Reclaim Your Inner Strength, Courage And Confidence Through Archangel Ariel

Have you reached that point in your life where you feel stuck and you don’t know what to do to get out from being trapped in your reality?

Do you luck the courage to make a change because you’re afraid you might be making bad decisions?

Do you feel weak to even begin thinking to transform your life because you feel so alone and no one seems to be with you on your life journey?

You landed on this page for a very specific reason.

Your Archangel Ariel wants to reach out to you, as she wants to ensure that you utilize the divine energy to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit and give you strength and courage to move forward with your life and find your soul’s truest purpose.

But first, you must familiarize yourself with some useful information about this powerful and loving Archangel!

Let’s begin…

Who is Archangel Ariel?

Archangel Ariel is also known as Arael and Arieael. Her name, when translated, means “lion or lioness of God’. She is the patron saint of animals and natural resources.

Synonymous with her name and its meaning, her role is to protect the earth as well as all the natural resources, ecosystems, and life that exist in it. She always looks out for her children (and by that I mean everything that is life-like on our planet).

When angelic songs abound, the leader of the choir is not far away for Archangel Ariel – the governor of the order of the physical universe guides the angelic choirs as well as watches over the sun, moon, stars, all planets in the cosmos and our beloved planet earth.

She watches over our planet’s natural resources and ensures that all is fair in the ecosystem. Her mission is to ensure that people, animals, and resources are fairly distributed.

She carries a motherly energy, which tends over gardens, parks, flowers, trees, and bodies of water such as streams and lakes.

Archangel Ariel also provides help when it comes to connecting with the devic realms as fairies and elementals commune with her and you can use her as a mediator with these beings.

You can call upon Archangel Ariel for your material and earthly needs, as resources are her dominion. Regarding comfort and safety, she is the one to call upon if you are going on an arduous, physical journey.

Lastly, call upon Archangel Ariel if you see any injured animals or pets, as she is a healer to them.

Functions and Powers:

Governor of the order of the physical universe, The angel of nature.

Common Signs and Attributes to recognize Archangel Ariel:

  • Dreams (Vivid Dreams)
  • Printed Signs (Caption Words, Phrases Or Slogans, And Street Names)
  • Feathers (White Feather)
  • Music and Television (Line/scene Or Two That Screams For Attention)
  • Scents (Sweet Scent Of Flowers)
  • Gemstone (Rose Quartz)

How Archangel Ariel Serves Humanity

Archangel Ariel presides over all of God’s children. She does not differentiate between species, race, color, and/or faith. She sees us all as one and is willing to serve the message of God so as to keep us safe and in peace. So let’s go ahead and familiarize ourselves with what this loving angel can do for us!

  1. She has the Power to Protect

As the defender of all that is pure and natural, Ariel is the epitome of kind-heartedness and strength. She intervenes once invited and works miraculously to save and protect the collective lives of humans, animals, birds, fish, as well as all other life-forms that exist within our ecosystem.

  1. She can help you progress any Career Goals that are based on Our Environment

Archangel Ariel has been overseeing God’s mission to safeguard all of Earth’s natural resources even before mankind populated the planet. Acting upon the wish of God, she lovingly oversees our human life missions.

We all have divine life missions. Some of us are entrusted with the mission to safeguard our nature. We therefore inherently gravitate towards everything nature-like and are more inclined to pursue it as a career option too. In that case, she can help you realize your life purpose.

  1. She helps manifest your Dreams and choose the Right Career Path

Archangel Ariel can boost your God-given power to help you find that inner courage, confidence, and strength to realize your dream life. Just take the leap of faith and trust that Archangel Ariel got your back in realizing your dreams and the universe will conspire to make it happen.

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  1. As The Angelic Physician

Archangel Ariel delivers God’s healing touch to Earth. Ask the divine angel to heal a condition and you can expect a cure almost immediately. Like all other angels, she too cannot see her children suffer but has to wait for you to give her permission to conduct her healing work.

5. As the angel of prosperity, Archangel Ariel offers a beautiful blend of loving and nurturing energy combined with strength and courage

Archangel Ariel can help instill a strong sense of sense through which you can stimulate your inherent strength and confidence. With the newly-acquired strength, courage, and clear-sightedness, she shows you that everything you so seek can be manifested into reality. She can help you unleash the power of positive thinking so as to bring your vision to life.

Connecting to the Frequency of the Blessed Archangel Ariel

Because Archangel Ariel is deeply connected to the elementals of our planet, she is a master at working with earthly energies for our safety and assistance.

If you’re sensitive to higher energies around you, you’ll be able to pick up her signs and presence very easily.

 So how does one know if they’re intuitive to her frequency?

For starters, let’s understand if you’re sensitive to the energies around you, irrespective of whether they are of higher or lower dimensions.

If you’re sensitive to energies that vibrate outside your frequency, you’re more likely to absorb other people’s energies too.

If the energy of the person you come in contact with is of a higher frequency, then you’re more likely to benefit from that experience. You’ll notice a feeling of positivity engulf you.

On the contrary, if the energy of the person you come in contact with is negative or of a lower frequency, then you’re more likely to be absorbing their energy like a sponge taking on filthy water.

You’ll also notice sudden mood and energy swings that have nothing to do with your current state of mind. If the contact is positive, you’re likely to feel up and excited about life, and if it’s negative, you might feel angry, upset, and exhausted.

 And how ones stabilize any overwhelming energy that is negative?

A good way to stabilize your energy is to reach out to Archangel Ariel for help.

If you’re feeling tired, let down, angry, or lonely, then understand that you’ve probably absorbed other people’s fear-based energies.

Reach out to Ariel asking her to clear any negative energy you might have absorbed. You might feel tingles and twitches as she works at ridding you of any lower energy.

Once you’re feeling stable and calm, thank her and ask her to shield you. Again, if you’re intuitive enough, you will actually notice a pale-pink light encapsulate your entire body.

That said, even if you’re not intuitive, you’ll notice a sense of calm and peace surround you- that’s your clue to know that Archangel Ariel has worked her magical touch on you.

Simple Prayer to invoke Archangel Ariel:

“Dear Archangel Ariel, thank you for protecting me and my loved ones.

Thank you for manifesting my everyday concerns and material needs.

Thank you for protecting our environment.

Thank you for helping us during our desperate times.

Thank you for working alongside Archangel Raphael to look after animals, birds, and fish.

Thank you for bringing and delivering messages to my fellow beings.

Thank you for giving me the courage and confidence to reach out to my higher self.”

Summary of what you’ve just learned:

Are you ready to reclaim your God-given power?

Tap into the divine power and qualities of Archangel Ariel!

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