How To Ask The Angels For Healing?

No matter what your heart may feel about the world in present times, sickness will still fall your way.


And when you fall sick, what do you usually do to get yourself healed quickly?


Do you wait for your antibodies to act on their own and get you healed right away?


Remember that you have a guardian angel who has been by your side since you were born. Your guardian angel has a divine oath to love and protect you.


A guardian angel’s job is to safeguard you here according to your soul’s wishes. They make sure you don’t get hurt or affected by anything your soul doesn’t want you to see in this world.


Angels will not interfere with your decisions because Earth is a free-will world. Your guardian angel needs your permission to go further than their guardianship responsibilities. You must first ask for their help.


Our guardian angels were meant to be there for us at all times. They would like you to approach them for assistance with anything. Don’t be afraid to ask for anything, large or small. It’s not an issue.


Your angels will always answer your soul’s intentions to every single request.


Your angel can help you regain your health and happiness in a big way. You can always request help in the healing of your ailment.


Your emotions are mirrored in your body. Physical discomfort or sickness is frequently the outcome of harmful, suppressed emotions. It’s like removing the top of a dandelion if you don’t remove the emotional core of your ailment. Unless the emotional core is eliminated, the plant will regrow. Your guardian angel will then provide energy to help your body heal physically.


Your guardian angel values you more than you can imagine and wants to assist you even more. Using their limitless powers, you substantially empower your life.


Request their support at every turn in your life and you will find them ready to work for you.


Faith in the guidance of your angels as directed by God will show you how blessed and protected you are.


Divine healing is the termination of a disease process with the restoration of health in the body or the mind as a result of divine intervention.


It is a supernatural act of celestial angels that produces healing in the body or mind beyond every natural means.


Divine healing is a reality. And medical miracles still occur today.


Even with all the scientific disputes, no one can deny how countless people have been saved through Divine healing.


It is clear that your spirit guides can and at times do intervene in miraculous ways to heal even serious or fatal conditions.


Physical healing is a demonstration of their power and love for human beings. It represents their deep involvement in your life.


Through the blessings of the One above, your angels can guide you in your healing journey.


It is also important to note that faith in divine healing does not prohibit a believer from seeking medical advice and treatment. While working on your Divine healing you can still use scientific medicine as a supplement.


Can you and I have confidence that your angels will hear your calls for divine healing and intervene as they know what is best for you?


The reassuring answer from God, who appointed these celestial beings to you, is a resounding “Yes!”.


You can go to them for healing guidance. You can believe in your angel’s love and wisdom to give you the perfect answer at the perfect time. They will provide what is most needed for your ultimate good.


But you have to remember that the angels can’t do anything without your explicit permission.


As you start your healing journey, you have to wholly open yourself to the guidance and presence of your angels.


You have to pay close attention to their words and messages.


Know that your angels never intended for you to be sick. They want you well. God wants you healed and His angels will enact His desire by bringing to you their healing.


Here are 10 ways you can receive the Universe’s divine healing


  1. Let your faith perceive it as the truth


Your faith in the ways of the angels will take you a long way. It is how you become aware of their ways to communicate and guide you. It is how you notice their signs and messages to take you in the right direction in your healing journey.


Believe that healing will come your way through your angels, and it will come sooner than you expected.


Not believing in your divine healing is like trying to get a promotion when you keep slacking off at work.


Your faith in the success of your healing will bring positive thoughts and energy into your life. It will show the Divine and the angels how ready you are to receive this blessing from the Universe.


  1. Be Relentless!


Being relentless can give you the strength to achieve, survive, and overcome all the challenges in your healing journey. Know that you are stronger than you think you are because you are blessed by the Divine.


Being relentless means you are craving the end result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant.


Being relentless builds character since you discover a hidden force influencing your every step.


You forge the marble of your character to create an inner monument formed through determination, struggle, and resilience.


These are the foundations you need in your quest for healing.


With the guidance of your angels, you can repel all thoughts of giving up even when things get hard in your journey.


Even when things are not going the way you expected, know that you have the support of your angels and they will always lift you up whenever you stumble along the way.


  1. Surround yourself with positivity.


The state of your energy also relies on what you surround yourself with.


There are people who will drain you, who will exhaust you and tire you, body and soul. There are things that can be detrimental to your health.


You have to constantly assess what is around you. Assess whether they are good for you, or are only making you feel worse.


Do not let yourself be tainted by their negativity. Remember that their negative energy will not only affect your health, it can also affect your connection with the Divine and the angels.


Your angels will have a hard time guiding you in your healing journey when your energy is at a lower vibration.


  1. Learn about your angels and their healing works


Since time immemorial, your angels have been helping people get the healing they deserve. Remember Raphael healing Tobias’ father. Remember Jesus’ miraculous healing acts.


Even in this scientifically advanced and modern world, the angels are still doing their best to grant healing to humanity.


Learning about your angels and how they work will help you notice their own healing works in your life.


Knowing your angels more will help you to call upon them whenever you need something for the success of your healing journey.


Remember also that archangels are responsible for different aspects of your life. And you can call different archangels throughout the different phases of your healing journey.


When you feel like you are in danger of getting scammed or taken advantage of by people who will promise you instant healing, you can ask Archangel Michael for protection throughout your journey. Michael will remind you that Divine healing is a journey. There is no instant healing when you are looking for true healing of the mind, body, and soul.


When you feel like you are struggling to find balance in your life, you can ask Archangel Chamuel for assistance. This harmonious angel will provide you with love and harmony so you can continue living your life and find healing and spiritual growth.


Through it all, Archangel Raphael is the healing angel that will oversee your overall journey. As the Celestial Doctor of God, it is his responsibility to guide and deliver you to Divine healing and bless you with a healthy and vigorous life.


  1. Constantly talk to your angels


Yes, your angels are watching over you. They know you like you know the back of your hand.


But they can only communicate with you when you start the conversation.


Did you notice how often you find the signs of their presence and guidance once you have acknowledged their presence?


Remember the way you keep seeing angel feathers and numbers the moment you open yourself to your angel.


Did you notice that they constantly answer your questions when you pray and ask them the night before?


Establish an open communication line with your angels so it will be easier for them to deliver Divine healing into your life.


Let them be your journal, your verbal diary. You can update them about your day. You can tell them about your worries and uncertainties.


And when they know and understand what you are feeling in your healing journey, they will how to best guide you so you can achieve what you need to achieve.


  1. Guard your mind against doubt


There are many things that will feed your mind with doubt. There are many ways and circumstances that will make you question your journey.


Your healing journey is not a walk in the park. It is a trek in the mountain. There are moments when you do not know which trail to take. There are moments when you can’t see beyond the fog of uncertainties.


This is when you start to wonder if you’ll ever receive the Divine healing you are looking for.


But do not let your doubts keep you rooted in the middle of your journey.


Know that the angels will shine their light on your path to lift the fog of uncertainties inside you. Know that they will never drop your hand as they guide you every step of the way.


When you start to doubt, remember that your angels are cheering you on. Your angels are with you because they know that you will soon receive your Divine healing. They know that you will have a successful journey.


  1. Ask the angels to open your understanding


There are times when your healing will lead you to a path you can’t understand. There are times when you don’t understand why you have to sacrifice things you are comfortable with.


You will realize that you have to let go of certain lifestyles to achieve true healing. At first, you can’t understand why you have to let go of things you are comfortable with.


There are people you need to cut off from your life and you will not understand this at first as well.


But when you let your angels guide you, they will make you understand why these actions are important for your achievement of Divine healing.


  1. Understand your angels’ guidance and timing


Your angels are privy to the timing and will of God. They know God’s design for your life and the preparations He made to give you the things you deserve.


While you go through your healing journey, remember that your angels are leading you towards your ultimate goal. Remember that every action and step they have guided you to take are calculated to conform to the perfect timing of God.


Through the signs and synchronicities provided by your angels, you will understand their timing and guidance.


This is how you will see that you are progressing toward your Divine healing. This is how they will assure you that you are not lagging behind in finding true healing.


  1. Heed the signs from your angels


Your guardian angel knows what you need most in specific moments of your life. They know when to give you signs, when to nudge you to take action, and when to remind you to take a break.


When your angels give you signs, understand them, and do what you need to do.


When it comes to your healing journey, the angels may give you signs about changing your physicians or getting a second opinion.


Your angels can also direct you to new and unconventional healing practices that will help you get rid of certain illnesses.


And in a way, your angels have guided you to this channel, to learn about Divine healing, and how you can ask your guardian angels for help.


As you watch this, remember that your angels have brought you here to help you move forward in your healing journey.


  1. Establish a strong connection with your angels.


Knowing your angels and acknowledging their presence have started your connection with them.


But this connection can easily be severed especially when you get preoccupied with the challenges life will throw at you.


Establishing a strong connection with your angels will help you maintain a higher vibration and positive energy to boost your health and inner healing.


When you have a strong connection with your angels, you can receive more messages and signs from them and the Divine.


A special prayer for you to help you connect with your angels:


Dear angels of God,


I am praying for you with a heart brimming with hope and love.

Please guide me in times when I am struggling. 

Guide me away from harm and violence at all times.

Lift my injuries, pain, and illnesses away.

With your help, allow me to be stronger for my family and loved ones. 

To my guardian angels,

I implore you to be at my beck and call at all times.

I pray you will look after me in times when I am hurt. 

I show you my unwavering belief in your celestial presence. 

I believe in all the miracles and blessings that you bring my way.

Please follow me further on the path of enlightenment.

Please send me your beautiful signs that I am doing the right thing.

Please envelop me with your comfort in times of trouble.

Thank you for being there for me.

Thank you for the love and confidence in my actions.

Thank you for your divine protection, angels. 

Hear my prayers. Amen.