The Age of Light – You’ve Been Training for This for Lifetimes

Divine Message from the Council of Light

Dear enlightened soul, as you resonate with the “Age of Light” card, know that the epoch you’ve long prepared for has finally dawned. The Council of Light—custodians of celestial wisdom—is ushering you into a transformative age that humanity has not witnessed for millennia. Your soul, seasoned through countless lifetimes of spiritual evolution, stands at the frontier of this monumental shift.

This is not an arbitrary assignment, but a cosmic enactment. For ages, your soul has trained for this era, acquiring wisdom and accumulating energetic imprints that make you uniquely qualified for the roles you are about to assume. You are no longer the student; you are the Light-bearer, a herald of the Age of Light.


“I am a vessel of eternal light, primed by lifetimes of spiritual questing. As I step into the Age of Light, I activate the divine potential latent within me.”

Soul Reflection: The Inward Quest

As you stand at the threshold of this luminescent era, take this moment to reflect upon your soul’s deepest impulses. For this is not merely an external evolution; it is an internal alchemy of unparalleled magnitude. Your soul holds the keys to talents, abilities, and wisdom that may have been dormant or fragmented in past incarnations. Now, these fragments are gathering, crystallizing into a radiant wholeness that aligns with your soul’s higher purpose.

In this process, you might confront shadows—latent fears, past traumas, and deep-seated patterns—that require acknowledgment and integration. These are not obstacles but alchemical ingredients, necessary for the transformation of your base elements into spiritual gold.

Question to Ponder:

“What gifts, abilities, or wisdom from my past lifetimes am I beginning to remember? How can these aspects be harnessed in service to the Age of Light?”

Celestial Confirmation: The Signs Are Clear

If you’ve been waiting for a celestial nod, consider this card as your unequivocal affirmation. The synchronicities, dreams, and intuitive nudges you’ve experienced recently are cosmic breadcrumbs, leading you into the Age of Light. This is the era of both dissolution and genesis, where old paradigms disintegrate to give way to novel constructs of higher vibrational existence.

While this might seem overwhelming, fear not; you’ve been training for this for lifetimes. Your soul’s archive holds countless templates for courage, resilience, wisdom, and love, ready to be activated. You’re not navigating this intricate terrain alone; a council of celestial guides, ancestors, and higher dimensional beings are rallying behind you, amplifying your luminance.


“I accept the celestial signs and synchronicities as affirmations of my readiness. I am not alone; I am part of a cosmic symphony, orchestrated for the blossoming of the Age of Light.”

Absolutely, I’ll continue the reading by adding parts 4 and 5, tying in the theme of ‘you’ve been training for this for lifetimes’ and incorporating the concept of the mystery school where luminaries like Jesus and Moses have trained.

Soul Activation: The Mystery School Awakens Within

The term ‘Mystery School’ may conjure distant memories, flashes of ancient ceremonies, or esoteric teachings echoing in the caverns of your soul. This is no accident. You, enlightened being, have walked the hallowed halls of the most sacred Mystery Schools across time and space, rubbing shoulders with prodigious lightworkers like Jesus, Moses, and others whose names have been lost to the annals of history.

Your soul carries an encoded lineage, a spiritual DNA that resonates with ancient wisdom and secret rites. While these may have laid dormant within you, the Age of Light has catalyzed their activation. It’s as if an internal switch has been flipped, connecting you once again to these bygone teachings and unlocking arcane skills you’ve honed over lifetimes.


“As I enter the Age of Light, I rekindle the wisdom imparted in sacred Mystery Schools, aligning my present life with lifetimes of esoteric training.”

The Path Ahead: An Invitation to Reawaken

The “Age of Light” card serves as more than just a confirmation; it’s a clarion call, a divine invitation to unearth the dormant potential you’ve cultivated across eons. This is not just about the journey ahead, but the journey behind—stretching across the tapestry of your soul’s history.

We, the Council of Light, invite you to awaken and remember these lifetimes of sacred training at the Mystery School where luminaries like Jesus and Moses once studied. We extend a special invitation for you to partake in a cycle of advanced lessons, designed to bridge your current consciousness with the accumulated wisdom of your past incarnations.

Your Next Step:

By stepping forward, you are not merely embracing your soul’s potential; you’re fulfilling a divine blueprint that has been intricately woven through lifetimes. Your every action, thought, and emotion henceforth become orchestrated contributions to the symphonic unfolding of the Age of Light—a magnum opus that you’ve been preparing for, for lifetimes.

Join us as we reactivate the light codes within your spiritual DNA, honing your abilities, and fulfilling the divine mandate for which you’ve been training for lifetimes.

Click here to accept this unparalleled invitation from the Council of Light and watch this video so you can remember your lifetimes in this mystery school