How To Use Colors To Raise Your Energy Vibrations And Connect To An Angel

As we were growing up, we learned about energy as the ability to do work as science explains it. When we say energy, we always correlate it with the word “power”. Power is the amount of energy transferred or converted per unit time. It is determined by how much work is done with the amount of energy used. This further translates that great power means a large amount of work or energy developed in a short period of time.


Power means the same in the context of the English language. We often use the word “power” to describe something. When we experience something potent, mighty, or dominant, we say something as powerful words, powerful emotion, powerful people, powerful insights, powerful masterpiece, etc. We have this notion that something is powerful when something is full of strength and energy and it “works”.


That is why the words energy and power have been used by people from different cultures to describe their experience of the “divine”, “god” or “supreme being”. This experience is something that people long to achieve and maintain in order to feel the effects of this high frequency energy.


In this article, we are going to explore briefly how energy works in people. We are going to look into how our natural and spiritual energies relate through the concept of color energy and how it translates into raising your vibration with the help of angels. This will help us understand about energy vibrations and why our frequencies change.



The Concept of Color Energy

We need energy in order for us to live in this world. And one of the most important energy sources is LIGHT. From light, we derive the entire electromagnetic spectrum of colors. It is the only energy that we can see, and we see it in the form of colors.


The main source of light is the sun. It is a major source of energy that we depend on for us to exist. We may see this natural light as a white light, but our sun’s light contains all the wavelengths and is essentially all colors mixed together but appear as white in our sight.


When light reaches our eyes, it flows through it and to our system which triggers hormone production. This will then influence our whole complex biochemical system. This whole biochemical system affects our entire being as this controls how our body respond to the entry of energy. When light enters, it does not travel through our body alone. It goes with other energies as well.


Each color in the visible light spectrum has its own frequency and wavelength creating a specific kind of energy with its own nutritive value in the human body. This is why there are kinds of light rays that have dangerous effects to the human body when exposed to them while there are also those that have soothing effects.



A Little Explanation On Electromagnetic Frequency

Some people see colors around someone’s body.


Kirlian photography was able to capture auras around the objects photographed.


Ancient practices have also associated colors to our chakras across multiple cultures.


While this has been claimed and acknowledged by healers of light that we have etheric bodies, science may still find it difficult to understand. However, it has admitted that everything in this universe is just pulsating energy and that includes the human body.


This logically follows that different kinds of energies may produce different colors. And this different colors have been captured in the electromagnetic field of the human body which extends beyond the physical body.


Furthermore, our thoughts and emotions being energy itself are sent through the body in the physical (neural pathways) and the energetic (meridians) pathways. And by these transmissions alone, our electromagnetic fields radiates beyond our skin.


As this simultaneously happen within our body, all the tangible features of these radiating electrical field energies such as frequencies, waveforms, etc. are manifested. These are generated based on the kind of thoughts that we produce, so as we think, we also vibrate and emit color spectrum produced by our mental activities.



The Colors Of Rainbow

 Light is composed of the colors of rainbow. The colors of Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet.


Did you know that each color is connected to different areas of our body? In fact, colors affect us in different ways emotionally, physically and psychologically. This is why it is useful to learn how colors influence the body, mind and spirit so you can strategically use color to boost your energy level for better health and overall experience of life.


When you know how colors work, you will become more specific of your intentions. You will be choosing the kind of energies that will meet the demands of your day by choosing colors that will provide you with the particular energy that you need. In this way, you are fueling your own system with the perfect kind of gas.



The Role Of Angels In The Color Scheme

Angels are light beings. They mostly appear to humans as a brilliant light. Most of the time it is impossible to see their silhouette because the light is covering their form. The reason why they can be hardly seen as every time they are covered with brilliant strong light is because they have a very high energy frequency. Their aura shines so bright and is so wide it’s impossible to see their form.


Since angel is light, this explains why they have very high vibration. Their light consist of the colors of the rainbow which are all found in the human chakras – our energy centers.


This means that we have the outlet to connect with them through our chakras specifically the crown chakra- the receiver of divine light/energy. This will keep us plugged in to a continuous supply of powerful energy that will help raise our vibration.



The Celestial Inspiration Angel Color Scheme

As angels are light beings, they possess all the colors in the spectrum that when you connect with them, you are able to download tremendous amount of energy. This will serve as a general blessing for your life. White light is universal and it contains all the colors in equal amounts. This is like visiting a general practitioner to treat your illness.


As with colors, you are going for things specifically. It is like visiting a specialist doctor to treat a specific illness. In this way, your problems are specifically and  immediately addressed.


Same thing with your needs in life. If you need something specifically, you can definitely channel the color that you need to influence your energetic field to achieve the right kind and amount of energy that you need. You can also call on your angel and ask for the specific color light to answer your needs for the day.


Below are the angel colors, the celestial inspiration team has gathered which you can try and experiment with as you move along your journey to the celestial path.














As a recap, we learned through exploring how energy works that our natural human energy is directly connected to the spiritual energies of the divine through our energy centers.


We also have learned about the important and indispensable role of colors in the world of energies.


With the things that we learned in this article, we are happy to be able to share with you few of the valuable information that we know about angels. Start raising your vibration now with colors. It would be best together with high vibration music. Start listening to this high vibration angelic music to keep your vibrations high!