Reclaim Your Personal Power

Have you been giving away your power?

Like staying silent when you have something important to say or saying “YES” even if you really want to say “No?

Do you put yourself down in your mind and in front of other people?

Do you find it hard to receive compliments?

Are you always apologetic?

Are you minimizing your achievements or have the habit of saying “I don’t mind” when you really do?

Do you find yourself waiting for the world to come to you?

If you do most or some of it, you are letting go of your power and allowing others to decide for you…

Power can come externally and internally.

Power from an external source such as in relation to one’s status or occupation is called external power. That is, you have the power and authority because it was given to you. Like presidents, managers, doctors, teachers, etc.

While there is this kind of power that only you can give yourself. It’s called personal power.

Personal power involves only yourself. When you have high self-esteem, respect for others and you relate to people fairly, you give yourself power. You have absolute certainty on how you want to live your life that you are fully taking charge.

This is not about using power oppressively over others but rather, using power to define your own terms and protect your personal boundaries. You can confidently say “no” and decide for yourself without harming others. It is the kind of power that no one can take away from you as this stems from self-belief and your ability to take action. While you could lose any external power that you hold when you change roles or occupation.

These 2 kinds of power can be used interchangeably. Many people have been given power externally and from there developed their own inner power. Like Elsa of Arendelle when she took over the crown when her parents died.

There are also those who have no power or authority but have great inner power which brought them into power. Like big entrepreneurs who rise up from scratch.

And you can do it too. This power is not only exclusive to a few people, but we are all capable of wielding this power.

But how do you build your inner power?

Reclaiming your personal power requires some inner workings. It will all start with you recognizing what you can change and control. When you focus on the things that you can control and learn to let go of those you can’t, it will slowly build your confidence that you have the power to make things happen.

Focus on what you want to achieve to attain certainty and clarity. When you are certain and clear, you develop how you communicate with others and it will show on how you present yourself and develop self-confidence.

When you have a good grasp on what you can control you become more proactive instead of reactive.

When you have built up certainty, clarity and confidence within, you will soon restore your energy and your personal power.

How do you reclaim your personal power?

Speak up.

Don’t hesitate to let your voice be heard especially when you know you have something to contribute. Think through your idea and speak up. Be assertive but respectful.

Don’t be afraid to say “NO”.

Be clear with what you want and say “NO” or change your mind at the earliest opportunity.

Refrain from putting yourself down.

Refrain from putting yourself down and do not allow other people to take advantage of it. Be aware of the times you are inclined to do it so you can stop yourself right away.

Be comfortable to acknowledge and accept compliments.

Be thankful of the person who gave you the compliment and humbly accept it.  Don’t let feeling embarrassed keep you from recognizing your strengths.

Be proud and happy of your achievements.

There is no wrong in feeling upbeat about your achievement as long as it is real, and you can back it up with evidence. Do it appropriately.

Set your boundaries clearly.

Do not say “I don’t mind” if you really do mind. You are only giving others the power to decide for yourself.

Stop being apologetic.

Do not say sorry when you don’t need to. It will only weaken the impact of what you really want to convey. Save saying sorry in cases when you are actually stepping on someone’s foot.

Take massive action.

Don’t wait for the world to come to you, it may never happen. So, go out and conquer the world instead of waiting for it to come to you. Set out your goals for yourself and make a plan on how to translate it into reality.

Discover your soul’s calling.

Visualize what you want and identify what’s really important to you. In this way, you will be in alignment with your soul and living your truth.

Find your true voice.

Live a life that’s truly yours and not by the dictates of others. You are unique and you always have something to contribute. Find the path you were always meant to take because you matter.

Above all, don’t forget to always practice self-love.

Self-love is the source of great self-esteem and confidence. Forgive yourself and fully embrace who you are. Be kind to yourself and strive to gain your personal power back.

Personal power is not something that you can just ignore.

Imagine living your life dictated by others…

Imagine not able to voice out what’s on your heart and mind…

Imagine having no clarity, certainty and confidence.

Imagine staying like that for the rest of your life…

But you don’t have to because you actually have a choice. And it all depends on you. Because if you don’t, you will miss out on living life in your own terms.

The life you were always meant to take. A life full of freedom and fulfillment.

Your personal power is actually in your hand.

Start now.

If you need help, call upon the help of your angels and they will gladly help you.

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