Archangel Jophiel – The Angel Of Beauty, Feng Shui & Order



If you’re looking for inspiration and a creative spark to add a dash of beauty to your life and your projects, then the archangel of beauty – Jophiel is your greatest ally. 


She can send you beautiful thoughts and help you to develop into a beautiful soul to make the world around you more beautiful. 


Jophiel is your feng shui angel for she understands the sacred geometric proportions of what beauty looks like so she can help you arrange your life through a divine order. 


Beauty is an attribute that awes people from a simple beautiful flower to amazing architecture. 


Our world is a truly magical place. And you need the right consciousness to see all of it. 


Have you wondered why some people find heaven on earth? It’s not actually in another world, rather it’s a state of consciousness that anyone can achieve. 


Two people might be in the same circumstances but have completely different experiences of life. 


Do you know what sets them apart? It’s how they feel about themselves.


Therefore, it is the beauty of what’s within you that influences your ability to find beauty outside of yourself. 


And to be able to do just that is to seek the help of our beloved Archangel Jophiel. 


Who is Archangel Jophiel? 


Archangel Jophiel is known as the angel of beauty and wisdom. 


The name Jophiel is of Hebrew origin which means “God’s beauty” 


Although angels are genderless, Archangel Jophiel is often characterized by feminine energy traits. 


While popular beliefs depicted angels as God’s representatives with less power, angels are more powerful than we think.  They operate beyond space and time so they can attend to as many people who need their help. They can help and guide us towards our full potential. 


As for Archangel Jophiel, she is responsible for sending you beautiful thoughts as well as helping you generate them, so you’ll develop into a beautiful soul that sees only beauty and love. 


She can divert your attention and notice only beauty in the world or receive sparks of inspiration to help you create beauty. She communicates with you in several ways that will truly engage your mind.  And thus, she is also regarded as the patron of artists and artistic illumination. 


Most people come to Archangel Jophiel for help to see more of the beauty of God’s holiness, help them perceive themselves as to how God regards them, and realize how valuable they are. 


Some also come to Jophiel to overcome the ugliness of addictions and negative thought patterns and discover more of God’s joy in their lives. 


As most angels are, Jophiel is a highly vibrational being. She is able to move at the speed of our thoughts, helping us to raise our vibration depending on what we need to experience creative and spiritual illumination. 


She is also known to heal negative emotions and chaotic situations. Her beautiful and peaceful energy can sweep away negativities and bring us beautiful and peaceful thoughts that will help us organize our living and working spaces. 


You can also call upon her if you need help to absorb information, find solutions, bring peace, and order in your thoughts, and give the needed creative and intellectual inspiration to complete creative projects. 


She can also assist us in our career, especially in the fields of arts and beauty such as the beauty industry or any other creative occupation. 


Archangel Jophiel’s Powers as the Angel of Beauty


We often see beauty transformations on the internet and often get amazed at how great the transformation is. 


As a magnificent and powerful angel, Archangel Jophiel can perform powerful transformations. 


Because she is the angel of beauty and elegance, she has the power to transform something that’s not desirable into something beautiful and useful. She can help you with any and many issues which need transformation. 


She has the power to break through any illusions that cloud your thoughts by illuminating the real essence of your soul which is symbolized by the blazing sword she holds. 


She combats misunderstandings that lead to ignorance. And thus, you can ask her anything that you don’t understand. May it be asking for help in interpreting a complicated situation, personal dynamics, or an abstract idea. 


When you connect with Archangel Jophiel, she will help you transform negative feelings, thoughts, and emotions into positive ones as your first step towards transformation. 


Since thoughts become acts, this is a fantastic way to transform your struggles into something brilliant. 


She also helps those who suffer from low self-worth or those who are victims of other people’s insensitive and ignorant behaviors and help them find the beauty and strength within.  


Jophiel and the Sword of Wisdom


Archangel Jophiel is often portrayed holding a flaming sword, the so-called “Sword of Wisdom.”  Other versions depict Jophiel holding the Flaming Sword of Wisdom guarding the Tree of Life. 


The flaming sword symbolizes Archangel Jophiel’s power to cut through the illusions of your thoughts by illuminating the true essence of your spiritual self. 


The yellow light emanating from the flame reveals the reality of your situation. This means that Archangel Jophiel fights against ignorance caused by misunderstanding through wielding her sword. 


The Yellow Light Ray


Archangel Jophiel’s color is yellow, and her element is fire.  Both serve as a symbol of the flame of creativity and spiritual illumination. Many believed that encountering golden yellow light may mean the presence of Jophiel as this could be her yellow ray. 


This yellow light ray is also a symbol of the enlightenment that comes from God’s wisdom. 


When this light illuminates your path, it will help you appreciate the beauty of your true self. As a result, you can make the best choices based on the reality of the situation that allows you to achieve your goals. 


In doing so, you can make the best choices available to you and encourage you to work on your goals more eagerly. 


Archangel Jophiel and Receiving Fresh Ideas


As the angel of beauty, Jophiel is an expert in creating order and organizing. 


And part of it is sending fresh ideas to people.  Her yellow ray of sunshine brings the inspiring energy to create fresh approaches in all aspects of our lives. Bringing order and beauty in each facet. 


Archangel Jophiel also delights in sending help through the creative process. She can infuse creativity into your mind to help you find solutions to your problems.


Sometimes when you feel stuck with your problems and you suddenly find the answer, it could be a sign that Archangel Jophiel has enlightened your mind. 


She gives you ideas to create something beautiful as well as helps you appreciate the beauty around you. 


You can recognize her through creative projects relating to beauty, sincerity, integrity, and all the qualities of the soul. 


How can you work with her?


You can work with Archangel Jophiel like any other angel. You need to focus on connecting with her as you invoke her presence. You can play angelic music in the background and dedicate a yellow candle for her.


You may build an altar if you plan to work with her for the long term. You can also have your go-to prayer to request her presence and ask for her help. 


To help you get started, you can use this prayer to connect with Archangel Jophiel today. 


Archangel Jophiel Prayer


Beloved Archangel Jophiel, Angel of Beauty, I thank God for your presence in my life.

You are such a blessing to people like me who seek beauty in their lives. Please help me to see and appreciate the beauty of creation as embodied in people, in every aspect of life, and everything on earth.

Help me to see myself as God sees me.

As someone whose body, mind, and spirit are all absolutely beautiful because they represent the image and likeness of God.

Empower me to stay true to my core and react appropriately to the daily messages from society that tell me that I am not beautiful enough.

Please remind me always that I am beautiful whenever I come across one of those messages.

Help me to focus and believe only what God says about me rather than what other people think of me. Amen.