Prayer for Comfort During Times of Grief

Archangel Azrael, thank you for helping dying people and their grieving loved ones. As I reflect on how much I miss the people I’ve loved who have died, comfort me while I grieve and help me heal from the sorrow that their deaths have caused in my life. Encourage me to place my hope in the Lord in fresh ways every time I remember them. May we be reunited in heaven when it is my time to pass away.

When my earthly lifetime ends, please help me make the transition to the afterlife without fear. Urge me to start right now to build the kind of legacy I want to leave behind after I die so that the world will become a better place because I lived in it, and so that the Lord will be pleased with the choices I have made.

May I always remember that the Lord’s angels are with me as I go through all of the changes that life and death bring my way.



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