Introduction To Connecting With Angelic Energies

Have you ever wondered why some people seem more centered and connected with themselves?

That somehow, they can remain calm even in the eye of the storm?

It’s not because they are superhuman…

It is because they are connected to a supernatural power that are oftentimes invisible to the naked eye.

That supernatural power is found in angels and archangels.

Their angelic energies are really powerful and people who are connected to those energies will experience a powerful shift in their daily lives.

What Are Angels?

Angels are a common part of our history and mythology.

Since the beginning of recorded time angels have been mentioned in stories, mythology, and religions.

Even tribes and indigenous peoples have names for these ethereal, benevolent beings.

In folklores, Angels have been linked to the existence of fairies, or elementals.

These creatures were said to be the spirits of nature.

These spirits were referred to as undines and mermaids in water, salamanders in the fire, gnomes and elves in earth, and fairies and sylphs in air.

Today, we are less connected to nature and the technology and industrialization has changed our perspective on things, including that of angels.

But in ancient times, people know about connecting with these energies as natural as one’s breathing.

The Four Types Of Angels

There are a few different kinds of angels. There are angels in human form, angels in nature, angels in the higher realms, and the archangels.

Angels in human form are advanced souls that have come to Earth to help raise the vibration. They are extremely empathic, intuitive, and sensitive.

Angels in the higher realms are loved ones that have passed on, guardian angels, or angels that work for the archangels behind the scenes. 

The archangels are great beings that carry different energies. In Christianity, they are viewed as the immediate helpers of God. In other views, they are seen as profound entities that together make up God.

There are typically fifteen archangels observed by experts. These include Ariel, Azrael, Chamuel, Gabriel, Haniel, Jeremiel, Jophiel, Metatron, Michael, Raguel, Raphael, Raziel, Sandalphon, Uriel, and Zadkiel.

There are far more Archangels than most of us ever realized, and each of them has specific roles and powers. But among all the many different specialty and functions of angels, we will give you the top 5 roles of the Archangels and these are:

1. To Fulfill A Mission

The first is to help us fulfill a mission by giving us the information we need to know.

Have you ever woken up in the morning or the middle of the night and realized that there was something very important you needed to do?

Maybe it dawned on you to take a vacation to see the Grand Canyon because it was something you need to do but you never did.

2. To Protect

Sometimes strange things happen to prevent us from doing something that we were planning to do.

At the time the interference might seem like a real downer, but over the course of a day or two, you might see that it was caused in order to save you.

3. To Help Us Develop Patience

There are times in life where clarity and understanding can seem very far away.

This is called a paradox, when you are incapable of moving in one direction or the other because good and bad possibilities exist down each road.

Sometimes all you can do is wait it out, and 99% of the time the waiting is what eventually straightens out the kinks and brings that final push of clarity to help us make a decision.

4. To Bring Comfort

The most obvious space in which angels offer comfort is in mourning the death of a loved one but Angels also bring comfort whenever things don’t go as planned.

5. To Provide Unconditional Love and Blessings

Unfortunately, not all human receives unconditional love and not all have been blessed with an abundant, happy, and healthy life. This is where the angels come in.

If you need some comfort, complete non-judgment, and a recharge of light and love—go to the angels. And if you are longing for an abundant, healthy and happy life, go ask your angels to help you manifest the life that you desire.

Angels are not just loving spiritual beings but also very powerful. They can help you with anything but you have to ask them directly if you need assistance with something because angels will not directly interfere in your life lest asked or if your life’s in danger before your time.

How Angels Help With Our Daily Lives

Connecting with angelic energies can help us with our daily lives tremendously.

Angels are willing to help, but you have to call upon them and ask within the natural laws of time, space, dimensions and realities.

You will likely need to work for it and it may not be packaged exactly as you asked for.

For example, it is possible to ask angels to give you lucky numbers to win the lotto but that would be limiting the scope of your expectations and hampering your potential of growth as a person.

Instead, asking the help of angels angels to assist you to have healthy finances might be better so your time here on earth can improve and produce long term result.

Angels have their own way of knowing and bringing to you just exactly what you need as long as you are open to receiving.

Here are 6 ways angels can help you:

1. Through divine inspiration and new ideas

When you ask help from Archangels, one of the most common ways they begin to reach out to you to help is by sending you divine inspirations and new ideas.

Remember that angels connect with us through our intuition, hence, never ignore new ideas and thoughts that will come to your mind after you’ve asked help from your angels as they might be already in action in directing you towards the right path to your dreams.

2. Through other people

By the time you are sure of what you want and you’ve already asked help from your angels, it is fairly possible that your angels will align other people who have the potential to help you.

Angels can easily put you in the minds of those people who have the potential to help you and collaborate with them on your behalf. Therefore, be open to the possibilities of getting help from unexpected people and be ready to accept help from them.

3. Through different means

When you ask help from the archangels with manifesting and you let go of the outcome, you are opening the door of endless possibilities.

Angels are good at serendipity. They can use different means just to give you all the resources you need quickly and easily if you surrender everything to them instead of telling them instructions of how you want things to happen.

If you do, you are just creating barriers to the smooth path they prepared for you. Trust their ways because they can see the big picture than you do.

So if you want the best possible means to manifest your desires, use the resources they provide. If there is anything unclear to you, feel free to ask for signs from your angels.

4. Through opportunities

The problem with people asking Angels to help them manifest their desires is that they don’t act accordingly when given the opportunity. Remember, you don’t just ask your angels, you should also have faith and believe in them.

Therefore, when opportunity knocks, act on it. When you ask your angels for help, expect new and surprising opportunities to come your way. You don’t even need to worry about timing and outcome. Because when you believe in yourself and your angels, the timing is always right and the outcome is best.

5. Through improving your clarity

The most important part of manifesting is clarity. It means you have to be 100 percent clear of what you want so that manifestation can take place. Always remember though, whenever you ask for help, it is important that it comes from a place of love and not greed.

You angels can help you improve your clarity and help you keep a manifesting mind and focus on what you want. Leave the door open for the “HOW” this will come to you. Asking for help in this way, will leave room for endless possibilities and avoid limiting languages which will allow the angels to work to bring you what you need to create your intentions.

6. Through blocking bad opportunities

The archangels normally send opportunities when you ask for help, but they can also block opportunities that will only waste your time and drain you out. Sometimes we attract bad opportunities because of our own low vibrating energy that usually stems from self-doubt and lack of patience, as we tend to do things the easy way.

When you ask your angels to block opportunities that will not serve your highest good, you might experience uncomfortable situations like missing your chance to meet the people involved in your dealings because your car has broken down or not closing a deal despite your hard work.

When you experience these blockages, pay attention to it and ask your angels for enlightenment then let it go. Manifesting with angels should feel right and inspiring, not something that will stress you out.

Now that you are familiar with how the Archangels can help you improve your ability to manifest, it is now time to learn the easy way to connect with them!

Start with the following ways to invoke the angels:

  1. Meditate – One way to connect with angels is through meditation. The difference of meditation from praying is that meditation is listening while praying is talking. If you want to connect with angels, listen. Quiet your mind and focus your attention on the thought of the angel before you and open your heart and mind to the angel’s love and guidance.
  2. Light a candle – The archangels have a specific color associated with them. For instance, if you want to work with Archangel Raphael, light a green candle. You may also use essential oils like Chamomile, Lavender, Thyme or Lemon to connect with Archangel Raphael for healing the body and soul.
  3. Create a sacred spot – Assign a space in your home where you can have your sacred time every day to connect with your divine helpers. Design it in such a way that is inviting to the angels. You can create an altar and use fabrics, colors, scents that can help you meditate and connect with specific angels. Before you enter into that sacred spot, take a deep breath and imagine meeting the angels and communing with them.
  4. Write a letter – Writing a letter and addressing it to a specific angel is a good way to connect with them. It can also help you release any fears and worries you may have. You can place your letter at the altar or you may opt to light a candle and burn the letter. Don’t forget to thank your angels in your letter; they will celebrate if you do.
  5. Connect with nature – Find a peaceful and quiet place where you can focus and feel the vibrant energy of the surroundings. It could be on the Beach, Forest, Riverside, or a Garden. When you are working with a specific angel, you may call the angel’s name and ask for any sign that would let you recognize his or her presence.
  6. Invite them in your dreams – Before going to sleep, write down your petition in a piece of paper and thank your angel. Put the paper under your pillow. If you are working with a specific angel, indicate his/her name in your letter then ask your angel for significant and clear signs so that you won’t overlook. You’ll be surprised as to how they make their presence known to you.

To sum up, guardian Angels and Archangels work together to provide you with what you need. May it be protection, healing, guidance, inspiration, opportunities, support, comfort or anything else that you may need.

After Asking, “Let Go”…

When you request for help, be sure to keep your words positive and focus only on what you want. Write or say these intentions only once or twice. After saying your intentions, let go of it and believe that it will be delivered to you. Refrain from nagging as repeated invoking translate into doubt and lack of faith, which attract negative energy.

After letting go of it, pay attention to ideas and opportunities that come to you and follow them. Your angels will be giving you information intuitively to help you create what you desire.

Angels are happy to help you as long as you reach out and ask for their help. Just be open and when in doubt, you can ask for signs and pay attention to the methods they communicate with you.

Lastly, you deserve to live abundantly and be happy. In order to live as such, understand that abundance doesn’t always come as money but instead; you may be rich in love, joy, family, friendship, and laughter.

One of the best feelings in the world is realizing that you are genuinely happy without the things you thought you needed the most!

Now if you are ready to take your connection with angelic energies to the next level, you can follow this link to find out your divine angelic path to health, love, abundance and divine purpose.

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