How To Awaken The Healer In You

How are you today? Are you well? Did you get sick but is now recovering well?

Or are you still on the process of healing? Have you ever think that you might never really get well? Or do you believe that you can regain your old healthy self?

Our bodies have the ability to heal itself. In fact, all living things have their own ability to regenerate and be healed.

If that’s the case, then why do we need medicines to heal? When our body cannot withstand the illnesses anymore, we resort to taking medicines. We go to hospitals when the pain is getting uncontrollable and unbearable.

Sometimes we do not give much attention to the root cause of the problem. We are depriving ourselves of the quantity of time we needed to gain back our lost energy. We seek immediate relief.

Human inventions in every aspect of our lives parallel itself as the years grow older. These are making our lives easy, productive, and good. In the field of medicine, it is evident that it is almost possible to cure every illness a person may encounter.

The advancement of medicines is becoming superb that no one could imagine one single fatality. However, it is just a playful fantasy that we could see on some dramas we often watch.  

Most people are now becoming dependent on hospitals and pills. That is why many are those who are not actually healing.

Scientific medicines mostly target what is only needed to be repaired ignoring the fact that when a part of a whole is damaged, the whole wouldn’t function as it was before. This means to say that optimal health achievement isn’t based only on prescribed medicines. Medicines can only cure but they do not heal.

Healing is more than just surgeries and other hospital practices. People with insomnia and depression cases need more of healing alternatives than those calming pills prescribed by doctors.

To achieve optimal health, they need holistic healing. They need care, love, and understanding as much they need their medicines. Actually, any person suffering from any ailment needs holistic healing for them to regain their old happy self.

Holistic healing and its importance

But what is holistic healing?

Holistic healing is healing other than relying on the modern western mode of curing illnesses. It considers a whole person. It focuses on a human’s physical, mental, emotional, social, and spiritual aspects.

It promotes mind-body-spirit wellness. It is a philosophy wherein harmonious balance supports the kind of life an individual envisions having, his goals, and lifestyles. It is the opposite of today’s modern medical practices. Holistic healing practices are composed of natural methods with the aim of curing diseases.

Holistic healing is also administered by experts. Experts will likely take a look at some possible factors why a patient is not healing in the way they expected. They would probably be observing a patient’s diet, sleep habits, stress, personal problems, and preferred spiritual practices. The treatment process may also include certain drugs to eradicate symptoms.

Its principles believe that in order to achieve optimal healing, unconditional love and support must be shown to the patient. However, the patient must not forget that he still has the responsibility of taking good care of his own health and well-being.

Another, the patient here must be treated with utmost care or the usual attention any person could give. Discrimination is highly discouraged because the patient here is a person, and not the disease itself.

The treatment must not alleviate the symptoms currently occurring on a patient for it contradicts the principle of optimal healing. It must fix the causes of the condition. The ultimate goal here is to let one self’s authentic being shine through bringing back the life balance before the condition had occurred.

Experts say that this could be done as a patient shed emotional and physical toxins, and replenish what the body had consumed for the meantime or even for a lifetime. On the other hand, healing could be different from one person to another person. 

Holistic healing also considers the healing of one whole self more than healing the part only. This approach gives our body the opportunity for it to do what it is ought to do- to heal itself.

Herbalism, chiropractic (manual treatment for adjustment or manipulation of the spine), massage, reiki or palm energy work, therapy, yoga or meditation, acupuncture, physical therapy, general western medicine, nutrition, and personal training are some examples of alternative healthcare practice used in holistic medicine.

Five aspects of holistic healing

Moreover, it is very important for us to know the five aspects of holistic healing.

Firstly, the physical aspect. Our physical body, when sick, is the most responsive one. When flu strikes, it is our body that suffers the most. It feels the pain, mostly headache and chest ache. It responds to the sudden rise of temperature and most sensitive on the chills. When the physical body is severely ill, then we can no longer do the things we wanted.

If you want a healthy body, you must impose discipline on yourself. Always strive to have a deep sleep every night. Do not just eat pasta, burgers and fried chickens with soft drinks, eat vegetables and fruits.

Have a scheduled regular exercise or the least you could do is to move for at least 30 minutes per day. Do not drink alcoholic beverages excessively nor take illegal drugs and smoke. Be good to your body in short. Do not abuse it. We must respect our body for it is considered as the temple of God.

Secondly, the emotional aspect. We, humans, are rational beings. We have the ability to. Control our minds and emotion. But there are times when certain emotions overpower our thinking ability. When we are happy, we tend to make rash decisions thinking that all things are just right.

We tend to forget the cons of the decisions we made. On the contrary, when we are sad, we tend to view everything as hopeless. There’s no life at all when we feel gloomy. We are physically alive but virtually dead inside.

How can we take care of our emotions?

If you feel that everything’s not right, look for therapy when needed. Experts in this area are more than willing to help. Perhaps look for someone you could talk to. It is somehow very important to lose some weight on your chest. Crying might help.

Stressors could also trigger one’s emotions. And at these times, you need to be mindful. Try your best to have a clear mind. You can travel in some happy places if you want to seek clarity. Or do what you think that could make you happy in a good way. These may help you in reducing the stresses you are feeling.

You can also write a journal. A diary where you can record what makes you happy or what makes you upset during the day. It may sound so childish but actually it’s not. The night you write it, sleep on it.

Evaluate your journals. It can help you identify what needs to be done and undone in your life. It is like extracting the best out of life and throwing out what keeps on ruining you.

The third one is the social aspect. We are all familiar with the saying “no man is an island”. A deep connection with people who are good influences for you is the best. As much as possible, do not engage in virtual connections.

Friendships on social media are entirely different from having friends with real people in the real world. You can achieve it by attending community gatherings, workshops, community outreach, or even at your church activities. Cut out those who only give you problems and stresses. 

The fourth one is the spiritual facet. Spiritual health requires a great connection between you and your inner soul and the greater world. You should spend time with nature and absorb its positive energy.

It is sometimes relaxing to hear the sound of the ocean waves, the repercussions of the leaves as they bump each other, or just breathe the earthly smell of the ground as soon as the heavy rain stopped.

Meditation is highly recommended to maintain spiritual health. You do not need to be religious to be spiritually healthy. But if you do have a religion, it is best to practice your faith.

People thought that the spiritual facet is founded upon religious affiliation and that is why most would hesitate to know this path. The truth is, no matter your religious belief, you can always strive to develop your soul and spiritual wellbeing.

Spiritual ascension has no religion because it only believes in the Source of all life and how it can offer vast blessings of healing, love, abundance, and success in our life. 

If you want to know more about this spiritual ascension, you can join us in our Masterclass and other exclusive courses filled with lessons and information about how you can take on a specialized journey that will develop your spiritual self through exploring the abilities and gifts you are born with.

Our team in Celestial Inspiration has dedicated themselves to making interactive courses filled with meditation, lessons, and invocations.

Lastly, the mental aspect. As much as you care for your body, do not forget to also feed your brain. Try some worth reading materials such as newspapers, novels, textbooks, or any media that makes you smart. You could also take care of your mental health by practicing solving complex problems, puzzles, or any brain teasers. In feeding your brain with knowledge, have some brain rest and take foods which are good for your brain.

This shows us that all aspects of our lives are interconnected and this will affect our overall health. When we are aware of it, we will have a better approach to healing.

Role of Angels in Healing

Angels are not just there watching us. They are also there to help us but only when we ask them. They do not want to meddle with our own affairs as they respect our free will. That’s why we need to specifically ask them for help especially when it comes to our own health.

Angels have also powers to heal us. And this is what Archangel Raphael does as he is considered as the celestial doctor. When you call his name for help, he will be there rushing to help when you do it the right way.

Here at Celestial Inspiration, we help you tread into a celestial path where you will be guided by angels as you journey through life. Our full comprehensive course is packed with powerful tools that will help you tap into the power of the universe that will allow you to access divine healing.

Once you connect with angels, you will open up yourself to energy cleansing and divine healing where your energetic fields are cleansed from diseased energy and replace it with a fresh life force that will help balance your whole being and begin to restore your spiritual and physical health. With constant practice, miracles can happen.