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New To Celestial Inspiration?

Welcome, dear one. If this is your first time at Celestial Inspiration, we’re pleased to welcome you to our celestial soul family and you are now ready as we take you on a journey with the divine so that you’ll discover how to live a life filled with divine blessings, divine guidance for your life’s decisions and manifest miracles in your everyday life.
Ponder for a moment… the people who are financially abundant, have a thriving and fulfilling career, experience great health and vibrant energy as well as having deep, passionate relationships… what do they have in common?
They are all fully aligned as they are integrated, mind, body, heart and soul.
Our mission and purpose is to strengthen your divine connection through celestial beings by connecting you with their vibration raising energies so that you’re aligned with the life you were meant to live. As you start living a guided life, you’ll start to see miracles appear as healing, abundance, joy and wisdom will flow into your life.
The Divine through celestial beings like angels often send signs and synchronicities in our day-to-day lives. We will show you how to spot those signs and what they mean so you will receive answers to your life’s most pressing questions through the guidance of your angels.
It is their sincerest desire to bless you with better health, greater wealth, prosperous living, a heart-centered career, harmonious connections with your loved ones and a greater sense of purpose and destiny using our celestial tools.

New Here?

About Us

Our team of angel lovers and lightworkers at Celestial Inspiration has started this work and have been touching lives since 2014.
Our calling is to bring the channeled energies of angels into our works like angel meditations, music, articles, videos and tools to raise your vibration.
By spreading love and light through, through the ripple effects even a small act of kindness and energy connection can go a long way. As we touch someone’s life when we are guided to do so, the ripple effects we create can impact the lives of others years, even decades after that act of kindness and energy connection.
Our healers, channelers, teachers and coaches are ready to serve you through our programs as we help you to help you to discover your true potential, manifest financial abundance, heal physically and emotionally, improve your relationships and find your highest purpose in life.

Your Angels Are Ready To Shower Blessings, Guidance And Miracles Into Your Life!

Throughout history, humanity has been guided by the angels every step of the way so they are guided on the right path through signs, kept safe from harm and danger, led to auspicious opportunities and blessings and receive healings and miracles that are unexplained by science.

Learning to connect and stay connected with your angels in every moment helps you to live a blessed life. That is why you are here today for there are no accidents or coincidences in this world.

Whether you are looking for guidance to make the right decision, needing sparks of creativity to come up with new ideas, given the power to express your message, looking for more peace, love and beauty or you’re receiving healing, blessings of abundance and protection from your angels or looking for knowledge, wisdom and clarity in your life, we have a tool for every challenge you’ll face.

Start by using our celestial tools such as:

  • Heavenly angel music so you experience the bliss in their vibration
  • Angelic prayers when uttered, allows great blessings to flow into your lives
  • Stories of angels and divine beings to inspire you to be happy and connected
  • Guided meditations that will connect you with the power and healing of your angels
  • Celestial courses that will help you to access more guidance, blessings and miracles of your angels

As you take your first step in our community, whether you’re new to angels or you’ve been guided by angels for many years, we hope that you’ll find greater connection with your angels and you can hear your highest guides speak to you, find more and more blessings of knowledge, healing, wisdom and love as well as experience daily miracles of prosperity, longevity and purpose.

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Receive Daily Blessings From The Divine

Divine beings like angels and archangels watch over you even when you’re not noticing. They are ready to bless you on a daily basis. But because angels are bound by the law of free will, they will not send you your blessings unless you invoke your angels and ask of them in a specific way.

Our daily blessings will not only send you divine messages to guide you on your journey, they will also teach you how to receive blessings and manifest miracles over time.

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