Signs You May be Experiencing a Spiritual Awakening (You Probably Don’t Know It)

What is Spiritual Awakening?

There are a lot of definitions for Spiritual Awakening and all of these are true at some point.

Some see Spiritual Awakening as being aware of the power of the universe, how people are connected to their own being and to every creation of the world. While there are those who’s view about awakening is when someone no longer lives in the world where one focuses on the ego, the I, but is now transcending to a higher awareness of the inner self and how it is connected to everything in the universe.

Awakening is also referred to in different ways by different faiths, religions and cultures. It’s called Nirvana, Enlightenment, Spiritual Rebirth, Awakening…

Who experiences awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is for people who decide to let go of the worldly burdens that chains one to their lowest state. It is embracing the fact that one is and can enter the highest state of being by raising one’s vibration, strengthen their connection to the angels and the Divine.

Spiritual Awakening is for everyone.

However, because there is so much confusion with regards to spiritual awakening, some people would fail to recognize when they are experiencing it.

You may have been led here because you were seeking for answers as you may feel confused. You have experiences you can’t explain. You are seeing things, noticing things you haven’t been able to notice before.

And the fact that you are reading this is a good reason to believe that you are well on your way to your own spiritual awakening.

How will you know if you are experiencing the symptoms of spiritual awakening?

Sign #1

The first sign to your Awakening comes when you start noticing things.

This means that until recently, you have been living life as though you are on autopilot. You may have been going with the flow and not putting too much thought on who you are. Your needs, your wants, or the reason you exist. But suddenly, you are starting to notice things. Not about others but about yourself.

You are starting to notice your own emotions… Why do you easily get angry? Why is your happiness so short-lived?

You also start to notice your lifestyle like the food you eat, how much exercise you take, or how much sleep you get… You even think more about the present now.

And you have noticed this tingling feeling inside you like a whisper telling you that you want to change yourself.

Sign #2

You crave connection.

You have this strong want to be a part of a group or a community where you can feel belongingness and in unity with the people in it. You have been doing volunteer works and helping others for quite some time now.

Back then, you might have been judgmental of people who seemed to be different from you. But now, with your need for connection, you have opened your mind to be more understanding of others. This does not only extend to humans but to all creatures of this planet. Your compassion may make you decide to stop eating meat. You have developed a connection with nature, the energy of the planet, and so, you take care of it more than ever.

Sign #3

You start to detach yourself from negative thoughts and people.

Influenced by the society we live in; we all have these affections for things that we thought will define us. These are our social status, who we are in relationship with, the clothes we wear, the degree we have, our friends, and even the way we spend our money.

It is not only the society that has influenced our thoughts and the way we see ourselves. We have also been influenced by the people we grew up with and the people we are interacting with today.

Experiencing a spiritual awakening makes you realize these things in a way that you have never done before. Slowly, you decide to let go of these beliefs. And you start to let go of the thoughts and the people who have influenced you negatively.

Sign #4

Your inner peace increases.

You realize the value of inner peace. So, you constantly look for ways to keep it growing inside you. You now tend to spend more time alone. You seek to maintain your focus on your need for serenity as this proves to maintain your sanity. And as you do so, you are now getting better at handling your emotions.

Sign #5

You have increased empathy and intuition.

Before the changes, you might have noticed how you take people for what they say. However, you have now started to read deeper than their words. You are now hearing the emotions and intentions they really want to convey.

Your intuition is also getting stronger. There will be moments when you run into your friends as though you have summoned them with your thoughts. Or when you are faced with a situation and you know what you must do. Or it could be that you meet someone for the first time and immediately have this feeling about them. It could be that you dislike them or you really like them at first meeting.

When you are awakening spiritually, you become more in tune to your inner voice, your intuition, also your feeling of empathy.

Sign #6

You are seeing more signs from the angels and the Universe.

You start to question that things around you are mere coincidences. And with that you start to see synchronicities. You now recognize occurrences and chances as they are. You are becoming more aware of number patterns and more curious about angel signs. You have come to recognize how the Divine is trying to connect to you, contact you and guide you.

Sign #7

You are becoming more authentic.

Because you are experiencing a spiritual awakening, you have learned more about yourself and you have realized what is important for you. With this comes your knowledge of your self-worth and then the development of your confidence in yourself.

Knowing yourself has made you realize that you do not need to be the same with everyone else to feel that you belong. You know yourself and you know that living as who you really are gives more satisfaction than being who others want you to be.

Your authenticity is a sign that you are getting to a higher state where you can attract and influence people by just being you.

These are just seven of the most common signs that you are experiencing a spiritual awakening. Now that you know about them, you are now more aware than most people.

One’s spiritual journey is the most important thing we, human beings can go through. Spiritual growth is not affiliated to any religious faith or tradition and this prejudice is something that people should let go so they can be more open to their own awakening.

We are pleased to be the ones who made you see the greatness you are about to undergo.

But we’re not done helping you yet.

Here are some of the activities you can do that will strengthen your entire being so you can optimally use your potentials as you awaken your true self.

Be more active: Dance, Exercise, Take a walk in the park near you, Visit places you haven’t been to.
Gratitude. Always appreciate things, no matter how small they are.
Spend time with nature. Nature has vast energy that you will need to connect and align with when you want to raise your vibration and awaken. Spend time with nature and you will feel the amazing energy and force of the Universe. Moreover, you will develop a better perspective of life and of things when you are one with nature.
Volunteer. This is how you forge a connection with people, becoming more giving and kind.
Meditate. Meditation is a surefire way of aiding your spiritual awakening and growth. You become more aware of the spiritual realm when you are meditating. To help you, we have some guided meditation videos and music in this channel.

You are bound for greatness. This is just the start. With determination, clear intention and focus, you can unleash your true self.