Is seeing a dragonfly a sign from the angels? 

Dragonflies are more than just small insects flying around. They carry with them so much symbolism and spiritual meaning.  


Watching a dragonfly fly about, you’ll notice its grace as it darts and floats as though it is dancing in the air. Dragonflies have amazing maneuvering skills that let them make sudden turns as it flits past tall grasses.  


Dragonflies like butterflies have various meanings and history connected to different cultures and traditions. These insects are often the subject of folklore and stories that bring lessons to humanity. 


Dragonflies go way back to ancient times. In fact, dragonflies are some of the first winged insects believed to have evolved about 300 million years ago. 


The Greeks named them Odanates which literally means “toothed one” as they believe that they crush their prey with their teeth. 


The most noticeable thing about the dragonflies is the fact that they are expert fliers. They can easily fly straight up and down and can even maneuver smoothly and easily in the air. They would even mate in the air. 


The Dragonfly as a sign from the angels 


 The angels, in their mission to guide and help us, use different ways to give us signs and messages from the divine.  


Because the dragonfly possesses such amazing qualities and characteristics, the angels use them to catch our attention and become aware of the messages from the universe. 


Dragonflies serve as spiritual guides and their qualities carry symbolisms that are relevant to our life. 


Their great abilities to maneuver in the air and in all conditions symbolizes how we can also navigate through life amidst all the challenges. 


They also symbolize change – most especially the change in one’s perspective of things and in how one should focus on self-realization. 


Dragonflies also hold the importance of maturity, accepting the needed change, and seeing beyond the material world. Maturity is crucial to one’s ability to change one’s life as well as his perspective of things. 


The physical attributes of the dragonflies symbolize the grace and confidence with which one should strive to have as we live life trying to fulfill our purpose. 


More than all these symbolsdragonflies should be seen as one of the greatest spiritual guides of humans. 


The angels send dragonflies your way so you can find joy and light when it feels like you are getting overwhelmed with negativity and worries. They are reminders to find joy in everything you do.  


It is good to be serious and focused on your endeavors and goals but you do not need to forfeit your happiness.  


Seeing a dragonfly is a message from your angels to lighten your mind and change your restricting habits and not to be too tensed with life. 


Dragonflies symbolize transformation and adaptability and looking at dragonflies from a spiritual perspective will inspire us to be the same, to fully embrace our own transformation, and become more aware of ourselves as part of the divine realms. 


When you start to notice dragonflies around you more often, it is a sign from the angels telling you that now is the right time to embrace your transformation and growth.   


The angels are letting you work with the energy of the dragonflies by acknowledging the symbolisms and inspiration they bring to your life.  


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