How to Know if I am Making the Right Choices in Life?

Do you often wonder if you’re making the right decision all the time?


Most of us do and we only can say that we made the right choice when the consequences of our actions begin to unfold.


Every moment of our life requires us to make decisions. 


Some are small and mundane like what we should wear, eat or say or the big decisions like who to marry, which city to live in, which career to take, and so on… 


Life is so full of it.


And so we ask, is there a way for us to know if our decisions are right before we even make them?


Whether we like it or not, we have to make choices. And it pays to be armed with guidance when we’re faced especially with huge and hard decisions in life.


Most of the time, we know we’re making the right choice or not when we see its immediate response from our environment which serves as the indicator of the quality of our choices.


This is quite straightforward.


But how do we know we made the right choice when it comes to major decisions like starting a family, choosing a career, or beginning or ending a relationship?


In this case, we can’t say unless we can see the future. 


Sometimes, we think we made the wrong choice until something happens in the future that will make us realize we made the right decision.


Making big decisions can sometimes be scary especially when it will have a massive impact on our lives.


It is often our fear of making mistakes that cripple us from taking action. 


And so we often feel trapped in situations that we don’t like. 


May it be a job that we hate, a relationship that does not make us happy or fulfilled, or even keeping negative people in our lives just because we are afraid of deciding to let go of these people and some situations in which we feel stuck and unhappy.


On the other hand, when you make choices and embrace change, it is both good and liberating. 


When you finally let go and take the action to repackage yourself, change old habits, and even resort to letting go of some people and keeping your distance from them will sometimes bring you better and healthier for you.


However, we often think that the scary part is at the point of making those choices that may change our lives forever.


But what makes us question things the most is the time when we’re already living with the consequences of our past actions.


That we feel like our choices have left us stuck and trapped in our current situation that was brought to us by our “unwise” choices.


But you don’t have to feel bad about your past choices and look for divine guidance instead. 


And learn to remember that you are making the right choices and you are just right on time in your path in life.


To check if you’re making the right choice from your true essence, asking about your extrasensory perception will help you find the answers faster especially when you practice it often.


Whenever you’re making any kind of important decision, you may pause to check out what your head, heart, and gut are saying. 


They are your best indicators before you decide on something. 


Your head is the seat of your intellect, your heart, is the seat of your feelings, and your gut, is the seat of your intuition. They are the most powerful indicators of danger.


Ask your HEAD


Before making a major decision, use the power of your mind and examine and question your situation, the problem at hand, or the challenge you’re facing to discern answers. Applying logical and critical thinking is important here because you can’t use your feelings when it comes to math and logic.


You can start by asking yourself if you can trust the person you’re dealing with or if you are in the best situation. And then find out if you have enough facts to back you up. 


You can apply this mind inquiry to almost everything in your life.


In this way, you can be objective in your judgments and balance your feelings, emotions, and hunches.


Listen to your HEART


After checking with your head, you can proceed to ask your HEART and listen to what it is telling you.


You can start by asking your emotional self, 


“Do I feel that I’m heading in the right direction?”

“Is this the most heart-centered path for me to take?”

“Is this the truth in my heart?”

“How do I feel about these things or persons?”

This will awaken that inner part within you that tells you when something feels right or wrong. Your heart and body know what’s good or bad for you and it will give you a hint through your feelings.

That is when you ask yourself questions like…

“Do I feel at ease around this person or do I feel uptight and uncomfortable?”

“Do I feel happy accepting this job offer?”

“Do I not have hesitations to take this person as my spouse?”

….you will know with all your heart what you need to do.


If you pay attention to your heart and body’s signals, you’ll know that every time you feel bad, uptight, or shut down, there is always something that isn’t right.


And every time you feel happy, relaxed, and peaceful, you know that your heart and body are telling you that everything will be alright.


You just have to pay attention to your body.


In this way, you can make conclusions over unseen and subjective things to help balance your intellectual judgments.


Listen to your GUT FEELING


After checking your heart, you also need to pay attention to your gut feelings.


For sure, there were instances in your life when you feel that funny feeling in the pit of your stomach whenever there is something that’s not right in a situation or person.


In some instances, it could also be felt in a different part of your body but will usually be felt in the gut.


This is a very important indicator as this is the seat of our intuition which will cover factors that are beyond the capacity of our intellect and emotional feelings.


It allows us to see beyond the physical and enables us to work with energy and the spirit realm. 


This indicator is very powerful as well because energy doesn’t lie. And our intuition can catch the surrounding energy of a person or situation which allows us to know instantly what to do without any logical reason.


Just always remember, energy doesn’t lie and if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t right for you.


Ask for guidance from your angels


After listening to your signals, it is best to ask for guidance from divine beings such as angels. They will guide you in every decision and help you get the right message. This is the realm of the spirit, the soul, or your highest self.


Your angels can help you have access to the pure intelligence of the universe where lies the real “truth” as it is not tainted by any lens of perception or identification that human intuition is built from.


As we are bound by the human condition, there are things that we cannot handle with our strength and power. Our angels serve as our protectors in the spirit realm to fight some unseen battles for us to keep us safe, healthy, happy, and abundant.


Our angels communicate with us and help us make the right decisions every time, you just have to call upon them and ask for their help.


Use this simple invocation to ask Archangels Jeremiel and Metatron angels for guidance:


Dearest Archangels Jeremiel and Metatron,


You are the light of my life, the compass that helps me navigate the world.


Archangel Jeremiel, I humbly ask for guidance as I face the new chapters of my life. 


Help me to find with crystal clarity where am I heading from this point in my life.


Help me to discover my highest purpose and bring me to my highest and greatest path.


Archangel Metatron, Angel of Divine Wisdom, please help me with the decisions I am expected to make.


Please grant me your wisdom so I will be guided to find the right path for me. 


Please give me hope with your presence so I know that I am not alone in my journey.


Archangel, I pray today to let you know that I am filled with heartfelt gratitude for your guidance throughout my life journey. 


Please continue to give me your blessings and guidance.


May this year be filled with your loving light and guidance.


I open myself to the challenges as I know that you will be there to help and watch over me.


I open myself to your blessings and miracles.


I open myself to new opportunities.


So it is.