How to know if you are ready for spiritual ascension?

When you journey towards ascension, it means you are working to get yourself to a higher level of consciousness.

That said, it is a must that you equip yourself with every knowledge and information available so you can get into the process ready and thriving.

As your consciousness gets opened up and slowly getting to higher levels, you will become more aware of how the real world and its creatures are so interconnected and how the universe holds everything.

Going through the process of ascension, you will undoubtedly experience spiritual awakening promoting your physical, mental, and emotional transformations.

There will be signs as you get yourself rid of the things that once blinded you and hindered your vibrational frequency from reaching a lighter and higher state.

The challenge surely comes from knowing when you are experiencing spiritual awakening lest you ignore it and end up passing the chance to further in your ascension journey.

Have you ever had that sudden feeling of a bulb lighting on inside your brain?

Like what they termed as a eureka moment, you may have this sudden feeling that a certain event or circumstance seemed to call on to you telling you to make a move because you have just discovered something truly amazing.

Some people always misunderstand this sign as playful coincidences and do not pay too much attention to it.

Did you ever get confronted by others who are claiming you have changed? Do you have friends telling you your personality is somehow different from who you are in the past?

As your mind has been awakened, you need to watch out for the consistencies and the depth of these circumstances because it will lead you to a transformation of your personality for the better.

People are so afraid of changes that they somehow shun the idea of transforming or developing a new personality for themselves.

Sadly, that became the reason why so many people become stagnant in life. They get stuck in a particular state because they continuously refuse to change themselves in fear that people will not understand them.

The change that is brought about by your spiritual awakening will become more prominent when you start to let go of the feeling you have repressed inside you – your doubts and your fears.

Neglecting this awakening will hinder you from getting your consciousness into a higher level as you suppress yourself from your needed development.

Another sign you need to watch out for is when your spiritual energy seemed to be buzzing to the point that you are more conscious about it.

In truth, only a few people are so in tuned with our spiritual energy and these are people who develop a habit of delving into the spiritual realm through yoga, meditation, tai chi, or tantra.

But when you are new to the language of spiritual energy, you have to see the signs in your increased vitality and physical energy and the undeniable electrical buzz in your whole body or when you are feeling more connected to the cosmos, astronomy, and the whole universe.

Then there is the awakening of your soul which can either come in flashes like lightning or like a rainstorm taking its time.

These are evidenced in moments when you feel as though you are one with the world like there is nothing separating you from the physical and the intangible realm.

Somehow, you become more concerned with your existence in congruence with the universe and not as an individual. You become more connected to the world and its realms.

As you journey towards your desired ascension, you must reiterate in yourself that the world and the universe will help you through signs and synchronicities.

You will be given every opportunity so you can work on getting your vibrational frequency and your consciousness to a higher level until you reach the state of oneness with the universe.

The question now is how you will notice these signs and symptoms of awakening. And as you notice them, what will you do about it?

You need to know what actions you must take so you can utilize these signs to your advantage and develop a new and ascended you.

If you want to further your knowledge about spiritual ascension, we at Celestial Inspiration are excited to invite you to a beautiful journey with your angels as they guide you to embrace your highest self and the most fulfilling path for your life. We will walk with you in this journey to help your highest self to emerge as you mature in your understanding of your spiritual awakening.

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