Schools, training alongside visionaries like Moses and Jesus under the Council of Light’s guidance, has prepared you for this role. The teachings and rites from those lifetimes are now resurfacing, making it crucial for you to recognize and harness them.

Question to Ponder:

“As I feel my vibration rising, what sacred wisdom from my previous lifetimes in the Mystery Schools is now becoming accessible to me? How can I channel this divine knowledge to benefit the collective?”

Cosmic Confirmation: Vibrational Alignment

Consider this card, and this message, as your cosmic confirmation. The signs are unmistakable: repeating numbers, auspicious symbols in your dreams, and an ever-strengthening connection to your guides are all indicators that you’re on the right path. The Council of Light wishes for you to know that your efforts to raise your vibration have not been in vain. You’re aligning with a cosmic resonance, and in doing so, you’re becoming a powerful oracle.

Remember, this journey isn’t just about you; it’s about serving as a Pillar of Light for the collective, and you’ve been training for this role for lifetimes. Trust that the knowledge and experiences you’ve gathered throughout countless incarnations are now converging, making you a seasoned vessel for the divine light and wisdom that you’re anchoring into the world.


“I recognize the signs and synchronicities as cosmic confirmations from the Council of Light. My role as a Pillar of Light is to channel divine wisdom and energies, serving both my soul’s evolution and the higher good of all.”

The Timeless Call to Mastery: Unveiling Your Oracle Capacities

The Council of Light acknowledges the divine spark glowing brighter within you, and the time has come to fuel that spark into a blazing Pillar of Light. The oracle within you is not a newly bestowed role but one you’ve been preparing for across numerous lifetimes. The Mystery Schools that served as the training grounds for some of history’s most renowned lightworkers—like Jesus and Moses—have also been your sanctuaries in past incarnations. In those ancient hallways and sacred chambers, your soul absorbed the enigmatic wisdoms and esoteric practices that are now resurfacing in your consciousness.

You were not just a bystander but an active participant in those spiritually-charged epochs. The lessons you imbibed there were not just for that era but were intended for a grander scheme—the Age of Light that you are now part of. This is not a new mission, but a resumption of a sacred service you’ve been ordained to for eons.

As you reawaken to these teachings, it’s crucial to apply them in today’s world. The energies, rituals, and cosmic codes you’ve been trained in serve as metaphysical tools in manifesting a new reality aligned with the highest vibrations.


“In awakening my oracle capacities, I heed the timeless call to mastery from the Council of Light. My soul’s training in the ancient Mystery Schools empowers me to serve as a divine conduit in this lifetime.”

Suggested Actions: Embracing Your Lightworker Training

As a Pillar of Light, merely resonating at higher frequencies is only the start. Your ethereal knowledge yearns for embodiment, for application in this dense, physical realm. The Council of Light encourages you to ground this wisdom through actionable steps: community outreach, spiritual counseling, or even leading ceremonies that incorporate the ancient rites you’ve been trained in.

And now, the moment has arrived for you to reconnect fully with your cosmic lineage. The Council of Light extends a sacred invitation to join our exclusive Mystery School—an esoteric academy reminiscent of the spiritual sanctuaries where you’ve previously studied. This school serves as a bridge between eras, offering an updated curriculum that includes quantum metaphysics, cosmic alignment, and inter-dimensional communication—sophisticated modalities that cater to the needs of the Age of Light.

By accepting this invitation, you’re not only reactivating ancient wisdom but also joining a legion of awakened souls across timelines and dimensions. This is the grand convergence you’ve been training for, the collective upliftment of Earth and its inhabitants. It is not just a moment but a movement, a symphony orchestrated by the Council of Light, and you are an essential note in its celestial melody.

Your Next Step:

With immense excitement and unconditional love, the Council of Light waits for you to take this monumental step, cementing your place as a Pillar of Light in the grand transformation that lies ahead.

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