How Angels Communicate Their Messages With You?


Have you ever wondered how angels send you special messages during the most important times in your life? You may be wondering how they get their messages across. Perhaps you may have been asking them for help and were wondering if they ever hear your pleas.


Angels have a special way to communicate with you. They speak to us in synchronistic ways that signs and symbols appear over and over again until we recognize them. These kinds of synchronic approaches will be hard for you to ignore as they become very unlikely to be just coincidences.


In this way, you will be drawn to pay attention to the signs and seek for its meaning as a way of knowing the answers to what you were asking for. Understanding how the angels communicate to people will help you know how to talk to your angels. And as we get familiar, we will easily understand the messages and guidance from angels.


How to know if your angels are talking to you?


Many of us say our prayers but wonder right after if our prayers have been heard. We just believe it in our hearts that our prayers have been received. The challenge would be on how to know if your angels are talking to you and if there is really a way to know.


In this article, we will be exploring the ways how angels communicate with us so we will have an idea when angels are already talking to us for real and not just our imaginations.


Angel Way #1 Through signs and symbols


Our angels would love to talk to us but due to their very high frequency, our human low frequency is not able to tune in to their vibration.


It’s just like a radio frequency that we can’t tune in to in our area and is only available in some areas. That’s how it works as well between the material and the spirit realms.


Angel frequencies are only available in a different dimension that is in the spiritual realm. And this is too far for the physical plane to reach. This makes it difficult for our dear angels to send us their messages. Because of this, they use signs and symbols to talk to us and to receive guidance from angels.


Below are the common signs angels use to communicate to us to help and guide us. These include angel numbers, coins, feathers, etc.


Repeating angel numbers


One of the most common signs our angels use is the angel number. They use numbers to catch our attention by noticing uncanny appearances of repeating numbers or number sequences that are hard to ignore.


They appear in our line of sight in a way that makes us think it is giving us a message. This feeling is usually right because these appearing number sequences are far from being just a coincidence because they bear messages coming from our angels that will guide us through life.


Seeing repeating numbers everywhere is a sign that your angels are trying to communicate with you. It is a sign that something monumental is coming to your life or a change that you have been praying for.


Angel numbers work in agreement with the principles of numerology in a way that it also supports the idea that each number is associated with a definite kind of vibrational energy or frequency that carries with it its distinctive meaning that goes beyond its sheer numeric value.


When numbers come in the line of your sight, you can say when it’s definitely an angel number through the frequency of its occurrence and how these numbers show up.


You can tell by how it makes you feel and just by the strange way it repeatedly appears in your way. This means that your angels are trying to get your attention and the numbers they send have meanings that speak to you especially at this time of your life. Through these repeating numbers that you’ll receive guidance from angels.


The idea behind these numbers is that they serve as an assurance or sort of like a thumbs up from your angels to continue doing what you’re doing or to move along the path you’re currently taking.


They’re like spiritual markers or highway signs in your life path which helps you identify that you’re on the right path. Seeing these angel numbers serves like your angel is pointing to you your direction, giving you reassurance, and making you feel seen and heard, and helping you how to know if your angels are talking to you


Many angel numbers might reveal themselves to you. They appear in different stages of your life when you really need guidance on what you should do next. They may also appear on any ordinary days when your angels just want you to know something about your life and your future. These numbers have different meanings, and they appear to you to let you know what need you to know at this time of your life.


Most common of these numbers are repeating variations of any number like the master numbers 11, 22, and 33 or 111, 222, 333, 444, 1111, 2222, 3333, 4444, etc. Angels use repeating numbers as it undeniably stands out among the pool of numbers. If you have seen one of these angel numbers repeatedly, the possibility is so high that your angels want to tell you something.


You need to understand the meaning of these powerful numbers so you can understand what the angels are trying to tell you. How to know if your angels are talking to you through repeating numbers or number sequences. You can check out these videos – our Angel Number Series and discover the signs and meanings of different angel numbers.


Angel Number 1111


Angel Number 222



Angel Number 333



Angel Number 444



Angel Number 555



Angel Number 666



Angel Number 777




Angel Number 888





How do you feel when you suddenly find a coin in your path?


Instantly, you would smile to yourself, saying you are so lucky. But did you know that angels also use the coins and currency in trying to contact you, bringing to you the message from the Universe? It is the way of your guardian angels to pay attention to the message they are trying to tell you.


What does it mean when seeing a coin?


To understand the meaning and the message of the angels through the coin, you must be aware of what you feel inside right before you see the coin or what you have prayed for.


It could be that the angels are answering your cry for financial help. Or it could be that you are being reminded of the love and blessings that the angels are offering to you.


How to know if your angels are talking to you through the meaning of a coin?


When you look at the detail of the coin, you might find significant meaning from the date. Maybe the coin will bring you luck and blessings from above. Pay attention to your feelings and prayers before you found them. This might be the answer and guidance from angels.




Another common angel sign is feathers. Angels use feathers to let you know that they are listening to your prayers, your wishes, and your desires.


It’s your angel’s way of acknowledgment and reassurance that someone in the divine realm is watching over you, looking after what’s good for you, keeping you safe, and empowering you to do whatever it is that you need to do for the fulfillment of treading your highest path.


Seeing a feather is a symbol of a divine presence and a reminder from your angels that they are near and that you are safe. No matter the color or size, feathers are a sign from your angels.


Have you found a feather in the most uncommon place? This is your angels’ way of saying that they love you and will continue to stand behind you as you reach for your goals and dreams.


White Feather


A white feather mostly means that your questions will be answered and that you will find solutions to your problems.


Black Feather


The meaning of a white feather is similar to a black one although they’re opposites. Black feathers may seem like a warning sign, there’s nothing that you should be afraid of as it is a symbol that your angel is busy defending you from any evil. Your angel wants to tell you that he’s keeping away evil, negativities, and all kinds of forces that would want to stop and harm you. He’s there clearing your way so you can work hard for your goals, do good and help yourself.


Grey Feather


The color grey is a shade between black and white. It symbolizes the balance between two opposite forces. It represents the point of neutrality of emotion and energy. What this means in your life is that your angel wants to let you know that you are at the point in your life when you reach the border between wisdom and knowledge which means that you are treading the path to spirituality and enlightenment.


Blue Feather


Finding a blue feather may mean a lot of things. It could be that your angel wants you to listen to the energy of the divine more closely or it could mean that your angel is moving you towards the path of inspiration. It may also mean that your angels think that you are ready for spiritual awareness that could mean you’re on your way to a closer connection to the divine.


But one of the most important meanings of a blue feather is acceptance. The blue feather is a message that you need to accept some things about your situation and yourself. It doesn’t mean that you’re defeated, your angel just wants you to be patient and learn to accept and love yourself so you become stronger and able to overcome bigger challenges.


Yellow Feather


The yellow feather is associated with happiness and joy. It is the symbol of the power of the sun. When you see a yellow feather, your angel wants to tell you that you need to slow down and enjoy every moment of your life, appreciate and enjoy the sun, laugh more and be present in the moment.


True happiness is true power. It helps you overcome many challenges in life. A yellow feather is a reminder of this power and the presence of the divine within us.


Learning the meaning of the feather will help you receive guidance from angels and allow you to know if your angels are talking to you.


You may check out this video to learn more about the feather angel sign.



Angel Way #2 Through Spirit Animals


Spirit animals are spirit guides that bring us important messages and guidance from angels to help us find our way through life. They provide us with their protection and warn us of imminent danger. They come to us when we need them most and offer their support to whatever endeavor we are undertaking.


Our spirit animal often reflects our personalities – those that are hidden and those that we know. Our angels often use our spirit animals to send messages to us, reminders of who we are and what we can achieve.


The Origin of Spirit Animals


Originally, spirit animal guides are prominent in Native American traditions and cultures. In the 1990s, it was adopted by the Pagan and Wiccan culture and spirituality. African tribes also see them as spirit guides and totems in animal forms. The gods of Egypt have been depicted with animal heads sphinx, jackal, falcon, and crocodile.


There are a couple of gods with animal heads in Hinduism: Hanuman, with a head of a monkey, and Ganesha, with an elephant head. They also treat cows as sacred animals. In Buddhism, animals are believed to have souls and like humans, animals are also reincarnated.


Druids and Scandinavians in Northern Europe also believed that animals are from the spirit world bearing an important message to us. Native Americans put vast importance on spirit animals. They are at the center of their traditions and culture. They believe that each animal has a specific function in our life, whether spiritual, for our healing, or to teach us some important lessons.


Different clans would claim an animal as their clan’s spirit animal that will guide and lead them. There are various rituals and practices performed to honor the clan’s spirit animal.


The bear, wolf, stag, and eagle are some of the most famous spirit animals for Native Americans. However, it is the Eagle that they see as the only animal that could represent the Great Spirit.


Throughout our rich history, spirit animals are revered not just as spirit guides but as our protectors. We are their human counterparts. As spirit guides, spirit animals show who we are deep inside. Their characteristics are a mirror of our capabilities and possibilities.


Developing a meaningful relationship with your spirit animal will help you see and decipher the message they are trying to tell you. Before we proceed to find our spirit animal, there is a frequently asked question we need to answer:


Is it possible to have more than one spirit animal? Yes, it is. You have to understand that you have one powerful animal that will never leave your side and will forever accompany you in your life journey. But, throughout your lifetime, you will meet different spirit animals that will offer you guidance and love when you need it.


How to know if your angels are talking to you through spirit animals?


Your spirit animals can help you connect and learn how to talk to your angels. Try to find out who your spirit animal is and discover the message from your archangel. Do you want to know what your spirit animal is? Do you want to know what special messages they bring from your archangel?


Discovering your spirit animal will help you unlock the secrets of connecting to your Archangel and discover their divine message. Here are some of the spirit animals that may bring the message of the archangel. Discover within you and listen to your intuition which of these spirit animals resonate more with you and find out their message for you and receive guidance from angels.


  1. The Butterfly Spirit Animal and Archangel Raphael’s Healing and Transformation


The butterfly is the most famous of all spirit animals because of how often they bring us messages from our angels, especially Archangel Raphael.


Archangel Raphael is famously known for his blessings of healing, comfort, and transformation.


Butterflies symbolize powerful transformations and so, Archangel Raphael sends us butterflies when he wants us to know that we are about to enter a new phase in our life and that we shouldn’t be afraid.


The message from the butterfly spirit animal encompasses more than the changes in our environment or the people around us. More importantly, it speaks of the changes happening within us as we go through our journey and embrace our highest self.


Archangel Raphael knows that we may face pain as we start to let go, and he wants us to know that we can call upon him for healing and guidance to make the journey easier.


  1. The Eagle Spirit Animal and Archangel Gabriel’s Divine Message


The eagle spirit animal speaks of our self-expression and how we communicate with others.


Eagles are known to have strong intuition, creativity, and courage to show their capability.


Archangel Gabriel, the Chief Messenger of God, would often use the eagle to tell us to be strong and courageous in how we express ourselves and share our truths with the world.


Archangel Gabriel also wants you to be confident in speaking up your mind and sharing your feelings so that people will understand you and you can communicate your needs.


Like the eagle, we can become graceful messengers of the universe’s truth as we advocate for what we believe in and spread goodness to the world.


  1. The Wolf Spirit Animal and Archangel Michael’s Protection


The wolf spirit animal is known for its loyalty to the pack and how it protects its cub from harm.


Archangel Michael has a special affinity to the wolf spirit animal as our protector and supporter in life.


Often, the wolf spirit animal comes to us to give the message of courage and bravery. It reminds us of the important things in life. It wants us to stand up for ourselves and embrace our inner power so we can live our lives without fear.


Archangel Michael wants us to remember that we are like the wolf who can weather anything and survive any challenges coming our way.


  1. The Turkey Spirit Animal and Archangel Ariel Blessings of Abundance


Turkey is the Spirit Animal of abundance and nature and often reminds us to be grateful for the resources we have.


As the Abundance Angel, Archangel Ariel often sends the turkey spirit animal to you as a sign that you are about to receive blessings from the universe, and you must keep yourself open and ready.


Through this spirit animal, Archangel Ariel wants to remind us of our connection with nature and how we can further strengthen it so we can tap into its abundant energy as we strive to achieve our goals and dreams.


Archangel Ariel wants us to be aware of the turkey spirit animal and how it can guide us to unlock our potential in manifesting our dreams and attracting money and wealth.


There are a lot more spirit animals who can guide us in our life journey with the supervision of our guardian angels.


Being aware of their presence and the message they bring us will help us welcome them into our lives and receive their love and guidance from angels.





Angel Way #3 Through Fairies



We have learned about the presence of angels and fairies in our human existence. There are those that we call our own personal guardian angels and fairy guides who often come and assist us without us knowing.


But when they make their presence known, you can feel, hear, and even see them with your naked eyes.


They may also manifest as flashes, balls, and twinkles of light, mostly appearing in the corner of your right eye.


They are both known to appear to humans as light sources because essentially, that’s what they really are as they exist in an energetic body.


Have you experienced seeing flashes of light in the corner of your eye?


Will you be able to distinguish if it was an angel or a fairy?


Angels and fairies both give us assistance but there will also be times when angels send their help and message to us through fairies.


Angels belong to a different dimension, and they are of very high vibration. This means that their frequency is very different from the human frequency which hinders us from hearing our angels. That’s why angels use signs and symbols and sometimes the help of fairies and spirit animals.


Angels sometimes course through their message through fairies and spirit animals as both are earth elements who are closer to us in the hierarchy.


It will be easier for fairies and spirit animals to communicate with humans that sometimes angels send them to give us our most needed help and guidance.


Here are a few ways for you to tell whether you were visited by an angel or a fairy. Learning the difference will help you honor them accordingly.




Take Note Of The Color Of Their Lights


Angels often appear in bright and cool-toned colors. They may come as bold sometimes but are often in pastel color infused with white light from the background. It usually looks immense and widely dispersed.


While fairies often appear in vibrant and warm-toned colors and their light appears more compact.


It can be likened to the colored string of lights we usually see on a Christmas tree.




Their Lights Vary in Brightness


What separates the angel light from that of fairy lights is that angel light is much bigger in size and shape and extremely bright which can take up your entire visual field.


On the other hand, fairy light is smaller in size and gentler on the eyes.


Therefore, with fairies, you may see lots of little lights while with angels, there’s one abundant light.



You Can Tell By The Movement of The Light


Fairy lights have more movements than Angel lights. It tends to jump more from one place to another.


While angel lights are more inclined to stay in one place or hover and have a direct path in and out of your frame of vision.



Take Note of the Length of Time


Angel lights appear incredibly bright but for a much shorter time. It tends to last for a few minutes to an hour.


While fairy lights appear slightly longer and sometimes can be around for days or even weeks. This may be due to fairies being closer to the physical realm than angels.



You Can Tell The Difference By Their Purpose


Another worth noting difference between the two is where they help.



Angels are more inclined to help in matters like life purpose and goals, your energy vibration, or anything that has to do with human affairs at a wider vantage point.


Fairies, on the other hand, are more towards helping with earthly matters, mood, and things that are associated with the planet or other beings around you.