How Do I Speed Up Financial Growth?


Everyone is chasing after their financial growth and freedom. We continue to hustle so we could provide for our loved ones, give them their needs, and indulge them with their wants. We dream of being free to give and share the financial blessings that we have with other people.


But the world could easily make this journey a struggle. This path is laden with many challenges that most would give up and settle for what they currently have.


But some brave hearts like you would refuse to surrender and still dream of financial growth.


You have come here led by your angels and your understanding that they can help you with this journey of yours. 


You know that your angels are here to help you in your human journey. You know that God sent them to look after you and the entire humanity. 


Your angels are not only here to protect you or help you with your spiritual journey, but they are also here to assist you with your financial needs.


They know that we need to thrive and survive in this earthly realm so they will be delighted and willing to help us with our financial problems. All we have to do is ask them.


And if you haven’t asked them yet, you are not fully utilizing all of God’s blessings and resources yet.


Here’s how you can ask your angels to help you with your financial problems and speed up your financial growth.

  • Ask For Guidance To Help You Find The Path Towards Abundance In All Areas Of Your Life


Many of us think that if we only have more than enough money, all our life’s issues will be solved. This is not true.


Money is there to be used as a tool for us to experience life. To use it to create abundance in every aspect of our life. Many financially abundant people are not actually happy with their life. While some barely have enough but are happy with their lives.


And this is something that you want to address in your own life too. In order to attain balance, abundance should be present in every aspect of your life.


It is then important to ask your angels for abundance in every aspect of your life instead of just asking for money.


You can ask Archangel Ariel when it comes to this. She can bring guidance to help you find wealth in all areas of your life. She can start by helping you get a better job, start a business or simply remind you that abundance is your birthright and you deserve it. 


She wants you to know that when you sincerely offer your service to the world, you are giving out the value that will also help your finances grow and expand. She will help you be open and ready to receive the coming blessings of prosperity and money from all sources whether expected or not.


  • Ask For Help To Boost Your Confidence And Build Career Success


Angels do not just give out money. They want you to learn the value of it and most importantly, they want you to create your own value so symbols of value like money will just flow into your life easily and effortlessly.


When you need help for your career, you will need to ask for help from Archangels Chamuel and Gabriel. Chamuel and Gabriel are some of the angels of wealth in the sense that they assist humans to build success in their careers, boost their self-confidence and learn how to effectively communicate to reach their goals. Chamuel can also help you find lost items including money if you’ve lost some to fraud business partners, scam investments, and the like.


If you ask for help from Chamuel and Gabriel, they will help you clear negativities in your energy system which block the flow of prosperity from reaching your life. They will definitely help you boost your career and your earning power.


  • Ask For Miracles, Healing, And Restoration


Sometimes when life feels so messy you don’t know what to do, you can call upon Archangel Raphael to heal your life and restore your faith in the magic of life. In this way, you will be able to truly experience life’s miracles including the area of your finances.


Raphael will clear you from negativities and help you get in sync with the divine flow of abundance. He can remove the blockages that are preventing you from aligning with positive energies which connect you to the rich and vibrant possibilities that are waiting to happen in your life.


  • Ask Your Angels To Help You Recover Your Passion


When you’re overwhelmed with life’s difficulties, it is difficult to live in passion. Passion makes life easier and worth living. It also helps you reach your life goals including financial goals as you enjoy the process. 


Archangel Uriel is the go-to angel to ignite passion and inspiration in your life. He can help you realign your energy with the flow of abundance and prosperity by helping you find passion in everything that you do and turn it into value that the world can benefit from.


Archangel Sandalphon will also bring music and joy into your life. If your passion is music and you want to earn money through music, he will help you find your way and line up opportunities for you in this area.


  • Ask To Evoke A Sense Of Joy, Gratitude, And Optimism Within You

Angels also help in aligning you with the blessings of the universe. One way to do this is to constantly be happy, feeling grateful, and optimistic as these emotions help you raise your vibration.


You can ask for help from the angel of joy Archangel Haniel. He can help you evoke these positive emotions so you will be able to face whatever comes into your life with joy and positivity. Keeping you in this state will help you manifest blessings even more easily. He helps you align with blessings that luck will come so naturally into your life.


  • Ask Your Angels To Help You Make Choices Regarding Your Finances


Many of us end up in a financial mess because of wrong financial choices. When it comes to the wisdom of making the right choice, you can ask Archangel Metatron to help you come up with the right choice when faced with choices that seem like have no connection to your finances but actually have. Ask him that you may have the foresight to know the financial consequences of your every action.


However, there will be times when data and information may not be available. There could be times when other people will deliberately lie to you for financial gain. This is the time when you might want to ask help from Archangels Haniel and Raziel to strengthen your intuition so you may be able to see through beyond what you can see, hear and touch. Allow them to guide you and help you read the surrounding energy of each person and situation that you get involved with to keep you away from fraud and scammers.


  • Ask Angels To Help You Tap Into Your Skills And Resources To Leverage On Them


Your skills and talents are directly related to your ability to earn money. Archangels Jeremiel and Zadkiel can help you in this aspect.


Jeremiel can help you find the motivation to create a positive change in your life by aligning you to your life purpose. He will help you find clarity and direct you toward your highest and greatest path. He will help you unearth your soul’s deepest desires, dreams, and passions and help you discover your biggest why in life.


Zadkiel on the other hand will help you tap into the skills and resources that you currently have and those that you’ve developed over past lifetimes and help you leverage these skills and soul gifts in this lifetime.


In this way, your skills, resources, and energy will all be directed to your life mission which helps you focus on what you want to achieve in life. When you are in alignment with divine purpose and passion, you are also in alignment with the flow of wealth and abundance.


  • Ask For Protection For Your Time, Energy, And Finances

Many of us struggle with money because we allow many circumstances to affect our time and energy. Ask your angels to protect your time and energy that you may be able to use these resources for what truly matters. Saying yes to activities and people that do not contribute to your growth and are not in line with your goals can have a big impact on your overall life and yes on your finances. 


Your time and energy are precious possessions that you have and should only be spent on things that truly matter to you.


Remember, your growth, your skills, and your well-being are directly connected to your value and your value to your wealth and abundance.


Archangel Michael, the angel of protection is the go-to angel in this area. He can help you stand up for yourself, give you courage, strength and help you clear negative energies out of your life. 


He heals your limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns that are only holding you back so you can begin to focus on your dreams and move forward towards manifesting wealth and abundance into your life.


  • Ask For Relationship Healing Including Your Relationship With Money


Angels can help bring peace and harmony in your relationships including your relationship with money. In this area, you can ask Archangel Raguel, the angel of peace and harmony. He can help you heal your relationships with people in your life as well as your relationship with money. He is a powerful angel who can bring powerful transformation and get you in harmony with the flow of money, prosperity, and abundance.


  • Ask Help To Understand The Mysteries And Laws Of Nature To Help You Create Blessings In Your Life


For you to thrive and survive in this earthly realm, you have to be in alignment with the natural laws and the blessings of the universe. When you go against natural laws, it will be an uphill battle for you.


To help you get in sync with nature and its cycle, Archangel Raziel is your go-to angel. He is the Archangel of Divine Magic and he can help you to manifest prosperity and abundance into your life. He will help you understand the Laws and mysteries of the Universe so you will be able to create blessings in your life. He can also assist you to magically align with the opportunities and blessings. His divine inspiration will lead to income-generating ideas as well.


Another angel to call on to in this area is Archangel Jophiel. Jophiel is the angel of beauty and order. She can help you see beauty in your life. She will help you revamp and rearrange your life into something open and in sync with the flow of wealth, prosperity, and abundance. She knows that your environment affects you and your ability to create wealth. She will declutter your life from whatever is not necessary and breathe fresh energy of optimism and positivity in it.


  • Ask To Help You Let Go Of Negative Past Experiences


Sometimes no matter how much we try, we are not able to get out of our stuck and struggling state. The reason could be you are not able to completely release all destructive tendencies and experiences that are blocking your abundance and prosperity from entering your life.


You can ask Archangel Raphael for healing your past and let go of all that is not serving you so you will be able to find your highest and greatest path.


You can also ask Archangel Azrael to release stress and anxiety and help you achieve lasting inner peace. He will be able to assist you in letting go of addictions and attachments and help you to surrender everything to the divine will. He can also help you heal your emotional wounds which may be blocking abundance and limiting your finances.


  • Ask That Your Challenges Be Transmuted Into New Opportunities And Blessings


Many times, our challenges are blessings in disguise that help us become better people. To help you see beyond your circumstance and see blessings and opportunities instead, call upon Archangel Zadkiel to help you in this aspect. Zadkiel is one of the angels of spiritual alchemy and transmutation. He will be able to help you transmute your struggles and challenges into blessings and new, better opportunities. And as the angel of mercy, he can also bring you emotional healing, and forgiveness which will help you make way for prosperity and abundance. He will also help you manifest your authentic purpose and soul power.


Asking for help and support in these areas will greatly help your overall vibration. This will align you and open you up to the flow of prosperity and abundance. Clearing and preparing the ground for prosperity to grow is your first step towards solving your financial problems and achieving financial success that lasts.


Here’s a wonderful prayer to help you get started.

Dearest angels, thank you for your presence in my life.


I humbly ask you to help me address the money worries that I am currently facing.


Archangels Ariel, equip me to put bread on the table and feed my family.


Archangels Michael and Zadkiel, pls give me the strength, the courage, and the right skills to be able to find a job that gives me money for my family and also help me achieve my mission in life


Archangels Metatron and Haniel, kindly help me in making decisions so I will never make grave financial mistakes ever again.


Archangels Azrael and Jophiel, help me to find beauty and lessons in my experiences and release all my stress and anxiety.


Archangel Chamuel, help me find love, happiness, and satisfaction in my life so I will never seek it in material things.


Angels, guide me always as I live my everyday life.


Thank you for listening to me, for your love, and your help.