How To Use Colors To Raise Your Energy Vibrations And Connect To An Angel

Angels are wonderful and powerful heavenly beings that are selfless and able to help us in our life’s journey. But of course, as it is always said, they cannot work for us unless we allow them to. When we have different needs such as love, wisdom, guidance, protection and even in the simple details in life, they respond to us sincerely and will do everything just to help us.

When we ask for their assistance, they have many ways to connect with us! They use experiences, people, animals, nature, numbers and many more. One unique thing they can offer in helping us is also through colors.

Angel colors are particularly specific colors that has different meanings to help us call on them. With it, they can send their angelic vibrations and offer us a truck of divine management. By using these colors, we can attract them and the qualities they possess especially when we are asking for assistance.

Candles are usually used in these angel color. It is believed that the attraction gets stronger especially when the candle is lit. But aside from candles, we can also use foods, accessories, flowers, different objects, paints, crystals, and gems or even natural items.

These angel colors are fun and when it is properly applied, the connection of us people between angels will get closer and stronger. It can help us bring into alignment and with the guidance that we are earnestly seeking.

Here are the 13 Angel Colors and their corresponding forte that can assist us!

#1 White

The color white is most commonly associated with purity, honesty, healing, peace, and sincerity. The white light that entices angels can aid in purifying our body, mind, and spirit, It can be called as the absence of color but definitely not the absence of angels. This color is usually directed in meeting divine and amazing encounters.

#2 Gold

Like gold, the color gold is a symbol for abundance, wealth, and even an educated mind. It also coordinates with charm, charisma and helps bring the knowledge of ages and ancient wisdom to come across our souls and help us be filled with tested insights and perception.

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#3 Silver

Silver brings blessings, intuition, the Divine Feminine and provides neutrality in the search of your inner peace and core to reflect upon life. It gives you the chance of reflection and everything that happens to you.

#4 Black

The color black is usually related to mystery. But it is also associated with discovery, protection, and change. Though it represents death and rebirth, there are still many infinite possibilities that can be discovered with black.

#5 Brown

This is associated with neutrality as the ground and connected with the Earth. It can also be connected with structure and stability.

#6 Red

Red means power, strength, and vitality. It also shows firing passion, sexual energy, and movement. It is closely related to the fire element that means catalyst, fast change, activity and growth.

#7 Orange

Orange goes with happiness, attraction, and creativity. It kindles vitality and adaptability while it is also filled with encouragement.

#8 Yellow

Yellow usually stimulates the intellectual side of a being. It is also associated with joy and cheerfulness as well as aligning with spiritual energies to fill our innate knowledge and wisdom.

#9 Green

Luck, fertility, growth, and finances. Usually, money is colored with green and if we want to have more abundance, green is the color to choose. Aside from it, green is also a relaxing color which helps restore energies. It evokes unconditional and energy of well-being.

#10 Blue

Blue can assist us in discovering the truth and to have clear communication to express our will. It also relates to patience, health, calmness, and harmony.

#11 Indigo

Indigo indicates a clear inner vision and even in the outer dimension. It is close with intuition, understanding an insights on the astral and spiritual spheres.

#12 Violet

The color violet is a dreamy and imaginative color. It goes with good judgment, spiritual satisfaction, and inspired ambition. It will help us focus and progress, transmute negativity and connect with higher vibrations and magical experiences with angels.

#13 Pink

Pink is love, compassion and nurturing. It is also associated with innocence and motherly love. And for angels, pink can mean unconditional love.

When we move with these angel colors it can help us to invoke on the specialization of each angel and assign us the courage, insight, and wisdom that we need. It will follow with the guidance that we have been meditating upon.

With these angelic colors, it will create access to us to be open and aware with the assistance and support the angels can bestow and they can come in many ways and forms.

By using different things, we can invoke our angels along with these colors. Candles would be the best but as stated, anything can be applied. We just have to faithfully call on them and trust in their works!

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