Discover Your True Purpose and Actualize Yourself By Gaining Clarity

Are you at the point in your life where you feel completely and utterly lost, where you are stuck in the ground while everyone you know, all your friends are taking flights and achieving their dreams one after another?

It is undoubtedly daunting how the world turns so fast and you find yourself at the same spot you were a few years ago. You get scared about how the world works one moment revel for new opportunities and next minute you are devastated by what seemed to be nothing.

As if that wasn’t enough, there are so many distractions in the world that we could never find the focus we need to attend to what’s really important like knowing what you are supposed to do in this lifetime.

With the weirdness of the known world and distractions after distractions, looking for clarity in our lives seemed to be a futile work.

Moreover, we have this tendency of seeing ourselves over everything else. When we focus on what we know and what we thought is right, we fail to see the bigger picture of things and everything else becomes smaller than ourselves.

Our brain usually opts to filter things and keep those that it deemed helpful to us and these are usually influenced by our prejudice and preferences.

Clarity is seeing things as it is without your personal interpretation. It is a moment of sudden understanding. It is a wonderful feeling when you become aware of the powerful presence of something bigger than ourselves.

What does it mean to gain clarity in life?

But why do we really look and seek clarity in our life?

Why is clarity very important?

Why do people seek clarity when you could go blindly and live life as it comes to you?

Clarity is not about knowing everything. People seek clarity to live a fulfilling and contented life.

Having clarity is important so that we can focus on the things that we need to do and avoid chaos in our lives that could lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction.

As we grow older, we collect all sorts of things that at one point we found important even necessary. It does not matter if you are a hoarder, but as you age you will find that you have more friends, more stuff, more goals you want to achieve, more wishes you want to come true, more expectations about yourself and other people.

If you fail to recognize these things they will slowly cloud your vision like clutter in a room hindering you from finding what you really need. They battle for a place of importance in your life until you cannot recognize what really is essential and what you need to let go.

So we seek to know what we ought to do as we roam this earth. Our feeling of being stuck, lost, and confused is because we do not know our true purpose.

For some, motivation is enough to get them going. Doing new things gets them excited until they get stuck in that motivation stage.

“Many people think they lack motivation when what they really lack is clarity.” – James Clear

You may not yet realize it but, our frustration and underachievement can be accounted for by our lack of clarity.

As it is, when you are driven by motivation without clarity, you tend to overthink, overcomplicate, and get overwhelmed by the conditions and circumstances of your gained motivation.

Simple clarity is what you really need for progress but it gets drown and overwhelmed by your sense of being motivated resulting in inaction.

How do you take the next step of your life?

Think of it this way: You do not go on a vacation without a plan. It would be crazy.

Sure, you are deeply motivated to go on that vacation but without a clear plan, you might find yourself wasting your vacation leave and not really enjoying the sites you have expected.

Without clarity, you will fail to see your true goals. Goals essentially provide clarity.

Needless to say, when you have clear, written goals you can accomplish more goals in a considerably shorter amount of time compared to people who opt to go with the flow.

Clarity will change the way you have been doing things and essentially prevent you from wasting your time. With clarity, you can get out of your comfort zone without fear.

Why you have a hard time finding clarity

“Although our intellect always longs clarity and certainty, our nature often finds uncertainty fascinating.” – Carl von Clausewitz

There are too many distractions as we go on in our daily lives. We try to manage it to no avail. Even when we work all day, we still feel that we are not going anywhere because we are uncertain whether it is what we are meant to do.

Doubts fog up our clarity like smog in a polluted city. What is beyond those turns? What could be there waiting for us? What if we do not make it to our destination?

When we are filled with doubts we tend to identify ourselves depending on the circumstances. We start fearing the outcomes and we are scared of the journey.

This makes us paralyzed by fear and we become complacent and passive justifying our unmoving state to letting the hands of the Fates take our lives to its course.

You need to realize that your doubts and fears are a product of your feeble mind. It is alright to take small steps or actions. You do not need to jump high in your first attempt.

We thought we are victims of the unfortunate circumstances that come at us unbidden. We reasoned out that we are born in this situation and we have little to no choice about this. We refuse to change as we welcome the pity and the concern that people give us.

Yet, we are haunted by several questions: “What am I going to do next?” “Why am I here?” “How will I find my life purpose?”

The truth is no one is born in the circumstances they want. Even those blessed with fortune can attest that they want something else.

We are not defined by the conditions of our past but by the actions we take that will build our future.

It wasn’t the situation that we ought to change but our attitude. Letting go of the victimized feeling is the first step to taking charge of our situation.

We overthink things as we mull over what we are supposed to do. There will be times when you doubt your destiny, when you think you have nowhere to go and that there is nothing out there meant for you.

Maybe you are a glitch in the order of things. You start to doubt your worth because you cannot see where you are meant to go. You do not see your purpose, why you were born, or why you had to undergo all sorts of challenges and pain. It could trap you permanently.

Do not overcomplicate things. When you overthink and seek for perfection you are encumbered by unnecessary details and you sabotage your efforts.

The only thing you need to actually think about is what you can do today or this week that will give you progress.

Overthinking also makes you foresee failures. When you’ve had experienced one failure, you start thinking that the whole endeavor will fail.

As such, you refuse to take action or make decisions. You start to think that there is no need to waste effort in a failing journey.

Our emotions could also get the best of our reasoning. We know that feelings are fickle and as you wait for things to come around, for inspiration to come to you before you take action, you will waste your opportunity of achieving your goals.

Being too focused on your emotions will cloud the data and facts that you need to understand so you can take a step that will further you in your endeavor.

In business, emotional decisions are instinctual in nature which makes it dangerous. It is the opposite of listening to your intuition. With intuition, you know that there are pieces of evidence and precedents to a situation.

Another thing that makes it hard for you to find clarity is the fact that you lack focus. Focus is needed so you can clearly see in your mind the goals and destination you want to reach.

When you let yourself be drawn to distractions and clutter, you will end up being overwhelmed by the circumstances.

Slowly, your path will clear and you will see the vast opportunities waiting for you.

In Celestial Inspiration, we go on to tread on the celestial path to discover ourselves and gain clarity. We are not alone in this journey towards our self-actualization. Angels are actually with us to help us fulfill our full potential.

You can do that too by joining our team and fellow seekers as we find clarity together. Our powerful tools and celestial teachings will help transform your life into your best life.