How to Get To Know Your Guardian Angel?

Have you been secretly wanting to be guided and protected by a higher invisible force?


Do you always long to feel safe and assured that you are always in good hands?


Many of us feel all alone and unsure of our future. We sometimes feel clueless as to what life is in store for us.


This could ignite fear and uncertainty especially during times of difficulty and confusion. This makes us want to reach out to someone stronger than us. A higher force that could deliver us from any evil.


This reminds us of divine power and of angels…


Did you know that each one of us has our own guardian angel who protect and guide us in our everyday life?


Many of us are aware of this and there are some of us who are more aware of the presence of our angels. While there are those who are not as conscious.


But thankfully, even if many of us are not that aware, our guardian angels continue to watch over us and always give us support.


Our angels, despite being available to us, may still feel like we can’t reach them. We may find it hard to tap into their energy to be able connect with them.


But this is not something that we can’t do anything about. As we can definitely use available tools to be able to connect with our angels. And we are here to help you how to do it.


In this article we will be guiding you on how to meet your guardian angel in a surefire way.


And it is our happiness to be able to help find the way to your angel so you will feel safer and always guided.


The Vibration of Angels Raises Ours Greatly


Angels, as spiritual beings, possess really high vibrational energy.


Like all the creations in the universe, we, humans, also work with energy.


However, our energy does not have the same frequency as our angels which leaves a big gap between us and our angels. That’s why most of us find it difficult to feel their presence.


It is in this idea that we will be needing to boost and raise our energy vibration so it will align with the frequency of our angels.


Upon knowing this, you will realize that the biggest secret to finally meeting and connecting with your angels is to heighten your awareness, to be completely conscious of yourself, to be aware of the state of your entire being especially the state of your spiritual being.


Complete awareness and consciousness will make you see the spirit realms where our angels dwell. In this way, you will be able to enter their domain and feel their loving presence and guidance.


Without being aware of the right things, especially of your inner self, you may not notice all the signs and messages that your angels are sending to you.


Find out the name of your guardian angel


There are many angelic guides that constantly reaching out to us.


Some of them have special powers that are useful in different situations.


For example, you can call upon Archangel Michael if you need protection.


You can also call upon Archangel Chamuel if you are looking for love.


This angel quiz will let you know who is the guardian angel guiding you at the moment.


How to be in the presence of your angels?


One of the ways to be in the presence of angels is through meditation.


Meditation is a great tool to use that will always help you see more than you think you are already seeing.


However, many of us doesn’t know how to meditate the right way. How does one meditate effectively in order to feel the presence of your angels beside you?


Let us guide you through a meditation to kick start your journey with your guardian angel.


Meditating will necessitate that you are in a peaceful and quiet place. Find a place you will not be disturbed and make yourself comfortable.


Now, close your eyes, relax your mind and body. Imagine in your mind’s eye a candle in front of you, glowing with light of the divine.


Focus your mind on the flame of the candle, notice the flickering and dancing of the flame as the yellows and reds swirl around.


Feel the peace touching your inner self. Keep the candle in your mind as you go very gently, very deeply, into a profound state of relaxation.


Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.


In this very deep and very relaxed state, you feel like you are sitting in a lovely fire, warm and loved.


And now, invoke the presence of the angels through this simple invocation prayer.


“Guardian Angel, I summon thee. I ask that you pour your light into my life. Purify me now with your loving transformative energy. Help me open my entire being to your light and guidance. Help me to enter your realm, empty my mind of the unnecessary chaos and raise my vibration and align it with your frequency so that I can see you, talk to you, feel your presence, be enveloped in your love and light.”


Again, breathe in. Breathe out. Breathe in. Breathe out.


You are feeling calm and relaxed. You are where you are supposed to be. There is nowhere you would rather be.


As you breathe deep, see the flame of the candle flicker and dance, notice the halo around the flame. This is the energy of your Guardian angel.


As you keep the flame of the candle in your mind, silently count from 10 to 1. Let each number make you 10 times more comfortable and relaxed than you are now.


And soon, very soon, you will enter the realm of the spirits where your angels dwell.











Deep, deeply, deeply relaxed.

And 0…

You may feel an intense and profound joy like the feel of the ray of sunlight creating a warm feeling, it creates freedom, transformation, enlightenment…


That is your Guardian angel. It is the presence of your Guardian angel.


With your eyes still closed, picture your angel, sitting across from you, right there with you in that deep, calm and peaceful place deep within your being.


Do not be alarmed. Do not worry.


Yes, at first you will think that this is all strange and weird.


But easily and immediately let this thought go and let yourself be relaxed. This state of consciousness of your inner self and your spiritual self will help you, it will make your visualization easier, clearer.


Let the presence of your guardian angel keep you inside their wings of love and pure power as a spiritual being.


Do you feel the warmth? It is the sign of the angels.


All the flicker of light, the blow of the wind, the warmth of peace and wellbeing that you are feeling, these are all from your angels. These are signs that they are with you, inside you, beside you, helping, guiding, loving…


Let your entire being flow with the energy of the angels, let your heart be filled with gladness and freedom, let yourself become more aware of the signs your angels are sending.


Again, breathe deeply. Can you feel the connection to your angels?


Now you can ask them anything that you want.


We understand that you may think all of these sounds so crazy. That is how it is for the first timers, too.


But keep your heart open, your mind quiet, your body free and pliant and your soul as aware and as conscious as you can be.


Let yourself be the receptacle of wisdom, love and light, and blessings from your guardian angel.


Remember that being aware is the key!


Continue to forge a connection with your angels through meditation and invocation.


Meditation music will also help you be immersed in the glorious realm of the angels and higher beings.