Archangel Jeremiel – Find Your Meaning Through His Visions

Do you want to gain a better understanding of your spiritual visions?

Are you keen on knowing the path you are meant to be?

Your Archangel Jeremiel can help you gain a better understanding of life, as he is the bringer of visions, hope, and mercy.

He can give you guidance and understanding of spiritual visions that can lead you to the life that’s meant for you!

Do you want to develop a strong and unique relationship with Jeremiel?

We’ll help you get started.

Who Is Archangel Jeremiel

Jeremiel’s name means ‘Mercy of God’.

The Archangel Jeremiel is regarded in New Age and Christian Spiritual traditions as an angel of hope, and a bringer of visions. Literally translated, his name is ‘God’s Exaltation,’ or sometimes as ‘God’s Mercy.’

Jeremiel is also said to be a help to the souls of the deceased, guiding them into the afterlife and helping them to examine their own lives, guiding them to lessons of these experiences.

 He is also the ‘go-to’ angel of understanding spiritual visions and clairvoyance so that we can do a thorough self-examination of our lives when we are making adjustments to how we aspire to live.

Newly crossed over souls are helped by him as well to judge their own lives before they ascend into heaven. He also helps those who are still living to thoroughly examine areas of their own lives and change what is not working.

He is a great mentor and teacher who helps us to look at our lives through a non-judgmental approach where only love is the safety net to face areas that we are too critical of ourselves.

Archangel Jeremiel constantly reminds us that all is well and we can have inner peace.

Functions and Powers:

Keeper of ancient power, guardian of commandments, Archangel of prophetic vision, helps newly-crossed over souls, helps transform thoughts into reality.

Attributes and common signs to recognize Archangel Jeremiel:

  • Visions
  • Dreams
  • flashes of purple
  • Shadows
  • Gemstone (Amethyst)

Essential Oils:

  • Basil
  • Rose
  • Sandalwood
  • Lemon
  • Rosemary
  • Vanilla

Simple Prayer to invoke Archangel Jeremiel:

“Archangel Jeremiel, please assist me in understanding my spiritual visions and how to make sense of them. Teach me to look at others with a non-judgmental approach so that instead of criticizing them, I will look at them with love-filled eyes and understand their journey.” 

How can Archangel Jeremiel Help You?

While his role in traditional
 Jewish and Christian
 religious literature is
 rather spotty, Jeremiel has 
the ability to help those
 who are willing and open
 to transforming their lives’ 
When taking an inventory of your life, Jeremiel can help you to release the patterns that no longer serve your purpose in life.

Many who
 invited Jeremiel into their
 lives experience a feeling of equilibrium or balance, a welcome relief from stress and pressure. Also, Jeremiel brings mercy in difficult times. He helps us to live our lives in love, and dedicate ourselves to respect and honor during tough times.

On the subject of finding the right path for your own life, always remember that it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to make major changes in your life. Archangel Jeremiel can help us to find a way forward to a better life for each of us. What this life should look like will vary from person to person, but it can be interpreted with the guidance of Jeremiel.

Ultimately, the Archangel Jermiel’s primary purpose is in helping people come to terms with their own life’s situation, let go of negativity, and move forward on their spiritual, professional, and personal path in positivity and with renewed spiritual insight.

Making The Right Adjustments On How To Live

There are people who say that perception creates reality – and to a large extent, this is true.

‘When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.’ – Max Planck

 You see, if you approach your life from a negative lens, you will only see things that are wrong. Your world will become a dark and bleak place, every new event somehow adding to the overwhelming negativity, reinforcing the lens you see the world through.

However, the opposite side of this coin is that for those who see the world through the other side of the lens, looking for beauty, for the miraculous, for the divine, will surely find all of those things everywhere they look, too.

Hence, perception can color our reality, and each of us perceives reality in a different way. Archangel Jeremiel’s association with visions, dreams, and life review means that he is an excellent spiritual guide to shift your perception of life, making positive adjustments in your perception, which will lead to positive adjustments in your life.

Moreover, by simply being aware of your own tendencies in various situations will help you to be able to make a conscious choice to see the clear way out of virtually any problem, and since Jeremiel is an Archangel associated with revelations and with visions, he is an excellent guide to find your way through moments like this.

Also, pray to Jeremiel to allow your eyes to see, and your mind to comprehend, the more reasonable solutions, you will be able to begin to shift your perceptions, and along the way shift your own reality.

Making Contact with Jeremiel

Quite often, the moment of contact is not a sudden flash or revelation, but simply a quiet moment of knowing from within. Jeremiel, in particular, is a subtle being who do not often overtly reveal himself.

For others, including those who have some psychic sensitivity, clairvoyance, clairsentience, or clairaudience, may have a more direct knowledge of contact, such as a bright light, mist, or aura, or sometimes even a humanoid figure.

Once you have established contact with Jeremiel, you may ask your question or present your request. Once you have asked, express gratitude and patience. You will most likely get a sense of acknowledgment, but probably not an answer right away (though you may).

You may continue to pray or meditate (it isn’t necessary to repeat your question or request) for as long as you like, and allow yourself to commune with the broader spiritual universe and with Jeremiel.

Remember, establishing contact with Jeremiel is a subtle and not always easy thing. So if your first attempt is inconclusive, don’t let yourself be discouraged. Jeremiel hears all of us, from the new practitioner to the experienced astral traveler, so as long as you work with patience and gratitude, your methods will become stronger and easier with time.

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