Spirit Animal Guidance – How to Connect With Your Spirit Animal [Discover Your Guides]

Have you been wondering what your spirit animal is?

When you embark on a journey to the spiritual realm you forge a connection with your angels. You will also need a spiritual guide that will help you see the path towards awareness more clearly.

Spiritual guides may be a friend going through the journey with you. It could be a teacher or mentor that has introduced you to this path. Or it could be your spirit animal guiding you.

Animals have always been regarded as sacred and helping creatures. In many religions and cultures, gods are often depicted as part animal or having animals associated to their divinity.

How do animals guide us as we seek for spiritual growth and awareness?

Spirit animals provide us with protection, guidance, lessons, wisdom and power.

If you want to know what spirit animal you have let us first answer some of the most common questions about them.

Can you have more than one spirit animal in your lifetime?

You only have one power animal that will never leave your side and will forever accompany you in your every journey.

But there will also be spirit animals that will cross your path offering you their guidance and love.

These spirit animals may come and go leaving lessons about yourself so you can understand what you really want in life. They help you maintain the balance in every aspect of your being.

There are factors that will determine what spirit animal will cross your path. An animal guide may come to you when you are trying to decide on something major, during special occasions or a phase you are facing in your life.

How will the spirit animals communicate with us?

Like the angels, spirit animals use various ways to give us their messages of guidance and protection. They can come to us directly and physically like they are intercepting our path or accompanying our walks. They can appear in our dreams. They can show themselves as we meditate, or they might be our beloved pets.

When we become more aware about the spirit animals, we will realize that they show themselves more to us especially in times when we are confused and in need of support.

How to connect with your spirit animal?

Throughout our history and across many cultures and traditions, people would dedicate their lives to connect to their spirit animals.

More than a spiritual practice, it is a part of who we are. The spirit animals are extensions of our inner selves. It embodies our own characteristics. They represent our own personality, the qualities and attributes that we may have noticed in ourselves.

When you discover your spirit animal, the first thing you would want to know is their characteristics. You will, then, realize that they are symbolic representation of who you are. That their quirks and qualities reflect those of yours.

It is fairly simple to discover and meet your spirit animal guides. You can just directly ask them to show themselves to you.

Humbly and with deep sincerity, ask them for guidance. You must understand that even when you ask them, it is still their choice whether to show themselves to you. Because they work when the time is right and when you truly need them to guide you.

Do not misunderstand when they don’t show themselves to you when you first ask them to. This does not mean that they are abandoning you. They care for you, but you have to show them that you are committed to spiritual growth. And that you seek their guidance for a harmonious life and spiritual transformation.

Patience is very important when you want to establish a connection. You might think that your efforts are in vain but you have to give them time and wait for them to show themselves to you.

Animals, by nature, are skittish and wary. When they still don’t come to you, you need to assess whether your mental state is at its peak.

Are you calm?

Is your mind quiet and clear and not filled with doubts?

Are you fully receptive of their message and guidance?

You see, when your mind is in turmoil, or when your mind is preoccupied by doubts and qualms, you could subconsciously prevent your spirit animal from coming to you.

When you look at it, spirit animals will often show themselves to people in the middle of a meditation, in dreams and in deep prayers. Focus, clear intentions and patience are the important things that you need so you can meet your spirit animal. You can practice all these three principles through meditation.

Our mission is to help you connect to your spirit guides and this does not only include your angels, but also your spirit animal. So, let us help you with this simple self-guided meditation designed for you to connect to your spirit animal more easily.

Find a quiet place where you can be comfortable and undisturbed.

Sit comfortably,

Relax your shoulders,

Breathe deep, in… and out…

Close your eyes and continue breathing in the serenity and peace all around you…

Empty your mind of any unnecessary thoughts,

Breathe in, breathe out

Now, imagine a white light surrounding your entire being

Be clear of your intentions and clearly ask for your spirit animal to come to you

Breathe in, deeply

And breathe out any of the lingering thoughts in your head,

Your doubts, your expectations, your worries.

Let go of your fears, and your doubts…

Continue to relax and let yourself enter a higher meditative state

Now, in your mind’s eye, imagine yourself surrounded by the beauty of nature

Hear the steady stream of the river

Hear the birds chirping their soothing songs

Smell the enticing aroma of the wild flowers

Feel the cool, loving touch of the air

Hear the rustle of the leaves of the luscious trees around you

Breathe in all this life and beauty and majesty of the earth you are born in

Heighten your awareness,

Relax your posture

And let go and become who you really are

Do not be surprised as you see a figure coming closer to you

That is your spirit guide, your powerful spirit animal

Let them come to you when they approach

Or let them watch over you from a distance

But feel their presence

Notice their glow, as they are filled with love for you

Keep your mind clear and let it be filled with their guidance and love

Let their healing flow to your mind, body and soul

Let their wisdom show you what you were so worried about

Bask in their presence

And be open to receive all that they have to give.

As you end your meditation, thank your spirit animal

Be grateful for the chance that they show themselves to you

Imprint in your mind their greatness surrounded by the beauty of nature

Breathe in… Breathe out

And slowly, slowly, open your eyes.

Yes, they have just been with you.

Your spirit animal has appeared before you.

Continue practicing meditation until you can communicate with your spirit animal. When you have forged a deep connection with them, you can ask them any questions that have been worrying your mind.

They will always help you no matter what. They will show you the right way, nudge you to the right direction at the best opportune time.

You can surround yourself with as many spirit helpers as you need. You can have several spirit animals guiding you as you fulfill your journey.

Just like how there are many angels guiding you through your life’s journey.