Should I End This Long-term Relationship?

Some things end. Some things are meant to be over even when you do not want to.


Are you wondering if you should end the relationship you have worked hard for? Are you really going to let go of the years you have given and shared with someone you have loved so intensely?


Everyone knows love is never easy. There are a lot of things you wish you know how to handle perfectly. There are a lot of questions you can’t find the answers to until it is too late.


The Challenges You Face

Perhaps you have wondered if you have failed in making your relationship work. You wonder if you are someone who can never keep the love for as long as you want. 


What had gone wrong? Was it you? Was it your partner? Is your love not true?


This is when you start to realize that your idea of what true love is the accumulation of all your failures, the flaws you discovered within yourself, the things you thought you have done wrong, and the pain you have experienced all this time.


Your experiences, your learnings, and your realizations have become your idea of what love is. Along the way, these memories, both happy and painful, are etched in your subconsciousness which forms part of your belief system about life and love in particular.


The issues and problems you face from being in a failed relationship over and over again

When you have been in one failed relationship with another you start questioning yourself and your worthiness of being loved. Slowly, issues and problems pile up inside you, and more often than not, they remain untended and become the very reasons why your relationships do not last.


You lose love to find love

They say that as you give love to the wrong person, you are losing love for yourself. Slowly you will think less of yourself as you think more of them.


Needless to say, you neglect yourself in your struggle to give the love you want to be given to you. Too many people forget to develop self-love and almost everyone does not realize that it is the reason that their relationships are not working.


When you forget self-love, you question your worth. Questions like, ‘Do you deserve to be loved?’, ‘Will someone ever love you?’, and “Is it your fault that people choose to leave you?” cloud your mind and blind you from what is really important in a relationship. 


In between your relationships, in those moments when you are single, you contemplate all these things and then some.


There is dissatisfaction every time you end a relationship and then you are being consumed by self-disappointment. Suddenly, you find yourself unhappy when you are single because you fail to answer these questions that are bugging you. 


Because of the dissatisfaction, you feel when your relationship ended you cannot fully enjoy living your life without a partner. And even when you find someone new, you are always haunted by the thought that this relationship will end the same way that the previous one did.


How do you find love within?

The first step to finding love within is to take a closer look at yourself and bring into the open everything that you hate about yourself may it be tangible or intangible traits. Look at it intently and openly.


Observe how your body reacts. And slowly, forgive and accept yourself. When you accept each of the qualities that make you who you are, including those that you may not like, is a catalyst for growth and increased self-love.


Letting go of your fears can be both liberating and inducing self-love. Since fear is an emotion that can be crippling, this also prevents you from finding love, happiness, self-worth, and many other things you desire but are too afraid to do something.


This could be something that’s easier said than done but it is important to acknowledge your fears and then decide if it is worth putting your energy into it.


Don’t you agree it’s more than worth it to pour our energy into self-love? Let go of fears and be where love is. We cannot give what we don’t have. So loving yourself will help you give more love to others.


Oftentimes, we forget about ourselves when we are busy loving others. In order to keep our love tank full, we need to care about ourselves as much as we do for others. We have a tendency as humans to take care of others first before ourselves.


May it be taking care of our work, our household chores, and accommodating other people that we leave self-care at the bottom list. Why not make caring for yourself be as important, if not more important, as caring for others?


You will find self-love as well when you find time to focus on and try to explore new things about yourself. Exploring new ways to grow self-love and confidence will help you expand your horizon and explore territories that are out of your comfort zone.


This includes opening yourself to new adventures, trying something you’ve always been afraid to do, creating new memories with people that matter, and being deliberate in investigating your new self.


When things are just hard to initiate, movement can always bring you somewhere. Just by moving and exercising, you are activating your ability to love yourself.


Our bodies, emotions, and thoughts are intricately connected. And regular exercise can greatly affect your overall well-being, physically, emotionally, and mentally.


Regular exercise can alleviate depression, stress, and anxiety. It also releases endorphins, morphine-like chemicals produced by the body that help diminish pain while triggering positive feelings. And you can make this surge of hormones an outlet to let go of any emotions that don’t serve you. 


Trying any of these ways can dramatically improve your self-love. And when you love yourself enough, your false belief system about love will slowly crumble as this does not resonate anymore with how you feel about yourself. And along your journey to self-love, there’s a very huge chance of finding your one true love.


So by the time you ask yourself this question again, “How do I love and appreciate myself and other people in this present moment?” you know where to find it.


A Prayer for your Angel’s Guidance in Love

Beloved angels of God,


I pray to you today with an open hopeful heart.


Please come to me and fill me with your light and presence.


Please guide me to make the best decision in this situation.


Please show me the right way to true love.


Shower me with your guidance and support as I love myself.


Thank you very much.