Sedona Energy Vortexes (Real or Imagined?)

Have you ever been to a place that without any clear explanation or reason why, just felt different and made you feel more at ease and connected?

Have you experienced raw cosmic forces strong enough to heal and transform you?

Have you experienced it with nature?

We all can agree that nature provides us healing and tranquility…

We all seek to commune with nature and we always come out peaceful and refreshed.

But did you know that there are certain places on earth that are said to be swirling energy centers that are so powerful?

These are places that are exceptionally alive with energy…

Because of this, people flock to it for healing, meditation and self-exploration. Many people experience energy boost, inspiration, feeling recharged and uplifted after visiting energy centers. And this energy center is called a vortex.

Where can we find energy vortexes?

One particular energy vortex are the Sedona energy vortexes. Though all of Sedona is considered a vortex, there are spots where the energy movement is the strongest. It is said that these specific sites radiate its own kind of energy. Some are thought to be producing masculine energy while others produce feminine energy. Energy flowing upwards is called masculine energy while energy downward spirals which enters the earth is called feminine energy.

Different types of Sedona vortexes

It is said that there are 3 different types of Sedona spiritual vortexes which will enhance your spiritual practice differently.

Magnetic Vortexes

The feminine energy or “yin” energy is found among magnetic vortexes. Energy flowing in these vortexes is very nurturing, soft and welcoming. This is the kind of energy that works best with your inner undertakings may it be meditation, reflection or contemplation.

The Cathedral Rock in Sedona is a popular magnetic vortex which is also called the “womb with a view”.

Electrical Vortexes

Masculine or “yang” energy is found in electrical vortexes. These vortexes emit powerful energy. It is very energizing and is great for getting your energy moving. This energy is perfect for advancing your plans such as setting intentions and making a resolve for intensifying your determination and energy. Electrical vortexes can be likened into drinking a double dose of a strong cup of coffee.

Sedona’s most popular electrical vortex is the Bell Rock, the perfect place for chanting, saying prayers and a spirited yoga flow. With its masculine outward energy, Bell Rock is believed to be perfect to send your intentions and prayers up and out into the vast universe.

Balanced Vortexes

The 3rd kind of vortex is the balanced vortexes. It is simply the mixture of both yin and yang (magnetic and electrical energies).

One of the best known balanced spiritual vortexes in Sedona is the Airport Mesa.

If you want to gain clarity or to see the larger and higher perspective for your life, a balanced vortex such as Airport Mesa is the perfect venue for these activities.

A place of enlightenment

Sedona was able to establish a worldwide name as a place of enlightenment. Its real power comes from its ability to transform lives.

The raw physical beauty of the landscape is a sight to behold. It automatically recalibrates your sense of wonder and adventure. When you are open to the gifts this piece of nature is giving you, you are bound to receive more.

Even if you don’t come for metaphysical interests, Sedona’s vortexes energy will still be able to give positive effects on you. It is almost certain that it will leave you refreshed and feeling better when you depart the place. It will bring a smile in your heart; you will even feel lighter and more energized.

As most of the vortexes are located in the most scenic spots within the red rock formations of Sedona, this means that you are bound to receive positive effects in your visit. Just breathing clean and fresh air, soaking in the sunshine amidst the spectacular beauty around you is already enough to make a beautiful day.

Just embrace the moment and bathe yourself with the spectacular and astounding beauty of nature which inspires, uplifts, soothes, restores and recharges your whole being. And just by being in the place even without metaphysical interests, it will trigger some sort of spiritual awakening.

Sedona is one amazing spectacular place that no one leaves unchanged. If we now ask the question, is it real or imagined?

It’s for you to decide. But one thing is for sure, it will have a great effect on your overall energy. As the body have energy centers called chakra, so do our earth.

Whether vortexes are considered chakras of the earth or not, it is still very true that our earth do have these may it be in Sedona or other parts of the world. The only proof you can get is the language of energy.

If it invigorates you and made you feel better than when you came, Sedona vortexes are able to serve you with its beautiful energy. If for some reason you can’t come to Sedona may it be too far or too costly, it is still possible to channel its energy. As long as we are all in the earth’s magnetic field, energy can be received or projected.

How to channel Sedona vortexes energy?

Sit comfortably and do your breath work.

Imagine a scene in your life when you were very happy.

Imagine your loved ones as well.

Thank the source for all the great things in your life.

Once you’re in a very beautiful state, begin to imagine the vortex that you want to access.

Whether you need the masculine or feminine energy or the balanced energy, it all depends on your intention.

Now imagine the swirling of energy…

Feminine energy coming into the earth.

Masculine energy coming out of the earth.

Balanced having both energies…

Then feel the qualities of these energies…

Feminine being nurturing, soft and welcoming…

Feel its calming effects in your body and start reflecting and contemplating over your life…

Look back on your life, examine your present and imagine your future…

What lessons did you learn from your past?

What blessings are you grateful for in your present?

What future do you see yourself?

Ask the right questions inwardly and the feminine energy will heighten your intuition and help you tap your inner voice.

Now, tap on to the power of masculine energy.

Imagine an electrical vortex with energy coming out of the earth.

Imagine the masculine energy’s qualities…

Feel its energizing and invigorating energy.

Imagine your body being filled with powerful invigorating energy which makes you feel that you can do anything.

Once you’re filled with that energy, begin to set out your intentions and make a resolve that you’ll be intensifying your determination and energy.

Then start to imagine yourself advancing your plans and making guaranteed successes.

This feels really good.

And now, you may tap the power of balanced energy.

Imagine the vortex that emits balanced energy.

Feel the qualities of this energy.

Now ask for clarity to come into your life.

Imagine this balanced energy recalibrating your body and your consciousness…

Now, start to imagine yourself seeing the larger and higher perspective for your life.

Contemplate on it and let the balanced energy bring you to the state of clarity.

Now look through your life…

Bring yourself to a higher perspective…

And see yourself and your life like an observer…

What do you see?

What do you realize?

Use the power of that energy to find balance in your life and the answer will come to you.

Once you get all the answers or the peace that you want to achieve from accessing these energies, you may thank the universe and the vortexes for allowing you to see parts of your life that you need to be grateful and to celebrate for.

After that, you may open your eyes with a very big smile.