What Is Your Guardian Angel Trying To Communicate With You?

Did you ever wonder how angels communicate to us?


How they let us know that they are present? And how they guide us to the right path?


Exactly how do we know that they are just with us and at times beside us when we feel so alone?


Angels are special beings in the universe. We do not see them, but we know that they are there for us. So many people have attested that angels exists. And there are so many stories telling us about angel blessings and miracles when angels came and saved them from dangers.

However, many of us are not able to feel them or see them in our lifetime because of the limitation of humans as physical beings while angels are purely spiritual being.


Because of this limitation, angels come up of ways to let us know that they exist so we know with certainty that they are there for us.


But why do other people feel angels more than most of us? The answer is in the vibrational frequency.


The Frequency of Angels


Angels are spiritual beings. They live in high vibrational frequency because they are above humans. We have known them as agents of the universe that helps to light our path and guide us to where we are meant to go. They are our faithful guides who makes sure that we are connected and aligned to the blessings of the Universe.


In order to guide us to our life purpose, they send messages directly from the Divine. However, because of our lower energy frequency in comparison to theirs, the messages may get disrupted that we may not hear it clearly.


It is just like tuning in to the radio. It we are not in the right frequency; we will not be able to tune in to our favorite radio station. In order to hear the radio program, we have to find the right frequency and tune in exactly at the right spot so the audio will be very clear and free from nuisance.


For this reason, humans try to fine tune our energy in order to connect to the high vibrational frequency of angels. We seek to align our vibration with them so we can hear their messages clearly. We try to grow in every aspect of our being – spiritually, mentally, physically, and emotionally – so we can hear them better and feel their presence more clearly.

And though we are still striving and struggling to have a higher vibrational alignment, our dear guardian angels continue to communicate with us. They will do their best to connect with us and send us divine messages.


But what should we look for so we will know that our angels are trying to connect with us? How will we hear their messages?


Amazingly, our guardian angels give messages through angel signs.


What are angel signs?

You see, angel signs are everywhere.


Sometimes, we mistake it for accidents, silly chances and amazing coincidences.


The signs will come in various forms and circumstances. The secret is in being aware that these signs are not mere coincidences but synchronicities and signs from our guardian angels.


The thing is, our guardian angels know us, they know our quirks and preferences, and so they will send signs that will get our attention, signs that will make it easier for us to decipher their messages.


There are plethora of signs that our angels use. But here are some of the commonly used signs so we will know that our angels are sending messages to us


Flashes of Light

Angels are made of light and love making their energy potent.


And so, when they are trying to make their presence known to you, they will appear in flashes of light.


Have you ever experienced driving and then get momentarily blinded by a flash of light, or when you are in a conference and suddenly there is a flash of light, or a flickering of the room’s illumination?


These flickering lights are the result of the presence of angels. The energy of angels is so powerful that the electric lights get affected by their presence. Moreover, the angels are light beings and so, it is natural that they come to you in light.


Be aware of the light and you will feel your angel beside you more clearly.


Finding feathers


Feathers are associated to the wings of the angels. Thus, finding feathers in your path or on the bench where you sat is a sign that the angels are trying to tell you something.


The angels give you the feather so you will be reminded that you are being watched by them, that they will always watch over you and you do not need to worry. Through the feathers you find, the angels give you their love and protection.


If you want an in-depth discussion of the angel feathers, watch our video here. It explains all about feathers as angel signs. We also tackled the different specific meaning of the various colors of the feather you might see.



When you are sleeping, you are more at peace and you are more open to the energy of angels.


Thus, it will be easier for angels to give you messages through dreams.


There are dreams that you remember more clearly than others. There are dreams that you forget as soon as you wake up.


The secret in deciphering whether it is a message from your angels is in being aware of how it makes you feel.


You may or you may not remember every detail of your dream, but you will realize that it had made you feel lighter, comforted, and assured as soon as you opened your eyes.


The angels are trying to tell you that you are in the right path, sometimes they will show you glimpses of the future and the decisions you must make.


Seeing Butterflies


Butterflies are one of the messengers of the angels.


Their presence alone holds so much meaning.


When you see a butterfly fluttering about and around you, it means that your angels are giving you a message that you wanted to hear at that moment.


Surprising Fragrances

Sometimes, the angels try to catch our attention through scents and fragrances.


When you can suddenly smell a lovely scent, it means that your angels are near you. They want you to notice them, to realize that they are with you and they will always stay by your side.


Another thing that the scents and fragrances bear in meaning is the fact that our loved ones who have passed away, guided by the angels, give comfort through their scents.


Also, it should be remembered that awful smells are not from your angels.


The presence of the angels will always bring the loveliest and most divine scents of all. It is soothing and relaxing as well as comforting.


Finding coins


How do you feel when you suddenly found a coin in your path?


Instantly, you would smile to yourself, saying you are so lucky.

But did you know that angels also use the coins and currency in trying to contact you, bringing to you the message from the Universe.


What does it mean when see a coin?


To understand the meaning and the message of the angels through the coin, you must be aware of what you feel inside right before you saw the coin or what you have prayed for.


It could be that the angels are answering your cry for financial help. Or it could be that you are being reminded of the love and blessings that the angels are offering to you.




A beautiful rainbow usually appears in answer to the rain. But beyond this, rainbows are representation of the love from the Divine.


Think again, when do you usually see a rainbow? Was it after you asked your angels for guidance? Was it after you prayed to the Divine for help and wisdom in going through the challenges you are currently facing?


When you see a rainbow right after you prayed to the angels for something, this means that your angels are trying to tell you that they hear you and are answering your prayers.


What’s more amazing is that the sign from the angels does not only appear as the rainbow appears after a rain. Any image of a rainbow you might see, from the glass, a picture you happen to see while surfing the internet, or that rainbow surrounding a bright moon are all attempts of your angels to tell you something.


All these signs bear the encouragement and assistance from your angels. Through the rainbows, your angels are telling you that you can do anything for they will be there to assist you.


Angel Symbols

We have this image of the angels conjured since time immemorial. We’ve made statues of them, figurines, and posters, all depicting their greatness, their wings and emanating their light even through the stone and paper.


But this image has purpose beyond the decorative and aesthetic sphere. Because our angels know that we see them this way, they will use such imagery to remind us that they are with us.


Seeing angel pictures, or coming across a statue of an angel, or even seeing a small figurine in an office you visited will mean that your guardian angel is watching over you.


When you are looking for support, protection and courage they will appear to you to remind you of the angelic energy that always surrounds you.




You can’t deny that sometimes, you can suddenly hear a soft and small voice whispering to you or you could hear it in your head. It seemed to be out of nowhere and in the most unexpected time.


No, you are not going crazy and you are definitely not making it up. In fact, hearing the voices of the angels will mean that you are more susceptible to their energy than others.


Although, there will be times when all you can hear are murmurs, you can always ask your angels to speak a little bit louder so you can clearly hear their message without misunderstanding their meaning.


When you realize that the angels are speaking to you directly, you will see how beautiful these voices are and how amazing the angels are when you need reassurance and guidance.


These are just nine of the many signs that angels use to communicate to us humans.


What we must remember is that the angels are giving us messages for our development and transformation as part of the spiritual realm and as energy being connected to the Divine.


When you ask the angels for help, they will always answer you.


The key is to be aware. We are here to help you become aware of the presence of your angel in your life. We will give you enlightening videos that will show you the secrets of the angels and how we can understand their works.


This way, we can be more aware of what really is important and real in our lives, of where the angels are leading us and why we must follow their guidance.