Never Ignore These 7 Warning Signs From Your Angels

After you make the mindful decision to work with your guardian angels, they will eventually provide you signs and synchronicity such as numbers and feathers to let you know you are on the true trail or to lead you. They will suggest you delicate hints and messages to show the path and let you see they are with you. These symbols are usually recurring, out of the ordinary or unexpected.

When you come across a warning sign, don’t worry. Take a break from what you are doing or pay attention of the warning.

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The angels are our guides and guardians on earth.  They are heavenly beings of love and light that exert effort with people to help us in our living. We can always ask for their help if we feel like we need their presence and supervision. But they are very active and alert when our life is in danger or when we are at the time of our death.  

When we pray for guidance, they will communicate through our intuitions and many other ways.   When we are ambiguous about a choice, we can always ask from them for a sign to approve our feelings.   Signs from them will help us feel a direct link that would also improve our gut feeling and give us the assurance to move onward.

There are many different ways on how our angels can communicate with us to advise us about any situation that could lead us to danger or anything that would not benefit us.

Here are 7 warning signs of our angels to help us:

Dreams or Premonitions

This way is one of the easiest ways for our guardian angels to connect with us. We are usually more exposed to the messages from the spirit when the human ego is asleep.

Dreams are the most common ways for our angels to communicate with us. We will see weird and unusual dreams that make us aware of the upcoming danger. Many survivors say they encounter premonitions before the bad thing happens. We may sometimes ignore our sub-conscious thoughts not knowing that this is the gateway to the heavenly realm until we wake up and be reminded of our dream. Reality will make us aware of what’s going to happen.

The best thing to do whenever we have such vision or premonition is to closely pay attention to it. This is a common early cautioning sign from God and the angels. Dreams and premonitions are meant to help us sort out our feelings and judgments and then decide what actions to take. 

That Uncomfortable Sensation in the Pit of Your Stomach

The “Solar Plexus” Chakra which is situated in the abdomen is most focused in the mental capacity and how things work around it and have forewarnings and instincts connected to it. This area is predominantly sensitive, and the angels will send you a vibration to this body part to let you recognize that something doesn’t feel right or safe. This can be feelings such as palpitations, tightening of breath, butterflies in the stomach, nausea, and discomfort. We should just remember not to be afraid of these feelings but instead, take note and link in with this psychic connection.

Strange Delays or Mechanical Failures

Once we are strongly aware of the ethereal realm, we will notice bizarre delays and mechanical failures. It is like the angels are speaking to us to take heed and pay attention to the signs and put some tardy on the thing we are about to give a go.

Ringing in your ears

Sometimes, there are this ringing type sounds in our ears which is a very common way of our guardian angels to influence us.   It can be for encouragement or warning just to let us know that our angels are here and available to comfort and support us.  

It is also a sign of validation on whatever we are pondering which is something important. This is when the angels are asking us to pay attention and focus on our intuition.

Hearing Disembodied Voices

Usually, a noisy disembodied voice is a warning sign from your angels that something is about to happen, and we need to be fully alert and aware. It is typically a warning of something we want to avoid. 

Occasionally disembodied voices carry messages of care. Hearing a loud voice can be very creepy and unusual but it is actually very helpful in protecting us from unwanted circumstance.

Unexpected Illnesses or Ominous Warnings

Guardian angels often use other individuals to warn you of possible hazards. It can be with friends and family, or strangers but these messages have a deep and meaningful connotation that makes you break and listen carefully.

It can be direct from a third person giving you message that gives you warning, or it can be that the angels are using him or her to deliver that message. It can also be that suddenly you were sick and your plans got cancelled. That could be a form of saving you away from negative events.

You misplace things

Sometimes when we are already prepared to go out we just immediately forget a certain thing or even lost the car keys!

It can be a strategy of the angels to keep you safe from where you are heading or a signal that you must be more careful in everything you must do. This warning from the angels may sound subtle but is actually very helpful. Whenever we receive warning signs from our guardian angels, we should not freak out and get scared!

We must take a break and pay full attention. It is truly a gift from the angels to receive messages from them even through different patterns. If it is a message of forthcoming danger, act fast. Our angels are always here to support us and help find a better way to make us all intact.


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