Do You Know Who Is Your Guardian Spirit Animal?


Did you know that angels tend to communicate with you through your spirit animals? When you feel like you are alone and no one understands you, knowing your spirit animal will make you understand yourself better and be more aware of the guardians who are guiding you and sending you blessings from the universe.


Our spirit animal often reflects our personalities – those that are hidden and those that we know.  Our angels often use our spirit animals to send messages to us, reminders of who we are and what we can achieve. Spirit animals are spirit guides that bring us important messages and guidance to help us find our way through life. They provide us with their protection and warn us of imminent danger. They come to us when we need them most and offer their support to whatever endeavor we are undertaking.


The Origin of Spirit Animals


Originally, spirit animal guides are prominent in Native American traditions and cultures. In the 1990s, it was adopted by the Pagan and Wiccan culture and spirituality. African tribes also see them as spirit guides and totems in animal forms.


The gods of Egypt have been depicted with animal heads sphinx, jackal, falcon, and crocodile. There are a couple of gods with animal heads in Hinduism: Hanuman, with a head of a monkey, and Ganesha, with an elephant head. They also treat cows as sacred animals.


In Buddhism, animals are believed to have souls and like humans, animals are also reincarnated. Druids and Scandinavians in Northern Europe also believed that animals are from the spirit world bearing an important message to us.


Native Americans put vast importance on spirit animals. They are at the center of their traditions and culture. They believe that each animal has a specific function in our life, whether spiritual, for our healing, or to teach us some important lessons.


Different clans would claim an animal as their clan’s spirit animal that will guide and lead them. There are various rituals and practices performed to honor the clan’s spirit animal.


For example: the bear, wolf, stag, and eagle are some of the most famous spirit animals for Native Americans. However, it is the Eagle that they see as the only animal that could represent the Great Spirit. Throughout our rich history, spirit animals are revered not just as spirit guides but as our protectors. We are their human counterparts.


As spirit guides, spirit animals show who we are deep inside. Their characteristics are a mirror of our capabilities and possibilities. By learning how to Develop a meaningful relationship with your spirit animal will help you see and decipher the message they are trying to tell you.


Before we proceed to find our spirit animal, there is a frequently asked question we need to answer: Is it possible to have more than one spirit animal? Yes, it is. 


You have to understand that you have one powerful animal that will never leave your side and will forever accompany you in your life journey. But, throughout your lifetime, you will meet different spirit animals that will offer you guidance and love when you need it.


How To Find Your Spirit Animal?


Now that you’ve watched the video, you’ll know by now that spirit animals come to you depending on what you are currently going through. For example, when you are about to receive abundance from the universe, the turkey may come to you through your dreams or meditation.


When you need wisdom, the owl may show itself to you more often. Different spirit animals bring different messages that will touch different aspects of our life. They will leave us with lessons about our circumstances and ourselves to deeply understand who we are and what we want in life.


At this moment, we are about to discover how we can find our spirit animals. There are different ways to find out what your spirit animal is. Whether it is through dreaming, meditation, synchronicities, or signs, your spirit animal will come to you and give you the chance to develop a lasting relationship so you can be guided through the different stages of your life.


However, there are things that you need to learn and remember so you can easily connect with your spirit animals. Your spirit animal chose you. You might have a favorite animal and you wish for it to be your spirit animal. The thing is, you cannot choose your spirit animal. They choose you. They come to you. They often come when you least expect them or when you are open to their energy and connection.


You are on the path to discover your spirit animal guides and here are the things that will help you look for your spirit animal.


  1. Be in touch with nature. When you are connected with nature, you observe things around you better. You will be aware of how the animals near you behave.


  1. Pay attention to the animals coming to you. Have you noticed a butterfly following you in the middle of your walk in the city street surrounded by buildings? Your spirit animals will come to you in moments when you think they can’t show up. This unusual behavior is a way for your spirit animal to grab your attention and notice them.


  1. Repetitive encounters. Be aware of how many times you have seen a specific animal in one day. Your spirit animal will not give up and will continue to try to grab your attention. So, when at first you brush their appearance as coincidence, they will repetitively show themselves so you can notice them. Whether you see them physically or through your visions and dreams, they will appear before you.


  1. Meditate. Meditation is a great way to relax and calm yourself so you can be more open to your spirit animals. You can meditate and ask for a vision of your spirit animal. Or you can use meditation to confirm that the animal you have seen before is a spirit guide trying to communicate with you.


  1. Pay attention to your dreams. Does it have animals in it? What kind of animals do you see in your dreams?


These are some of the things you can easily do so you can begin your path of discovery. This is the start of your deep and meaningful relationship with your spirit guides.


Pick Your Spirit Animal and Discover the Message from Your Archangel


Choosing your spirit animal is like summoning them to come to your aid. Depending on the spirit that you’ve chosen, they will bring a special message to you from an archangel.

Check out the following spirit animals and listen to your intuition. Feel which spirit animal you feel the strongest affinity with, let this spirit animal come to you, and pull you in. Remember that your spirit animal will help you unlock the secrets of connecting to your Archangel and discover their divine message.


  • The Butterfly Spirit Animal and Archangel Raphael’s Healing and Transformation


The butterfly is the most famous of all spirit animals because of how often they bring us messages from our angels, especially Archangel Raphael. Archangel Raphael is famously known for his blessings of healing, comfort, and transformation. Butterflies symbolize powerful transformations and so, Archangel Raphael sends us butterflies when he wants us to know that we are about to enter a new phase in our life and we shouldn’t be afraid.


The message from the butterfly spirit animal encompasses more than the changes in our environment or the people around us. More importantly, it speaks of the changes happening within us as we go through our journey and embrace our highest self. Archangel Raphael knows that we may face pain as we start to let go, and he wants us to know that we can call upon him for healing and guidance to make the journey easier.


  • The Eagle Spirit Animal and Archangel Gabriel’s Divine Message


The eagle spirit animal speaks of our self-expression and how we communicate with others. Eagles are known to have strong intuition, creativity, and courage to show their capability. Archangel Gabriel, the Chief Messenger of God, would often use the eagle to tell us to be strong and courageous in how we express ourselves and share our truths with the world.


Archangel Gabriel also wants you to be confident in speaking up your mind and sharing your feelings so that people will understand you and you can communicate your needs. Like the eagle, we can become graceful messengers of the universe’s truth as we advocate for what we believe in and spread goodness to the world.


  • The Wolf Spirit Animal and Archangel Michael’s Protection


The wolf spirit animal is known for its loyalty to the pack and how it protects its cub from harm. Archangel Michael has a special affinity to the wolf spirit animal as our protector and supporter in life. Often, the wolf spirit animal comes to us to give the message of courage and bravery. It reminds us of the important things in life. It wants us to stand up for ourselves and embrace our inner power so we can live our lives without fear.


Archangel Michael wants us to remember that we are like the wolf who can weather anything and survive any challenges coming our way.


  • The Turkey Spirit Animal and Archangel Ariel Blessings of Abundance


Turkey is the Spirit Animal of abundance and nature and often reminds us to be grateful for the resources we have. As the Abundance Angel, Archangel Ariel often sends the turkey spirit animal to you as a sign that you are about to receive blessings from the universe and you must keep yourself open and ready.


Through this spirit animal, Archangel Ariel wants to remind us of our connection with nature and how we can further strengthen it so we can tap into its abundant energy as we strive to achieve our goals and dreams. Archangel Ariel wants us to be aware of the turkey spirit animal and how it can guide us to unlock our potential in manifesting our dreams and attracting money and wealth.


  • The Dog Spirit Animal and Archangels Chamuel and Raguel’s gift of love, relationships, and harmony.


When you need support and love, the dog spirit animal will teach you about loyalty and the importance of your relationships.  Do you have trouble loving yourself and others because you are afraid of getting hurt? Are you trying to work on your relationships with your family, your friends, and your colleagues?


Although dogs are the most common pets, there is so much more that they represent than being our companions. Dogs are depicted in arts as a representation of devotion, loyalty, unwavering faith, and fidelity. Royals were often drawn in poses with their dogs as if to show that they are loyal and truthful to their people and themselves.


Depending on how dogs come to you, this spirit animal gives you specific messages and teachings to guide you through your life. Here’s what it means of the dog spirit animal:


When dogs come to you in your dreams, you are being reminded of the importance of your intuition, protection, generosity, and fidelity. But the most important message from this spirit animal to you is that you are a creation of love and light. You may have been doubting your ability to love and find the love you want.


Archangels Chamuel and Raguel want you to know that having the dog as a spirit animal shows that you are capable of giving and receiving unconditional love. Appreciate yourself and your current relationships. Think back to those times where you receive the kindness of strangers. Think back to those memories of you showing love to the people you care about.  Cherish the relationships you have right now. True friendship exists and you can have that when you fully open yourself to it.


The dog spirit animal also encourages you to commit yourself to this spiritual path you are currently in. It knows that through this, you will find a higher consciousness and self-identity without limitations. The dog spirit animal chose you because you are a being filled with kindness and love. It knows that these things are your driving force, your core.


  • The Dolphin Spirit Animal and Archangel Azrael’s message of peace and happiness


If the dolphin totem has come to you recently, know that you are blessed with its peaceful and harmonious presence. Sometimes, we get taken aback by our thoughts and our dreams. Some things come to us and we do not know why. As your spirit animal, the dolphin knows that you are being gripped by the negative emotions swirling in your mind. It knows that you are being hard on yourself as you become too focused on achieving your dreams.


How can this spirit animal help you find the joy and excitement in life?  When you feel so overwhelmed, the dolphin comes to you with its peaceful and playful personality, reminding you of the beauty of the world. It could be in your dreams, through social media pictures, or animal documentaries, or even personal encounters.


The mere existence of the dolphin shows how it balances our humanity and nature. The dolphin is a very intelligent mammal which makes it a creature of both the air and water realms like the suits of cups and the swords of the tarot as well. This makes the dolphin a symbol of balance between emotions and intellect.


Throughout history, dolphins are seen as guides and protectors, especially for sailors and sea travelers. There are a lot of stories about dolphins saving drowning sailors or guiding vessels through raging storms. They are also believed to bring good luck when they accompany sea vessels towards the shore.


The dolphin spirit animal comes to you to give you spiritual and emotional guidance. Dolphins are very intelligent animals. So, you are being reminded that you have great mental capabilities and that you can use them to face any challenge in life you may have to face.


Archangel Azrael wants you to know that although sometimes you could get swept by the tumultuous current of life leaving you to deal with emotional waves.  The dolphin spirit animal will help you get through this emotional state so you can find peace and comfort in life. The peaceful energy from the dolphin spirit animal will help you find the path you thought you had lost in the chaos of the world.


  • Spider Spirit Animal and Archangel Uriel’s sparks of inspiration.


If you have been seeing a spider lately, it means that you are being blessed with creative inspiration and harmony. Seeing spiders often is a reminder for you to pay attention to your creativity and start creating the life you want to lead. You have these amazing ideas and dreams inside you, and your spider spirit animal wants you to embrace these thoughts and ideas so you can finally take action and make it into reality.


The spider is a powerful spirit animal guide that brings us messages and blessings from the divine or the Great Spirit. Although spiders are depicted as aggressive predators that trap, attack, and kills their prey, this aggression symbolizes its power to spin its web, creating its universe.


Archangel Uriel wants you to look at a spider’s web and see how it converges in the center and how it conforms with the perfect proportions of Sacred Geometry. He wants to show you the deep connection of the spider spirit animal to the creation of the world.


The spider’s web is a mirror of the sun and its rays and the way that spiders have always made their webs in the morning is a way for this spirit animal to remind us of the blessings that the sun gave to us. It reminds us to be grateful for the sun’s existence. The Spider symbolizes your connection with others, with the world, and with yourself – your past, your present, and your future. It wants you to remember how all of these are interwoven to make up who you are today.


The spider spirit animal is your creative guide as you journey to become the master and the creator of your life. The energy of creation is natural to spiders and it symbolizes your ability to weave your dreams and reality constantly. The spider will help you create the life you want by weaving beautiful patterns of possibilities and opportunities for you.


There are a lot more spirit animals who can guide us in our life journey with the supervision of our guardian angels. Being aware of their presence and the message they bring us will help us welcome them into our lives and receive their guidance and love.