How To Recognize Angel Signs?


Angels are powerful messengers of God and they communicate with humans by sending us lots of signs. When you recognize them and their meanings, you will receive their guidance and make better decisions.


Because angels are spiritual beings, they are a different frequency compared to us who are in the material world. They often communicate with us in subtle ways so it is up to us to tune in to them by recognizing their subtle communication.


It’s like listening to a radio, you need to tune in to your favorite radio station’s frequency in order to listen to it clearly.


Signs are everywhere, but the problem is that we are not paying attention to the signals they are sending us. It happens all the time and oftentimes we are not aware that they are already angel messages. While there are also people who were never aware that there’s something like angel signs.


But now that we know about it, we need to cultivate our ability to perceive angel messages so our life will always be guided and ready to receive blessings.


What are the general signs our angels use to communicate with us?


When angels try to communicate with us, they send us signs signifying their presence and guidance. The signs your guardian angels send to you may come in different forms and ways. But know that it will be the best way depending on your problems, challenges, or questions at the moment.


Your guardian angel knows how to capture your attention and may use the things that hold significant meaning in your life to bring you the guidance and support that you need. Here are twelve of the most common signs that your guardian angel uses to let you know of their presence and help.


Sign #1 – Seeing a Rainbow


Ever wonder how a rainbow seemed to appear in your line of sight when you have been feeling down all day? A rainbow is one of the most common signs from your guardian angels. Rainbows bring the message that you are not alone and your situation is not as hopeless as you think it is. Your angels want you to know that they are watching over you. Rainbows carry the hope and love that your angels want you to feel.


Sign #2 – Finding Feathers


No matter the color or size, feathers are another sign from your angels. Have you found a feather in the most uncommon place This is your angels’ way of saying that they love you and will continue to stand behind you as you reach for your goals and dreams. A white feather mostly means that your questions will be answered and that you will find solutions to your problems.


Sign #3 – Flashing Lights


Angels are light and energy beings. They have very powerful energy which explains how when they are near you, the lighting fixtures around you may be affected by their high energy. Another sure sign that your guardian angel is near you is when you suddenly see a streak of light.


Different colors of lights may bring different meanings for you. When you are swamped with negativity, your angel might come in a flash of orange so you can be filled with positivity. When you feel helpless, your angels will send a green light of power and strength.


Sign #4 – Sudden Warmth


Your angels will want you to feel the warmth of their presence and the comfort of their love and care for you. Sudden sensations of warmth surrounding you is like getting a hug from your guardian angels who want you to let go of your worries and doubts. Sometimes, you can also feel a sudden rise of warmth inside you and it is your angel letting you know that you are not alone.


Sign #5 – Dreams


It is in our dreams that our angels could easily give us their messages and guidance. This is because when we are asleep, we become more open to their energy and receive their message more openly. Sometimes, we also receive visions through our dreams. When you pay attention to your dreams, you will see the premonitions and warnings from your angels.


Sign #6 – Seeing Butterflies


Butterflies signify transformation and rebirth. It is also believed that we can connect with the souls of our loved ones through the help of butterflies. Angels use butterflies to guard and protect us from harm.


Sign #7 – A Sudden But Gentle Breeze


Have you felt a sudden breeze touch you even when the air was still? It is undoubtedly a sign that your guardian angel is beside you.


This will often happen when you are relaxed as you try to connect with your angels through meditation and invocation.Your angels come to you in this gentle and warm breeze letting you know that they hear your prayers.


Sign #8 – Smelling Lovely Scents


You might have these peculiar moments when you smell something lovely and sweet and amazing out of nowhere. You look around and no one near you could be the source, no flower, no other product that it could come from. Often, when angels are near you, you could smell their rich and chocolatey smell. It could also be some flowery scent coming from them.


Sign #9- Hearing Comforting Music


Sometimes, angels give us comfort through music. There are people who feel the presence of their angels when they hear comforting angelic music out of nowhere. There are times when you feel so down and suddenly, a favorite song comes on the radio or on the overhead speaker of the grocery store.


Know that this is your angels’ way of telling you that they are with you and they are looking after you.


Sign #10 – Babies and Pets


Did you notice your pet staring intently at a spot? Or have you seen babies gaze up at the ceiling or a blank space on the wall, smiling and giggling? Babies and pets are so pure because they have not yet been influenced by the material world and they are able to see the angels clearly.


The presence of angels put angels and animals at ease. They give them comfort and assurance.


Sign #11 – Angel Numbers


Angel numbers are one of the most common methods angels use to give us messages and guidance that we need. To get our attention, they use number patterns that will make us curious. Did you notice that every time you look at the clock, it reads 11:11?


Or did you notice the change you got was $22.22? Depending on the meaning of the numbers, the angels will guide you through whatever you are currently facing. To know more about the meanings of angel numbers 444, 1212, 1111, 777, 1010, and others, check out our other videos.


Sign #12 – Finding Coins


When you find a coin on your path, you immediately feel lucky and your mood is lifted. It is the way of your guardian angels to pay attention to the message they are trying to tell you.


When you look at the detail of the coin, you might find significant meaning from the date. What have you been praying to your angel for before you found the coin? Financial help? Perhaps you asked for help in your relationship or career choices?


These are just some of the general signs angels send our way. There are still many other ways that they use to let us know that they are with us in our challenging journey.


It is not easy to see the signs of the universe or interpret them accurately. But knowing about your angels and their faithfulness in helping you get through your life journey is the first step in becoming aware of their presence in your life. Working on your consciousness and energy will also make you receive angelic signs clearly and easily.


Meditating and strengthening your connection with your angels are the best ways to hear them clearly.