Welcome to Celestial Inspiration – the heavenly home for people to connect with divine beings and receive guidance and abundant blessings from above.

We are so glad you are here today for it is no accident why you’re here now because your life is about to change in a wonderful and prosperous way.

Our sole purpose is to connect you with celestial resources that will provide you guidance to live a purpose-filled life filled with wealth, happiness, great health, harmonious relationships and spiritual power.

Learn About Your Divine Plan For Your Life Through Divine Guidance

There are no coincidences in the world – your spirit and intuition has led you here to seek a prosperous new future.

Chances are, you have a desire bring more money and resources into your life, improve your health or seek healing, desire for better loving relationships in your life or to find a closer connection with a higher power.

As a matter of fact, you have celestial guardians watching over you now and they may come in the form of guardian angels, heavenly hosts, playful fairies or even biblical guides – for they are responsible for bringing you here because they want to prosper your life in those areas above.


What We Can Do For You At Celestial Inspiration

Our team at Celestial Inspiration has spent the last couple of years guiding souls to:

  • Connect and receive guidance from divine beings
  • Spot signs and synchronicities that lead to wealth and financial opportunities
  • Receive healing energies from Celestial doctors like Archangel Raphael
  • Get connected with loving and harmonious energies to better their relationship with loved ones
  • Pray for miracles and have faith and certainty that their prayers have been heard
  • Have clarity over their lives’ purpose and spiritual path as empowered children of God
  • Receive protection from divine beings especially during difficult circumstances

It is our joy and our mission to find celestial resources and impart them to others, so that many would be blessed by it.

Why Is This Important To You?

Do you know what it is like to live disconnected from divine sources?

It will make you feel lost and living purposelessly.

Every day without divine guidance is like fighting a losing battle.

Countless people in the world are struggling with debt, disease and destructive relationships because of  disconnection with a higher power.

Disconnection only leads to despair and it leads to desperation.

A day without the light of source is the day our hearts grow colder and our spirit quenched by the onslaught of everyday life.

It is a downward spiral wasn’t never going to end.

Sadly, it seems that when people meet with tragic circumstances or hit rock bottom is the only time we turn upwards and ask for deliverance.

But why must it be this way?

Thankfully, our ever-loving guardians are patient with us.

Even though they obey the law of free will and will not intervene unless we invoke them and ask for help, they still drop signs to get our attention.

Perhaps they are dropping a sign for you right now as you’re reading this.

A Divine Angel Spoke To Us…

It is when we finally surrendered and prayed for help, we heard the voice of a divine being – an angel who told us to, “Have faith”.

“Don’t fight this battle alone – let us fight for you!”

“Surrender your burdens to us, we will shoulder them for you…”

Don’t we all need to hear these words at times?

Instantly it became crystal clear to us that alignment with divine energies will lead us to live more abundant lives.

Faith prevailed. We became believers in divine deliverance.

As we started to connect with divine beings every single day, focusing our attention on how blessed we are of how little we have, things started to turn for the better.

It was a miracle!

Working as though God was watching over us made us feel invincible – as though I couldn’t fail at anything. (And if we did, God would catch us as we fell).

If our lives are like cars, being connected with divine power is like running on turbo – Godly fuel that never seems runs out.

As things got better, the angel spoke to us again…

Life was getting better and better.

This time, the same angel appeared and spoke to us again…

“Serve God’s children…”

“Share His blessings…”

“Show them the way to an abundant life…”

We were awestruck by those words.

It became clear to us again what we should do next.

Building on that success, we decided to share this miracle with others.

That’s why we call it:

Because we were inspired to share everything we knew about the celestial realm to people all over the world.

We wanted to teach others how being in alignment with high vibrational energies would help people to experience abundance, love, joy, peace and fulfillment.

How We Can Help You To Live A Life Of Abundance…

Dear child of God, if you’re not living the life that you want and enjoying the abundance of resources in the world is because you’re not vibrating at a high level.

It’s not your fault… most people in the world don’t know this truth and they becomes content on living disconnected lives just as we have experienced.

When you’re at a low vibration is often sad, burdened with guilt, feeling shame all the time, apathetic towards life, angry towards the world or blinded by the pride of life.

Low vibrations may even make you feel disconnected with divine power and manifests scarcity and fear in every day life.

Left to ourselves, we will stay perpetually mired in these low vibrations.

We may even seek to drown our sorrows with stimulation out there, but even external stimulation is short-lived and we will tend to drop back to a default state of low vibrations.

By connecting with our celestial guides, not only will it raise our vibrations up to the level of divine beings, we will also be able to trust our guidance and live in a state of true abundance and prosperity.

This is even more important in the 21st century as life can be difficult at times and we could all use a little extra help from our celestial friends.

By staying connected to your guides, they will show you the path to fulfilling that mission and help you to live at your highest potential.

You can rest assured knowing that they will constantly provide protection, inspiration, healing, signs and even divine intervention.

Will My Guides Hear Me And Be There For Me When I Need Them?

Yes, of course!

Doubt not for your divine guides are omnipresent – they exist as an energy vibration and they can be everywhere at once.

In life, humans tend to let us down.

We tend to put people on a pedestal and expect them to be there for us when we need them to be.

But when they inevitably disappoint us, it is not because they are necessarily unkind, but because they have their own needs to attend to and they can’t be there for us all the time.

The beauty of connecting with angels is that they won’t let us down.

They will help us in accordance with divine will.

They will give us what we need in divine timing.

Let’s Get You Started…

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