How Can I Have An Abundant Life?

So when you think about the word ‘abundance’, what comes into your mind? Is it financial freedom? How about an abundance of friends around you? Perhaps you feel an abundance of love when your partner or spouse spoils you with gifts and affection. Maybe you might even associate the idea of abundance with having plenty or a very large quantity of something that you use all the time.


Abundance is your birthright for you are meant to thrive. It is something that is hard-wired within you because it is in our innate nature to want to manifest, grow, accumulate and give abundantly to others. 


Having abundance means having more than you could ever need, even if you have a lot because it is not about how much you have, it is about how much you feel satisfied to have. After all, it is not uncommon for people who make less than $10,000 a year to save up a fortune in compound interest savings, and still have more than enough to give back to their communities. 


This is the opposite of scarcity where you feel a constant lack. This idea of lack isn’t just about having not enough. Even when someone has more than enough, they could be focusing on what they don’t have or how little they have and that is a scarcity mindset that saps the joy out of everything.  It is not uncommon for people to be multi-millionaires and worry each and every moment that they are going to lose their money. Abundance and scarcity are all about the state you are in.


When you work on enlarging your mindset to accept more abundance, it will also challenge the very beliefs of scarcity that are holding you back from receiving more abundance and prosperity in your life. That is the power of having the mindset for abundance. Because a person with abundance knows that resources are like a running tap of water – they can turn it on whenever they need something compared to a person with a scarcity mindset which is the same as someone’s relationship with water while living in a country without running water.


All in all, we invite you to have an open mind and an open heart because even small tweaks in your understanding of abundance can open up your world to limitless resources – more than you can ever imagine.


Common Challenges People Face With Abundance

We know that if a person is out of touch with abundance, it will be pretty hard to live an abundant and prosperous life, but if you consider that there is a science behind activating one’s abundance and training it like you would train a muscle, you’ll be able to use it manifest more resources in life once you understand the common problems people face and how to solve them.


Patterns are pervasive and being human, they exist in all of us. Here are some common themes revolving around the lack of abundance that people tend to face.


After all, a person who has an abundant mindset is able to become resourceful in solving problems in their life quickly because they have a lot of experience with using it while a person who is disconnected from their abundance will feel that life is uninspired and experience their reality as, “Life happens to me” and they feel as though they have little control over any situation they encounter.


These are some of the challenges that occur:


  • What should I do when I don’t have enough?
  • How do I recover from loss?
  • How do I deal with debts?
  • How do I spot good opportunities?
  • How can I save enough for retirement?


Finding Your Abundance with Archangel Ariel

True Abundance is as limitless and boundless as the Universe.


What keeps us from realizing and embracing our true abundance is the fact that the world is adamant to put everything in quantifiable perspectives. The whole world would compel you to think about how much you have been saving, how much you have been spending, how often you splurge on unnecessary things.


It could also make you set inexistent standards that will limit you from finding the true source of prosperity and abundance.


No one is meant to live in constant scarcity. Everyone has the capability to access their power of abundance and live the life they dreamed of.


It all lies in how you view your life and your abundance.


The best way you can take is a guided path from your angels, most especially Archangel Ariel – the angel of Abundance and Prosperity.


As agents of God, our angels have made an eternal oath to guide and watch over us in our earthly journey.


And when it comes to your money problems, and search for abundance, Archangel Ariel is the angel that will spearhead your team of spiritual guides to direct you to the right path filled with blessings and financial miracles.


Connecting with Archangel Ariel is the best way you can find the path for your Abundance journey. She will guide you so you can be free of debt and break the chains of scarcity that have been keeping you from your divine inheritance.


Access Your Abundance by Invoking Archangel Ariel’s Presence in Your Life

You have the opportunity to unearth the powerful energy of Abundance inside you and start manifesting the life you want.


Below is a prayer you can use to call upon Ariel for guidance and direction.


Close your eyes and take a nice deep breath. Relax your mind and body. Let go of any fears or concerns.


“Archangel Ariel, I ask for your presence today and embrace me with your Abundance Energy. Please help me as I open up my entire being to the abundance of the universe.


“Fill me with the abundance that I need and bless me with your pink light so I can continue living without worrying about resources. Please help me release the negative energy that made me feel that I am lacking, financially, physically, and spiritually. Envelop me in your loving and give light so I can be who I am meant to be. I am in your service, Archangel Ariel.”


This meditative prayer will help you in your journey through life and it will prevent you from thinking that you are lesser than you are supposed to be.


The Archangel Ariel is a giving angel and you can bask in his divine energy for guidance and true abundance.