How Do You Achieve A Happy Life?

Every single one of us humans has the lingering feeling of longing for a life that is full of bliss and delight. Each of us has different preferences when it comes to what a blissful life means, but in a universe that is infinitely expansive, where and when this life may come may seem unusual, and it may even be hard to find for many. 


However, an infinitely expansive universe may also mean infinite possibilities for what life will be like for each of the humans in this world, and that though it may be hard for one to find their own brand of happiness and satisfaction in life, it is far from impossible to find in the grand scheme of things. As such, having an open mind to the possibilities that may come in this world is most important, as they could come at any time and any place throughout your existence.


But in order for you to know what this life entails for you, you need to define within yourself what you believe to be a satisfying and blissful life. Would it be a life full of good things, or one that is long and healthy? Maybe it could be a combination of both lifestyles. Either way, your angels will be there to guide you towards attaining this life in the future and finding the life that you deserve and yearn for the most. Trust that, with their guidance, you can appreciate the beauty of this world and experience all of its beauty and wonder throughout your existence in this universe.


Why should you strive for a happy life?

As a human, you are made in the likeness of the Divine himself, which is a beautiful gift that the universal forces themselves have placed upon our existence here on Earth. As beings granted with both physical and intellectual prowess by the universe, we are capable of so many wonderful things that we may not even know of. However, through constant work on self-improvement and understanding of the place we are in, we enable ourselves to discover these enlightening vibrations and make things better for everyone that we know, encounter, and are around our immediate vicinity.


Living a happy life means being able to exist without any form of worries and concerns and only dealing with great things that life could offer our way. Who wouldn’t want that in their lives? Finding and knowing what that thing is that would make us feel jubilant about life is very important as claiming that joy in our lives is proof that we are nearing that life of enlightenment and grace.


As you continue your journey towards finding happiness in your lives, know that angels do exist around us and are there to help along the way. You will certainly be led in the right path to quickly let go of the harmful forces in your life with their help. Despite all your anxieties regarding the restoration of your previous self, trust in your heart that they will certainly be able to pull through for you in your times of need. You’ll be able to understand who you are more fully and make more thoughtful judgments as you navigate all of life’s challenges with their help. In doing so, hope will begin to shed light which will eventually lead you down the road of joy in which you seek.


Challenges People Face In Pursuit of a Happy Life

One of the hardest parts of finding bliss in life is the insecurities that dwell within you upon the start of your enlightenment journey. For some, they are dealing with problems that affect their psyche or mentality. For others, it may be a physical ailment that deters them from being truly happy and appreciating the world as it is. Whatever challenges one may need to overcome, we are all living on equal footing at the start of our journey and each of us will have different circumstances and time needed to overcome these challenges.


This sensitivity also has an impact on other aspects of your life. Your desire to change or enhance your current way of life might be greatly influenced by your lack of understanding about your own health. Numerous changes in yourself might result from your mental health, most typically in the way you approach life’s challenges.


Your well-being will be tested by your bad habits, which could be the reason why you have yet to experience your own satisfaction as of this moment. These negative behaviors hinder one’s mental development and prey on one’s worry and negative thoughts at the same time. As a result of spending less time with the people you care about and being more socially isolated, you lose touch with all the relationships you have made along the road and get more isolated.


As you walk towards your goal of blissful life, faith is an important part to have in this journey of self-fulfillment. As long as you never lose track of who you are and keep fighting, heavenly beings will continue to fortify your will and support you while you work on the adjustments you need to accomplish at this point in your life.


Angel’s Guidance for a Happy Life

Heavenly angels will continue to strengthen your will and assist you while you make the changes you need to make at this moment in your life as long as you never forget what you are currently striving towards in life.


It is not unthinkable for you to regain the vigor you previously had when you were free of the unhealthy behaviors that you have in the past with the angelic advice of your spiritual advisers and the Divine’s careful study of your life’s circumstances.


As the angel of joy, you can work with Archangel Haniel on your path toward happiness and self-fulfillment and be guided on the choices in life that are informed by the happiness that you seek in life. With his help, harmony and grace will come knocking at your door, and it is up to you to invite it into your life right at that moment that will enable you to soon be filled with this warm feeling of satisfaction that you are currently working towards.

Invoke the Presence of Your Guardian Angel in Your Life to Find Your Way toward Harmony and Happiness


Find a calm place to be in as you meditate in search of Archangel Haniel’s energy around you. As soon as you have been situated in a right place with a relaxed state of mind, you can begin to recite this prayer to connect with them and be fully in tune with their vibrations in this moment in time:


Dear Archangel Haniel.

Thank you for constantly striving towards my joy and happiness in life.

I am glad to receive your will to be there at my beck and call.

I thank you for providing me with the motivation I require to carry on with my quest for self-improvement.

I make an appeal for the presence of the Higher Being to control my thoughts and drive out my shortcomings and insecurities.

Allow my heart to develop the courage I need to resist life’s temptations.

I pray that while I continue to serve the Divine, you are the link that joins my frequency with his.

I appreciate your love and wisdom and hope to continue to receive them all throughout my life.