Manifest Abundance In Your Life

Are you tired of being broke?

Can’t get away from all your debts?

Stressed and anxious about how and where you will find money when bills pile high?

Do you always dream of living a life free from money worries?

Is it your greatest wish to manifest money easily?

Most people face money problems and that’s may be why you have come to this page to find an answer.

There can be a lot of solutions on the internet. Maybe you have already tried some of them.

But whatever you do, abundance just doesn’t manifest in your life. You may have even tried the law of attraction and come to a conclusion that it doesn’t work.

You wonder how come it works for others and not with you.

Do you want to know the reason?

It lies deep in your vibration of abundance.

Abundance is a combination of hard work, intelligence, attitude, luck, etc. And it seems like your attitude towards money holds a very big part of living an abundant life.

How is your relationship with money?

Do you find yourself waking up filled with worry about money? Are you consumed with the feeling that you never attract enough?

There are days when all we could think about is our money problems. Though money is not everything in life, it is still an important aspect of our survival and comfort.

As we experience financial difficulties in life, we become self-absorbed and all we can think about are our problems – the rent, the bills, the debts, etc.  Suddenly, you fail to see anything but your problems and your own stress.

In moments like this, our anxiety and stress made our abundance vibration lower and it gets hard to manifest money.

Many of us search and aim for financial abundance. But when our vibration is lower, our connection with the Divine is poorer making it hard to summon the Universe’s energy and receive money.

So how can we align and raise our vibrational energy when we are stressed and deeply anxious about our money situations?

Attracting money and creating abundance in our lives means you must open yourself up to the energy of abundance into your vibration as the foremost step.

Unintentionally and unconsciously, our fears, resentments and perceptions that we don’t have enough or that it will never work out the way we want it to, end up rejecting the energy of abundance.

You have to understand and recognize where your feelings, attitudes, beliefs and vibrations lean to; whether it’s welcoming and attracting abundance or rejecting it.

To manifest and attract money align your energy with the energy of abundance, welcome it into your life by changing your negative thoughts, feelings and attitudes into that of optimism, joy, passion and happiness.

This is called the abundance mentality. This is where you refuse to think that the resources are not enough. With abundance mentality, you chose to believe that you have more opportunity rather than less.

Assess yourself and see where you are in your attitude and perception when you think about abundance. If you are bombarded with the feeling of scarcity or lack of resources, it counters the vibration of abundance. Such feelings can be viewed as a fog that clouds the road of abundance to come to you. It is like telling abundance that it is not welcome in your life and that it should go away.

Your goal must not be temporary wealth and increase in money and you have chosen the right course. You see focusing your vibration and welcoming the energy of abundance is the first step in attracting the reality of abundance in your life.

There are questions that you may have neglected to delve into but are important if you want to really attract and create true abundance in your life. The following could help open your eyes about how you really perceive abundance.

  • Do you feel grateful for the little things that come to your life?
  • When your friends experience abundance, do you genuinely celebrate it with them?
  • Do you appreciate the abundance of the world?
  • When abundance comes in your way, are you prepared to receive it?
  • Do you feel impatient when your dreams and wishes took too long to come true?

When you answer these questions about yourself, you will recognize your attitude towards abundance and realize whether you are welcoming or not.

To manifest money and create abundance, you must concentrate on raising your vibration and energy in alignment with that of the energy of abundance. The energy of abundance speaks in the language of gratitude, positivity, happiness, and passion.

Always be grateful when you receive and get blessed with things that you may think are too little. The Universe would like to see how you react in receiving these small blessings and decide whether you are ready to receive great things in life.

Appreciate the blessings of the Universe even when it is not given to you. Celebrate the victory of others and revel in the generosity of the Divine to humanity. The world is infinitely abundant and to be grateful for this is the key to creating true abundance in your life. Gratitude will take you a long way in your journey towards abundance.

Wait for your turn. It is as easy as that. When your dream is taking its sweet time to manifest, it is because the Universe is preparing it for you and you need to prepare for it.

Be ready to receive abundance when it comes to you. Some of us has been handed the abundance they longed for and yet fail to see for what it was because they weren’t prepared to receive it. How many lottery winners have gone broke immediately even when the Universe handed them their great fortune or those millionaire businessmen who got broke because they neglect the abundance handed to them?

The Role of Angels

Having the right attitude towards abundance will help you raise your vibration. The energy of abundance is very high, so you need to raise your vibration in order to get in tuned with it. Negativity are always on the low end of vibration and there can never be an instance that it will attract positive energies like abundance in your energy field. Therefore, it is very important to work on your energy vibration to ward off negative energies from coming near you.

However, this can be easier said than done but we will find success if we really try to feel and think of only positive feelings and thought patterns. But you don’t really have to do it on your own. Did you know that you can ask angels to help you live an abundant life?

Yes, angels are there to help you only if you call them. Your angels do not want to meddle with your decisions and your life. They are not there to decide for you. But they can definitely help you if you ask them to and it is in accordance with the highest good.

One thing you can definitely ask your angels is to help you change your feelings and thought patterns into that of high vibration. They can also help you feel and think good so you will be able to raise your vibration. Just by connecting with your angels, you will already be raising your vibration as they are very high vibrational beings that connecting with them will instantly do the trick.

This is an exciting journey to take in your life knowing that you will not be alone anymore in your journey. You will be guided every step of your way throughout life with your angels.

We at Celestial Inspiration will help you find and tread that celestial path in order to find not only abundance in your life but a total transformation in every aspect of your life.

You will be introduced to the 12 domains – the major aspect of your life in the context of the 4 realms to help you understand your life better and gain a better perspective. We have prepared a full course packed with powerful tools that you can use to help you tread an enlightened life.