Harnessing The Four Elements For A Better Life

As human beings, our whole existence is deeply attached to nature and more so with the four elements of Fire, Water, Earth, and Air.

Needless to say, we are made up of all of these elements that our entire being is influenced by the environment.

Although there are still many people who are not informed of the role of the elements in our lives, those who are more informed embraced the four elements and knew how they contribute to making their lives better.

As the world gets more technological and modern by the minute, some ancient doctrines concerning nature and its interconnectedness with each life force seemed to be getting lost and neglected.

Fortunately, there are still those who dedicate themselves to the idea of harnessing the elements to make every aspect of their lives prosperous and undoubtedly miraculous.

Going beyond the walls of rational science and medical advancement, there are various element-based medications that address the mental and physical wellbeing of an individual.

Some medical professionals even believed that some of the considered advanced medications could only do so much for some disorders, particularly in the psychiatric field.

Some physicians such as Hippocrates and Galen have established the classical understanding of the roles of the elements with regards to human life.

They believed that when these elements are not balanced, it causes diseases and incongruities to someone’s health.

For these diseases to be treated, one must strive to get the elements into balance inside oneself.

In actuality, a lot of traditional medicines such as Ayurveda, Unani, and the infamous Traditional Chinese Medicine are deeply dedicated to the utilization of the elemental concepts in treating almost all health conditions. Ultimately, the idea is to address the deficiencies and imbalances of the energy of the elements inside a person’s being.

Aside from this, you can actually work your elemental energy to communicate with the higher beings of the universe.

The four elements are more than just forces of nature. They are instruments that connect us to the higher power and higher consciousness that are ever-present in our lives.

Prayers, invocations, and meditations are highly effective ways of communicating with the Source.

Aligning yourself with the elemental energies as you do these things will enable you to create an awareness of your role in the whole of creation and the universe.

You see yourself not as an individual thriving alone but as an essential part of the natural world. Opening yourself up to these forces, you discover the Source of all life, the indispensable force that sustains and transforms all life forms to its highest state.

Here is a little exercise to harness and find a balance for the elements in your life.

Calm and immerse yourself in meditation.

Close your eyes and feel the air that blows around you, the breath you take as you slowly inhale and exhale, slowly entering into a trance where you expand your sensations and heighten your awareness of everything here on earth.

Feel the solid earth underneath your feet, the vibrations of life and fertility and abundance. Let it envelop your whole being making you see the blessings offered to you.

Hear the flow of water surrounding you and inside you. Feel it overflow your being and let it cleanse the negativities inside you and let it purify your soul and your energy.

Lastly, look at the embers of your heart and soul, the inspiration that moves you and the fiery spirit sleeping inside you. Feel it grow inside you.

Now get yourself deeply connected to each element as you also assess your life. See what element you need more of and what harness it into your life making sure that each element does not overlap each other.

Practicing these regularly will enable you to harness necessary elements when you are facing future challenges in your life.

Embrace the Elements of your life and start living a fulfilled life as you transcend to your highest state.

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