Intuition vs Sensing – Are You a Sensor or an Intuitive?

One of the most important traits in every human being is on how we process information because it will determine the success of every decisions we make.

In this article we will be looking at how people take in information and how they interpret it, so they come up with their choices.

There are only two kinds in this arena, the sensors and the intuitives. We will be delving into each kind and find out which one are you.

The Sensor and The Intuitive

Are you the one who’s more focused on the present? The “here” and “now” kind of person?

Or are you the one who’s future oriented, the one who’s more engrossed in the world of possibilities?

Do you prefer facts and utilize more of your 5 senses when you process information?

Or would you rather see things through patterns and impressions?

Are you the concrete and literal thinker who see things as they are?

Or are you someone who value inspiration and imagination more?

Do you trust more what is concrete and certain or would you rather gather knowledge by reading between the lines?

People have preferences when it comes to processing information. And most of us have our natural tendencies towards one type which is usually stronger than the other.

Are you more of a sensor or more of an intuitive? Let’s find out below.

The Sensor

If you are a sensor, you are more likely paying attention to the “raw data” that your five senses can gather. You like to create meaning out of solid information. You are likely to base your future actions from your past experiences. You are practical and active and likes to be in the “now”.

Concrete task and step by step sequence appeal more to you. You want to match expectations at work with your proven abilities to solve problems. You appreciate and tend to work on projects that have clear products and expectations. While abstract and fluid tasks can make you feel dissatisfied.

Because of this preference, you work well with details and happy to put your attention into every essential detail of any situation. You want to follow a clear-cut step by step guide in your communications and executions. You appreciate common sense and practicality.

This is very valuable trait especially nowadays that almost all data and information are available with the tap of your fingers.

It is so easy to find the kind of information that will help you conclude a decision and go with your choices.

However, there are times that not all information is available due to time constraints that producing such information will be too late for the decision maker. That’s why many decision makers fill in these gaps and make decisions based on other factors such as patterns and impressions, hunches, feelings, intelligent guesses, the energy surrounding it and everything in between.

And this is where the other type comes in.

The Intuitive

An intuitive on the other hand is leaning towards their intuition, instincts and insights. If you are an intuitive, you have the ability to see patterns and meanings in seemingly disconnected facts. You are good at connecting the dots and reading between the lines. You can easily recognize connections between independent groups of information.

Your preference is more on the abstract and theoretical. You are more likely to worry about the future than the now. And you’d rather change the world than just be in it.

You are more attracted to unusual and new things while you dislike routine and mundane. You are drawn to ideas and have the tendency to focus more on theory than the practice itself. You get immense enjoyment when you learn but gets bored with mechanical tasks that does not spark your creative mind.

You dislike attention to details as you like to see from a high-level view to see the whole picture.

Because of this preference, you value creativity, innovation and imagination. You test everything to remove any doubts and come up with a better version. Your communication isn’t clear cut and step by step but in an indirect way through associations between things and figures of speech.

Your abstract nature leads you towards deep concepts and ideas as you see more the “big picture”.

That’s why there are highly effective decision makers despite pressure because they are also able to process information that are not seen in the facts.

Which one of these approaches do you prefer?

Most people are sensors as they rely heavily on solid facts and few have leveraged the power of their intuition.

What if you can open up yourself to greater possibilities? What if you can make better decisions when you have the ability to see what is not in the facts but in the things and factors that other people can’t see?

What if you can tell which one is best just by feeling the situation, the people involved and the overall energy of the issues at hand without even looking at the details?

There is nothing wrong with being a sensor, in fact it is a skill and a powerful ability you can have.

But you can as well be more intuitive to make decisions faster and better.

Imagine, how much value it can add into your life? This is a very important skill you can cultivate that you can easily leverage in every area of your life.

Imagine having an extra sense to see what’s right or wrong with your career, your relationships, your money matters, your business dealings and everything in between…

Imagine how much it could enhance your life…

Or you can just ignore and stick to the hard facts despite your uneasy feelings.

Can you really actually ignore your inner guidance?

It’s for you to decide…

But it is still prudent to activate this extra sense so you can have extra power. And by harnessing this power, you will know without a doubt that you are hearing your inner guidance and not your unfounded fears.

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