Should I Confess My Love?

Have you ever been afraid of showing your love for someone because you don’t think they feel the same or that they will accept you?


Are you wondering if you’ll just ruin everything by confessing?


Love is not hard. In fact, it is the easiest feeling to have. However, confessing and showing love can be the hardest stage in a relationship.


Whenever you think about confessing you can’t help but be flooded with many unwanted thoughts. 


What if you get rejected? 


What if you are seeing the signs wrong?


What if this is not love you are feeling but some kind of infatuation?


So many people have lost their chance to find their true love because of this fear. Some people would rather choose to be just friends because they do not want to ruin their friendship.


Some people would go on to live contentedly with this situation. But some would wallow in regrets and drown in what-ifs.


But you can avoid any regrets when it comes to this predicament with guidance from your angels.


Angel Signs That Your Angels Are Leading You to The Love You Need

As beings of love, we are bound to find the kind of love that we need the most. Fortunately, our angels and spirit guides can help us by guiding us in this confusing journey.


We may not be always aware of the way they work, but rest assured that they are doing their best to guide us to the right path in love. 


They will always think about what’s best for us and so every message, every sign from them will take us to where we should be.


They know that you are wondering if you can show the love you have inside of your heart and confess to your beloved. They know that you need assurance and confirmation.


So, here are the signs that your guardian angels are leading you to the love you need, telling you that you could keep it:


  • You Meet Strangers Who Make You Believe In The Beauty Of Love


They say every person is a different book. Some are boring, and some are marvelous. Some would give you pain. But most would make you feel love. Most would make you feel the beauty of love.


Like that stranger, you see in the street caring for another stranger. Like the old couple in your neighborhood that made you believe in everlasting love.


It is not a coincidence that right when you would have given up on love, your angels send these people your way to give you a message you need to hear.


Your angels have perfectly positioned these people and made them briefly enter your life to restore your faith in love.


Even when you don’t interact with them directly, your angels want you to know and believe in love through the gestures and stories of these strangers.


  • You Often See A Repeating Number Everywhere You Go

When you see something over and over again, it stops being a mere coincidence. 


The guardian angels watching over you would use repeating numbers or angel numbers to get your attention and send you their important message.


The numerical patterns you keep seeing like 11:11, 222, 333, and 1212, are signs that your angels are trying to talk to you.


Different angel numbers have different meanings depending on the energy they carry.


The most common angel number for love is Angel Number 222 as the number 2 symbolizes harmony and balance – the two crucial things that relationships need.


If you keep seeing angel number 222, it is a sign from your angels that you need to focus on yourself first and the love you desire will soon come to you.


Sometimes, what’s keeping you from meeting the one is your disconnection from your angel guides and so your guardian angels will want you to remember them. 


They want you to rely on them and remember that they will always come to you when you call on them.


For those who have just ended their relationships, angel number 222 has a different meaning.


It is a message from your angels to forgive and accept the end of your relationship.


It is also a reminder for you to not blame yourself for what has happened. You do not have to feel guilty about it.


It is alright to grieve for the end of something beautiful but you can’t be too hard on yourself.


This angel number will help you remember that life is a series of beginnings and ends. Some things end so better things can come into your life.


Knowing the symbolism and meaning of the angel numbers will help you be guided in the path of love by the light and wisdom of the angels.


  • When A Song Speaks To You At A Very Deep Level


Plato once said that “music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything”.


And once in a while, beautiful song lyrics could touch the deepest parts of our hearts.


This feeling is unique to you. Others may not feel the same intensity, the same resonance you have for a certain line in a song, and that is okay.


Because that line, those lyrics, are the words to a personal message meant for you alone.


This is the way of your angels. The way to make you feel the emotions you need to feel.


Was there a song that has made you cry because of its lyrics, or the emotions you hear from the singer?


Most of the time, you have been hiding your pain, and through a particular song, your angels are telling you that it is alright to cry and to feel.


Your angels want you to realize that feeling this hurt and pain is the first step to your healing – the healing that you need to open yourself once again for a greater love to enter your life.


Your angels will make you encounter a great song at the most perfect time so they can lead you to your healing process. And when you fully heal, that is when you will meet the one to spend the rest of your life with.


  • Your Questions Are Answered By A Book You Read

If music gives soul to the Universe, then books are the mirrors of the soul.


A book is not just a great company or a refuge. It is a multitude of the wisest counselors.


Have you ever read a random book you picked from the bookstore only to find it holding all the answers to the questions you harbor in your mind?


It was like it understood you, perfectly. It was like the book speaks to the deepest parts of you, the parts you do not even know. It seemed to know the questions you haven’t voiced out yet.


How did that book get into your hand? 


A happy coincidence? Definitely not. It is your angels’ doing.


When your angels want to answer your questions, they will use random books from a bookstore or in your own collection to give you the answer.


Your angels know the questions you have been mulling over and over again when it comes to love and meeting your soulmate.


They might not speak to you directly but they will stop at nothing to give you guidance and answers, especially when they know the love you feel is beautiful and inspiring.


So, do not be surprised when you find the answers you are looking for in a book. The angels understand how the books could give you the wisest counsel that you need. 


  • Everything Is Falling Into Place In Your Life


Like a jigsaw puzzle, the pieces of your life are falling into place and you can finally see the big picture that God has painted for you.


And this is the sign that you are about to have the love you have been waiting for.


When everything is making sense for you, it is a sign that the angels are watching over the manifestations of your desires, that they are delivering the blessings from the Universe to you.


It was a sign that you are ready and your angels are proud of your growth and your healing. You are ready to take the chance and be in a relationship with your soulmate.


They have seen you at your worst, they offered their hand to pick you up and helped you find the healing that you need.


They will know the perfect time to lead you to your soulmate, your twin flame.


Archangel Chamuel Prayer For Love & Soulmate Blessings

Dear Archangel Chamuel, God’s blessed angel of Love,


I pray to you today to ask for your love and blessings.


Please help me find my soulmate, the love of my life.


Please help me find the right life partner, someone who would support me in my growth and endeavors.


Someone who would be there when no one else would.


Someone who would love me as much as I would love them.


Archangel Chamuel, I know that there are things I need to fix with myself first.


I know that you will be there for me every step of the way.


Please help release all my traumas and pain.


Please help me forgive myself and the people who have caused me pain.


And when I am fully healed and ready, may you lead me to the right path that God has set.


Help me find harmony and balance in my relationship with the person God has sent to me.