Is Now The Right Time To Pursue My Life’s Purpose?

Each of us humans has a specific role to play and fulfill in this world throughout our existence. As such, it is our duty to find the truth about our existence and fulfill our true calling in life no matter what. But in order to find our true purpose in this world, there are a lot of things to consider in the process.

One of the ways for you to find what it is that you need to achieve your life’s goals is to fully understand what you are capable of so that you know when and where you can be of service to everything and every single inhabitant here on Earth. 

At the same time, you need to have the willingness to wait and prepare for the universe to call out to your energies for a specific task at hand. Growth and knowledge are integral parts of your path toward enlightenment, so be open to all the learnings that the universe will inform you of when the right time is for you to finally start the process of fulfilling your true purpose in life. 

Reasons Why the Universe Calls for you to Fulfill your Purpose in Life

The reasons why the universe calls for you to find and achieve your true purpose in life can be different for each of us. Our individuality allows the celestial powers of the Supreme Being to determine when and where we need to be starting our search for our heavenly task. One possible reason that could explain why the universe has determined a certain moment in your life to be the sign for you to start your search may be because, at this point in your life, it makes the most sense for you to finally be able to find your true calling.

When everything in your life has fully aligned for you to see the path where you need to head on to, that means that the opportunity has come for you to finally be able to walk through that path, and in due time, enlightenment will finally be within your grasp soon enough. As such, it is important that you understand who you truly are as a person. What your aspirations are and who you end up meeting and getting along with throughout your life will inform and dictate your path forward.

Maybe in your pursuit of happiness, you find fulfillment in teaching the younger generation. That could mean that your true purpose in life is teaching and being an educator. If you find true passion in charitable work, then you may have a future in dealing with charity work and such. By always going wherever feels naturally satisfying in your heart, you can easily determine what your true purpose in life could be. 

Challenges of Finding Your True Life Goal

The biggest challenge that you will have to face in your pursuit of purpose in life lies in your journey toward finding the true essence of your character in this universe. Throughout their search for life purpose, one major pitstops that most of us have to pass through is the concrete understanding of our core traits as people. Finding what makes us who we are, essentially helps us understand what we are capable of doing in this world, more importantly, what we could contribute to the betterment of both Earth and its inhabitants at the same time.

This challenge also begs the question: what makes you a better person and a servant of the Higher Being’s will? To uncover the answer to this internal question, you must be able to fully dissect and open up the weakest parts and flaws that you may also harbor within you as well. It is an uncomfortable task dealing with and facing your true self head-on, but in doing so, you can be more accepting of yourself and establish a sense of comfortability with your own life in the grander scheme of things.

Gaining further knowledge about your own self also helps you in understanding what pieces of yourself you need to lean into in order to find the purpose that which you have been looking for. As said before, knowing the things that make you passionate to a positive extent will provide the clearest piece of the puzzle as to what you should be doing in order to be ahead in life. This passion can exist from anywhere within you, from your past experiences in life, skills, and talents earned through time, and knowledge gained as a result of having experienced life from your own perspective.

Finally, in order to find the right moment in your life to start your search for purpose, you need to know who you can trust in your journey from the very start. Throughout your life, you may feel a sense of guidance coming from people around you. Your friends and families will prove to be your guide on your path to self-discovery. But even unseen forces can be of help if you know where to look and believe in the energies that flow anywhere you go. 

Your Angel’s Advice at The Right Time

Although they appear to come to you subconsciously at times, your angels will always be at your side when you are in need of guidance and direction in life. Throughout your journey toward finding your life’s purpose, your angels will be at your beck and call, dropping hints as to where you need to be and when you should anticipate the vibrations of the universe. 

In your pursuit of purpose, your angels inform you to be as attentive to your emotions and passion as much as you need to be. When you are truly in touch with your own emotions, your heart will lead you toward a path that is both fulfilling not only for you but for the people that come along in your life. As time grows, you can possibly have a change of heart and may find things that you are doing now to be as unsatisfying as it was back in your youth. As such, your angels point for you to always go in the direction where the spark of life started within your heart so you can pursue the things that help you earn happiness in life throughout your journey.

Prayer for the Pursuit of Life’s Purpose

In your prayer to the celestial powers of the universe, it would help to be in close contact with the angel of joy, Archangel Haniel. With his guidance, you can make it easier for yourself to be even closer to finding that joy and fulfillment that you are looking for along with the goals you seek in life. 

Center the energies within the room that you’re currently in and recite this prayer in order to connect with Haniel and the other angels to help you in finding the perfect time to search for the universe’s heavenly task for you:

Dear Archangel Haniel

Thank you for the gift of love and warmth.

Thank you for being at my beck and call at all times.

Please continue to allow your energy around me to govern my conscious thoughts.

I call out to the Higher Being’s presence to reach out and call out to me.

Allow me to know when my presence is needed so I can carry out my heavenly purpose with all my heart at this moment in time.

May you continue to love and accept me with your warmth in all my times of need.