Discover Your Inner Messenger Through Archangel Gabriel

Have you experienced difficulties in finding your personal message and inner voice?

Are there any roadblocks that are hindering your connection with the Divine, yourself and others?

Call upon the guidance of Archangel Gabriel to deliver a message to the Lord through her.

Okay, so I hear you saying… Why can’t I just talk to God directly?

You sure can, and in most cases, will be heard and answered too.

Everyone can hear and talk to God and do not require any prayer in particular.

However, sometimes, human vibrations might not be strong enough to feel or receive the pure love of God. In such cases, angels, who are closer to our planet, are easier to feel and receive messages from.

Who is Archangel Gabriel

The name Gabriel means, “God’s strength” or Strength of God”. One way to interpret the name Gabriel is “God is my strength,” a fitting translation for someone who radiates power and tenderness, all together and with the same ease.

Gabriel’s powers aren’t restricted to one but skew across to several strengths.

She exudes powers that cater to both the feminine and masculine genders. She provides nurturing feminine energy by helping women during conception and pregnancy, working with children, and helping humans tap into their creative sides.

Likewise, she provides masculine motivational strength to all those in doubt and fear, inspiring them to go past any weakness they might have.

When you are called to work with children, Archangel Gabriel reigns in this field as she guides conceptions, adoptions, pregnancies, births as well as raising strong, healthy children.

She is deeply attuned with the young ones, constantly watching over their welfare and guiding responsible adults to raise them in a proper manner.

As the master messenger, Archangel Gabriel guides earthly messengers such as teachers, counselors, therapists, coaches, writers, artists and actors to open their throat chakra and communicate intelligently and lovingly.

Call upon her if you need guidance for professions that require clear communication and become the mouthpiece of God to speak His truths.

There is no limit to the magnificence of this glorious angel. Seek her guidance with genuine trust and you too, just like a million of us, will have the privilege to speak from first-hand experience.

Functions and Powers:

The Messenger Angel or The Messenger of God

Common Signs and Attributes to recognize Archangel Ariel:

  • Lantern
  • Spear
  • Mirror
  • Lily
  • Feathers (A Copper Or White Hue)
  • Clouds (Angel-like Figure)
  • Trinkets (Religious Medals)
  • Rainbows (When Isn’t Conducive Weather)
  • Coins (Spotting Too Many Coins)

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How can Archangel Gabriel help you find your Personal Message for Life?

  • Reach out to Gabriel and seek her guidance. You can be sure to receive signs that lead you to the right path soon enough.
  • Remember that Archangel Gabriel can take any form she wishes. So you never know if your friend/mentor/guide is voicing out the words of Gabriel herself! So go ahead and reach out to your mentor, people you trust and who know you well. They might have seen something that you’re probably missing.
  • Are there any questions in your mind that never go away? Meditate on your questions. Reach out to Gabriel again and seek her answers. Additionally, surrender to the lord and let yourself free from any expectations. Watch yourself drift away and follow your dreams from an outsider’s perspective, without trying to influence or change the course of your direction.

More actions that can lead you to finding your personal message:

  • Introspect and spend time with yourself. Listen to the unheard voice, your inner narrative so to speak. What is it telling you to do?
  • Observe your body. Become more intuitive to the sensations you feel when you think of a particular thought. Are you driven, excited, passionate, and deeply connected to something that might have just crossed your mind?
  • Sometimes, it can be difficult to cut back from all the chatter that’s running through your head. Writing down your thoughts will help you structure them in a way that cracks the puzzle.

Your Inner Voice

Inner chatter is constantly mumbling, grumbling and instructing you to do one thing or the other. It doesn’t allow you to think for yourself and always wants to be the one calling the shots.

Your inner voice, on the other hand, lets you choose it and doesn’t force itself on you. It works in accordance to how God and Archangels work. It watches upon you and is waiting for you to invite it, but doesn’t barge in uninvited or force you into submission.

Your inner voice, like God and the Archangels, is extremely powerful; yet it doesn’t feel the need to express its power or triumph over you. Instead, it finds ways to empower you so as to make you a better version of yourself.

Becoming the Voice of God

Here’s a quick activity for you:

Sit in a quiet place and shut down every phoneme of sound that you can hear (sure, you can use noise-cancellation earplugs if you want to). Try and block every possible sound force and listen to the silence.

 What do you hear?

If it is indeed silence, and I mean silence that manifests into peacefulness, then you’ll be happy to know that you are in a very good space. In fact, you might have just what it takes to become the voice of God.

Of course, you’ll also have to be the one God wants to communicate with, but if you can cut back the voices and remain in that state of peacefulness, then with time and effort, you’ll be able to tune into the frequency of the universe and listen to the voice of God.

If voices are what you hear, that which come from outside and that which come from within (yep, that unheard narrative, your inner chatter again), then I’d still say you’re in a good space.

At least you now know where you stand. Once again, with perhaps a little more time and effort, you’ll be able to get to a stage where you can tune into the frequency of the universe and listen to the voice of God.

So there, either way, it all counts and adds up in the end, like it always does.

Simple Prayer to invoke Archangel Gabriel:

Archangel Gabriel, make me a divine messenger and bringer of good news to others. Help me to be a tender-loving example to children around me and all over the world so that I will be a teacher and communicator that inspires them to be the best that they can be.”

Summary of what you’ve just learned:

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