Star Bathing – Light Body, Crystal Grid, Transmission, Activation

Transmissions From Your Star Family

Greetings, Cosmic Voyager! The time has come to envelop yourself in celestial luminescence, a star bath that cleanses, charges, and elevates your vibrational frequency. 

That’s right, dear Starseed… Your Star Family heralds this sacred process, an initiation into higher realms of consciousness.

Cosmic Transmission:

“Align with us, dear Starseed, to activate your crystal grid and light body, utilizing the energies of the Cosmic Christ and Ascended Master Moses to catalyze your celestial evolution.”

Remembering What You Came Here To Do

Before your Earthly incarnation, you were among the stars, crafting your soul’s mission with cosmic architects. It’s a path that many Starseeds trace back to the wisdom temples of Ancient Egypt, where they first touched the mysteries of life and the universe. 

Think back to your soul’s time in these corridors of wisdom. What sacred knowledge did you carry? How can you activate that wisdom today to illuminate your path?

Question to ponder:

“By remembering my soul’s journey in Ancient Egypt, how can I activate those energies through my crystal grid and light body today?”

Your Mission With The Star Collective

Starseed, you are part of a grand cosmic team, connected to an intricate crystal grid spanning dimensions. Within this grid, your light body serves as a nexus, channeling energies between the Earth and the Cosmos. By aligning with higher frequency beings like the Cosmic Christ and Ascended Master Moses, you amplify the energies that can be brought through this grid. Your mission is to ground these celestial frequencies into the Earth plane, acting as a conduit for collective transformation.

Cosmic Transmission:

“Your mission is twofold: to activate your personal crystal grid while also playing a pivotal role in the collective Star Mission. With guidance from beings like the Cosmic Christ and Ascended Master Moses, channel ancient wisdoms into Earth’s energetic grid, accelerating global ascension.”

Eons have prepared you for this, dear Starseed. Your time in Earth’s mystery schools and beyond have given you the resources to rise, to heal, to bring forth change. Engage in star bathing to cleanse your light body, activate your crystal grid, and tune into the cosmic symphony that’s waiting for you to join its divine melody.

Awakening The Codes Within Your DNA

As you align your energies, you’ll discover that your DNA is far more than just a biological construct; it’s a cosmic library, a spiral of stardust and divine intent. It contains dormant codes that, once activated, unlock your full celestial potential. 

Your Starseed lineage holds unique DNA keys; imagine them as crystalline structures within each cell, lying in wait for the moment of awakening.

Cosmic Transmission:

“Dear Starseed, your DNA is a reflection of cosmic geometries, resonant with the energies of the Cosmic Christ and Ascended Master Moses. Through meditation, star bathing, and aligning with your crystal grid, you awaken these codes, elevating not just your own frequency, but contributing to the great harmonic shift of all.”

Fulfilling Your 5D Mission In A 3D World

You are a multidimensional being functioning in a 3D world. It’s no small feat to maintain a fifth-dimensional frequency amidst earthly chaos, but remember, you’ve prepared lifetimes for this. The world around you is a manifestation school, much like the ancient mystery schools of Egypt where you once trained. Your mastery then serves you now.

Cosmic Transmission:

“Your mission is dual-layered—personal and collective. On a personal level, awaken your dormant skills and gifts. On a collective level, embody the virtues and energies of the Cosmic Christ and Ascended Master Moses to serve as a guiding light.”

Final Call To Action: Join The Mystery School

Your journey doesn’t end here, beloved Starseed. In fact, it’s just beginning. This sacred knowledge is not meant to be journeyed alone. You’re part of a celestial team, and there are mystery schools—both earthly and astral—where you can deepen your wisdom and join forces with other Starseeds.

Awaken, rise, and realize that you are part of a grand design, a celestial tapestry where every thread is crucial. Enroll in a mystery school to unlock the ancient, cosmic wisdom within you, and team up with star beings and Ascended Masters who will guide you through this grand adventure.

You are now invited to enroll in a mystery school—these sacred grounds are not just the remnants of ancient Egyptian wisdom but an interstellar gateway to the greater cosmic mysteries. Here, you will find more than just courses; you’ll find a star family, mentors in the Cosmic Christ and Ascended Master Moses, and the chance to activate your light body fully.

Click here to watch this video and join the mystery school of ancient wisdom that Jesus and Moses attended!