How To Rise Above Anxiety?

How do we get out of anxiety attacks?


Can we still live our life free from fear and worries, anxious thought, and overwhelming feelings?


Anxiety Interventions


Anxiety disorders are not just tiring and overwhelming. It can also be detrimental to our education, our professional life, and most especially our relationships and personal life.


With the appropriate treatment, however, recovery becomes possible. Exposure therapy, attention training, and anxiety management techniques are some of the treatments that can help you manage the symptoms of anxiety.


Here are some strategies to help you take the first step to manage your anxiety.


First and foremost, you need to learn about anxiety extensively. Your knowledge of what anxiety is and what it does to you is the foundation of your recovery. 


Educating yourself on every aspect of anxiety will lead you to the most effective ways of dealing with it.


Anxiety can find you drowning in every negative thought in your mind. These thoughts further provoke your anxiousness until you forget where you are or what you are doing. 


Hence, mindfulness is an effective anxiety intervention. It will help you stay conscious at the moment instead of spiraling over your thoughts.


Relaxation techniques are also effective when you start to feel anxious. Focusing on your breathing and isometric relaxation exercise are some ways to relax during panic attacks when you find yourself having trouble relaxing.


Hyperventilation can trigger the physical symptoms of anxiety. You need to know how to breathe correctly from your diaphragm letting your belly expand with every inhale. It will help you slow your breathing and lessen your anxiety.


Another treatment for anxiety is through cognitive therapy where you can change your way of thinking and beliefs which have been triggering your anxiety.


For example, if you are someone who suffers from anxiety attacks but you are glued to social media, with cognitive therapy, you will be helped to change this habit so you can let go of the negative thoughts associated with it.


Another is through behavior therapy where you will undergo exposure therapy. It involves facing your fears to help you desensitize from them. It helps you let go of the grasping and trapping fears you harbor inside.


Diet is also an important aspect to help you recover from anxiety. Magnesium is a mineral that can help your muscle tissues relax. When you do not have enough magnesium intake or vitamin B and calcium, it can worsen your anxiety, depression, and insomnia. 


Eat healthily with whole grain cereals, and vegetables. Avoid harmful substances that will only give you more stress and anxious energy. Regular exercise will also help you release stress from your body.


These are just some of the anxiety interventions you can use so you can prevent anxiety from taking over your whole life.


Do not let everything get to you

Life will throw all kinds of stuff at us. And our reactions will depend on how we perceive things and in what context we take them. Even if reality is as is, it will still be a different experience for every individual as we all react differently to things that happen to us.


As you may have noticed, there are people who are really problematic while there are those that do not seem to be bothered by adversity.


If you have been to poorer countries where a majority of people are poor, you would naturally think that their life is wretched but somehow, you will be surprised to see people living genuinely happy and grateful.


This does not mean that rich people are not happy, what we’re trying to show here is that it is actually possible to be happy and peaceful whatever your circumstance or whichever you may be in life.


To put it simply, you could be in hell, but if your inner world is happy and peaceful, you will have a different and better experience.


The best way to stay peaceful is to not sweat the small stuff. Everything in this world is temporary. Your money, your career, your house, your car, your family, and friends, and even your life are temporary. 


In the context of the universe, everything is small stuff. In the scale of the milky way galaxy, our planet Earth is just a small dot in comparison to the vastness of the universe.


What we’re trying to emphasize here is that everything is small stuff and temporary, there’s no point for you to hold on to painful life experiences and relish all the little things that went out of control that has caused you so much stress.


When everything seems to be a big deal we are easily immobilized by little things like when we get irritated, annoyed, or easily bothered by people or by anything. These reactions make us frustrated and will get in the way of getting what we want in life which will bring more stress into our life.


We often forget that the way to relate to our issues is dependent on how quickly and efficiently we solve them.


But luckily, there is another way to relate to life and that is, through a softer and more graceful path that makes our life experiences easier and happier including the people in our life being compatible. 


It’s just a matter of changing old habits of reacting and sweating on small stuff with new habits of a different and better perspective.


This is how you find the right perspective so you can live a life where you will never be overwhelmed with fears and uncertainty that could turn into anxiety attacks.


When you understand, when you can finally accept that you are just a part of a whole, you can let go of the high expectations and pressure from other people, and you can live your life anxious-free because each step is serving you and furthering you.


A Prayer to the Guardian Angels for Peace

Oh, Beloved and Blessed Guardian Angels,

The world is in need of your guidance and love.

We are in chaos as we face global challenges,

There is fear in our hearts, for our family, our friends, and for ourselves

There is discord where there should be harmony,

There is a conflict where there should be peace,

There is hate where there should only be love

Most of all, our inner selves are in turmoil,

Stress, anxiety, confusion, and the endless self-doubt continue to occupy our waking moments

As much as the world struggles, we also strive to live in peace with ourselves

But the days grew bleaker, the nights are colder

Like always, we turn to you for mercy and love

Today we pray for harmony to reign in all lands,

We pray that conflicts will end and peace will flourish,

We pray that love resides in each other’s hearts

Oh, most holy Archangel Azrael, Serene Angel of Peace,

Envelop us with your light and love, heal each one of us 

That we might be free of anxiety, confusion, and stress

Let your angelic light show us our worth so we let go of our self-doubts and learn to trust ourselves

May you continue to guide us so we can find peace within us and with the world

Angel, with your wings, chase away the bleakness of our days

With your wings, wrap us in your warmth

You carry with you the blessings of the Divine,

And we know that you will shower us with this

We will always be grateful for your faithfulness to us.

Thank you, forever.