I Can’t Stop Spending Money. What Can Help?

Let’s face one true fact in these times: earning money is hard to do. There will be times when your hard-earned money could not keep up with the expenses that you have committed to pay. The more liabilities that you commit to paying, the more you need to work in order to generate a good amount of salary in your line of work. But by the time when your work can no longer sustain you financially and your money problems kept piling up to no end, who do you turn to? Where can you go to help you keep on living despite the financial issues you may face in life?


If circumstances are not on your side, you should never take it on your own. What you need right now to help you with these financial burdens is someone who can understand the situation that you are currently in. You may not find them anywhere with your naked eye, but celestial spirits are always around you to help guide you toward the path of financial relief and stability. You are not alone in this fight. In all the things that you do, trust that they will always be there to observe and lead you towards the path of good and that their benevolence will surely not let you down in your time of need.


Why Can’t I Stop Spending?

Maintaining proper health, making sure that electricity and water continue to run within your household, and other living expenses are way too necessary to neglect to pay. Asking for money from your peers and families may help. But always doing so may lead to overindulgence and overreliance on their money, which they may also need to cover their personal expenses. It also does not help if, for some, they may treat it not as a way to help you in your time of need but as your debt to them. By that point, you only ever turned to them not to recover your losses to liability, but only to replace them with another.


Circling back to indulgence, while it may be nice to buy something for yourself sometimes, it does also add a lot of weight to your financial problems. Without proper guidance, you may find yourself buying things that are way out of your budget at a certain point in time. In doing so, you severely deplete the money that you can use to pay for the necessities and the liabilities that you need to spend money on.


What problems does it create?

Overindulgence can lead to a slew of problems that your finances would most probably be affected by. One of the major issues that you will encounter as you incur unnecessary expenses is that you may not be able to have enough funds to prepare for unexpected circumstances in life. Unprecedented problems like health concerns or monstrous disasters are some of the most unprecedented issues that life could bring your way. Not only would they be life-threatening at most, but they could also be very costly for you, especially when you cannot monitor your expenses right.


During times of huge turmoil, you need always to be ready to make sure that you can always get back up in life. The universe teaches you so many things about life that you may need to internalize for yourself. Luckily, these teachings can be easily received by you if you look hard enough around you. Throughout all these experiences in your life, you will start to find out on your own what these problems entail about your life. These will come in the form of signs that fill you with curiosity and the feeling of good life ahead. Once you find out what these signs are, you will come to understand that these are angels that are here to teach you all there is to know about your path in life.


How does my angel help with my financial problems?

One of the best things that your angels can provide for you is guidance on how you can be as financially stable in life and how you can let go of your monetary worries and problems. One of the ways that they can show you what you need to do to be in control of your finances is by dropping signs that will shed light on your financial burdens and the ways in which you can find ways to relieve yourself from them.


A simple sign could reveal a lot about what your angels expect of you to do in order to keep you from ever going back into a state of distress on your finances. For example, finding a coin on a busy road is an angel sign that calls for you to be as thrifty as you can get but not to the extent of being selfish about your money. This call to action from your angels is their way of telling you that knowing how to handle your expenses wisely and knowing how to save your money on the most important things are important in order for you to deal with your burdens with money, which could either be expected or not.


In all the right ways and in all the right points in time, you will most definitely expect your angels to be there to guide you in life. Not only are they your financial advisors, but you can also trust their advice for you as your life coach. They will be there to safeguard you from the harm of deception that could also lead to more of your debts in life as your protector. And most importantly, you should never be afraid to confide in them your concerns in life as they will always be with you as your friend and the one you can easily turn to for a shoulder to lean on.


All that is to say, your angels will most definitely be at your beck and call should you need their assistance with your current problems in life. Through a simple prayer, they will be there for you swiftly to help you navigate life easily and be there to enlighten you on the right path in life.


A Prayer for Abundance to your Angels

One way to get in touch with your angels in heaven for guidance is through the use of heavenly prayers. In this way, they can clearly hear your call for help and be there instantly to help you in your path towards recovery from all your financial burdens in life.


Place yourself in a meditative state this time and put your hands together as you call for them in your time of need. Recite this prayer with all your heart and allow their spirit to listen to you right now:

Dear angel in heaven,


Thank you for the love and guidance.

Thank you for your benevolence and willfulness to help.

Come to me in my time of need as I navigate through my burdens in life.

Save me as I course through my perils in my finances and the stresses of all my expenses.

Guide me as I work towards all my issues and help me find my way through all my problems so I can achieve success in the future.

In my heart and mind, you will always have a place for me.


Thank you for all the blessings you give,