How Can I Stop My Bad Habits Permanently?

Our existence in this world is not without its flaws and imperfections. We are born in this world not as complete and perfect beings but as creatures who are able to learn from their mistakes and experiences in life. As the world is filled with things both known and unknown to us, we tend to experience both the best and the worst that life has to offer.


It is not uncommon for us humans to have vices of our own, unhealthy activities, or some unnecessary choices and habits in each of our lives. Many point out these weaknesses as reasons why they may lose their sense of self and go through a downward spiral in many aspects of life. However, succumbing to these negative habits could cost us our health and well-being.


Having a weakness in this area of your life could lead to extreme actions that are not only unwise in the eyes of professionals but also unwise in the eyes of your friends, family, and most especially your own self.


With that said, seeking assistance and grace from a higher existence in times of need is necessary in order to help you recover from this weakness. That being said, in order to recover from this weakness, you must seek assistance and grace from a higher existence in times of need. Despite the fact that it may seem like they are always by your side, trust in your heart that they have heard your cries and are ready to help you on your journey to strength and recovery.


Why should you move on from your bad habits?

Succumbing to your own vices and wrongdoings can lead to a miserable and often harmful way of life for most people who have experienced it. Bad habits such as overindulgence, smoking, and drinking could cause the body that the Divine has provided for you in this world to weaken faster. As such, you may never get to enjoy the bounty and spoils of life and live to enjoy the feeling of being a part of the lives of the ones you love. 


This addiction to these habits may stem as far as the psyche of the person who is suffering from several problems that they have in the present. It is the accumulation of these problems that may lead to their loss of self and abusing drugs or alcohol as an excuse for their lack of guidance at this point in their lives.


But do not be alarmed—angels do exist and will always be present in your lives. And with their assistance, you will undoubtedly be guided in the right direction to soon let go of the negative influences in your life. Know in your heart that they will always be there to serve you, despite all of your worries about the rejuvenation of your former self. With their assistance, you’ll be better able to appreciate who you are and be even more deliberate about your decisions as you face all of life’s obstacles.


Challenges People Face As They Let Go of Bad Habits in Life

One of the scariest parts of stopping these bad habits that you are used to is the feeling of withdrawal that you will experience at the start of your healing stage. This is a very common experience among those who are diagnosed with an addiction to drugs, alcohol, and other harmful and addictive substances in this world. Because of this level of overreliance on these substances, many tend to lose their social selves and cannot find it in themselves to seek the help that they need in these low times of their lives.


Other areas of your life are impacted by this vulnerability as well. A lack of understanding of your own health can significantly influence your desire to alter or improve your existing way of life. Your mental condition can cause a variety of changes in yourself, most frequently in the way that you handle problems in your life.


These bad habits also affect one’s mental upbringing and prey upon one’s anxiety and negative thoughts in a harmful manner at the same time. Socially, you become more socially isolated and spend less time with the people you care about, which causes you to become more isolated and lose contact with all the connections you have built along the way.


Because it refocuses our attention on the areas where we genuinely need to enforce our need for self-improvement rather than merely highlighting the obvious ones, faith is a crucial component of our well-being. As long as you never lose track of who you are and keep fighting, heavenly beings will continue to fortify your will and support you while you work on the adjustments you need to accomplish at this point in your life.


Angel’s Guidance for Self Improvement

With the angelic guidance of your spiritual guides and the Divine’s thorough observation of your circumstances in life, it is not impossible for you to achieve the vitality that you once had when you once were independent of the bad habits that you have in the past.


Your angels will accompany you on your trip to assist you to discover the light that will enable you to restore your sense of self. They provide as tangible proof that nobody on this earth is being left behind by the heavenly ruler and that everyone deserves the chance to live their lives to the fullest.


Your personal guardian angel, Archangel Raphael, will be at your side as you make your way toward recovery. His willingness to help in oyur path to recovery as you heal the pain from your prior experiences as one of God’s servants and seeks to lead and protect us on our earthly journey will be the most reliable energy that you may need at this point in life. You may count on him to work hard to make it feasible for miracles to touch you in light of your flaws and challenges.


Invoke the Presence of Your Guardian Angel in Your Life to Find Your Way to Healing from your Bad Influences 


Learn about the magnificent path that lies ahead of you and will undoubtedly guide you on your way to letting go of your bad habits and manifesting your most competent self.


After a few long, deep breaths, close your eyes. your body and mind to relax. Get rid of all your fears and problems. As you take some time to gather the energy of the environment around you, call out to your angels in prayer to welcome them into your presence:

Dear Archangel Raphael


Thank you for providing me with your angelic warmth and presence.

I appreciate your willingness to be there for me at all times.

I appreciate you giving me the energy I need as I continue my journey towards self-improvement.

I call out to the Higher Being’s presence to govern my thoughts to expel my insecurities and weaknesses.

Allow my heart to build up the courage that I need to fight the temptations of life

I ask that you continue to be the link that unites my frequency with the Divine while I carry on serving him.

Thank you for your love and guidance.