Summon Your Inner Creative And Create Your Best Life

When we say creation, we are mostly reminded of the creation story in the beginning of time when God brought into existence our so-called universe and everything in it.

Creation is an act or process of bringing something into existence.

Creativity, on the other hand, is the ability of an individual to go beyond traditional ways of thinking or acting and to develop new and original ideas, methods, or objects.

It perceives the world in new and different ways, discovers hidden patterns, makes connections between seemingly unrelated things and events, and generates solutions. It involves both 2 processes of thinking and then producing.

To come out with a beautiful creation, a person must be able to translate a creative idea through a person’s creativity.

Creativity being an ability is a skill that’s specific to an individual just like riding a horse, swimming, or coding a script. It may seem to come naturally to others, but it is something that anyone can summon and improve if given the right amount of time, effort, and attention.

Creativity goes beyond imagining and generating an idea. It is also about developing and that is, going out and doing the research to prove an idea or try and test a process if it works. And if it’s an object, you go out and build it.

Creativity is almost synonymous with innovation. The difference between them is that innovation is the realization of a new or substantially improved product, service, or process that brings value to people’s lives through society, business, or government.

And in the process of innovation, creativity is a very crucial part. Without creativity, there can be no innovation but both of this discipline creates value.

Is creativity natural or can be learned?

Human beings are actually born creative but as we grow older, we become less and less creative because we are taught to be uncreative.

Kids are naturally imaginative and have really big dreams and are encouraged to reach for the stars but when we become adults, life tells us to get real, take the proven path, study and get a stable job, pay your bills and taxes and tone down your ideals and be practical. This is how we learn to be uncreative.

Our creativity declines with age and this was proven by George Land’s Creativity Test conducted by George Land in 1968.

He conducted a creativity test to 1,600 children enrolled in the Head Start Program with age ranging from 3 to 5 years old. And the result was an astounding 98% of these children are creative geniuses.

He did the test again to the same children at 10 years of age and again at 15 years of age. The result declined to 30% for 10-year olds and 12% for 15-year olds. He also gave the same test to 280,000 adults average age is 31 and found that only 2% of the adults are creative geniuses.

Creativity has been constricted by rules and regulations while our educational system was based on the needs of the Industrial Revolution over 200 years ago, to train us to be good workers and follow instructions.

How to tap into your creative abilities?

Here’s the good news, we can relearn to be creative by learning and applying creative thinking processes. You can start with simple things like learning a new skill/hobby, traveling to new places, do something new and become an expert in it.

Being open to new possibilities, being curious, and wonder more will also help uncover your creativity. Solitary activities such as walking alone, showering, daydreaming, and other similar activities can get the brain to tune in to a more creative space.

Creativity is making a comeback in the Information Age after it was pushed aside by the Industrial Revolution Age. Many people now are recognizing the advantage of creativity in today’s competitive world.

With the emergence of computers and the internet, more and more tasks are being done by the computer better than humans with a high rate of accuracy and speed. And what’s left for human beings to do that computers cannot replicate is creativity and the ability to think and make decisions.

Today, the human race is faced with challenges that are so different 200 hundred years ago especially with artificial intelligence on the horizon which will eventually force the human race to become creative geniuses again to be able to compete and survive.

Creativity in everyday life

Creativity is a daily part of our life. We use it every day whether we consider it creative or not. It needs some creativity to be able to make it through the day as you make decisions or solve problems. It is very important in our everyday life simply because it makes life interesting and fulfilling.

Through creativity, our way of living life acknowledges originality and sees unique connections between seemingly independent ideas. It allows you to see something wonderful and extraordinary in the simplest things and most everyday acts and able to communicate it.

Most of us think that creativity is only about making something. However, creativity is something more.

Dr. E. Paul Torrance described it as “a process of becoming sensitive to problems, deficiencies, gaps in knowledge, missing elements, disharmonies, and so on; identifying the difficulty; searching for solutions, making guesses, or formulating hypotheses about the deficiencies: testing and retesting these hypotheses and possibly modifying and retesting them; and finally communicating the results.

And these certainly are needed in our daily existence and when we plan and design our life.

You don’t have to create masterpieces as the world knows it, your life is your biggest and most important masterpiece. There is a great volume of creativity applied in your life. What matters is you created your life according to what makes it happy, fulfilling, and worthwhile.

Your creative ideas and completed projects are all testaments to the wonderful life you live. And it makes your life exciting as well. When you are creative, you feel as if the world and all that is in it is vibrantly alive.

Creativity has changed the world in many ways. Its by-products are some of the major achievements of civilization ranging from the invention of using machines to Mozart’s sonatas.

Human beings are essentially born creative as we always find innovative ways to negotiate life. The most creative people find their ways around hardships because of the way their brain sees the obstacle not as a roadblock but also as an opportunity.

Our perception expands with creativity and with such perceptions our mind sees new ways of solving problems like being able to create a meal when you don’t know how to cook and with the limited ingredients you have or being able to repurpose something in your house when you don’t have the budget to buy for a replacement.

Creativity is our daily weapon in dealing with our everyday activities, the difference between those whom we perceived to be highly creative from those who are not are the sparks of inspiration and the ability to plan and design ideas and translate it into reality.

We can get help with sparks of inspiration from the divine beings who are always ready to help us. Sometimes we just need a different frame of mind and some help to get an “Aha! Moment”.

While the ability to plan and design your life, you need to decide to become the architect of your life and decide what needs to be or not to be in your blueprint.

The Role of Angels in Creation

Angels are your best ally in creating your greatest life. They are always there for us even if we don’t see them. And all we have to do is to ask them for help.

This is very important as they will not want to interfere with your life as you have been gifted with free will. But once you request them, they will be more than happy to help you.

It is not difficult to connect with them but you need to also do it properly so you will be able to connect with the right beings.

We at Celestial Inspiration has prepared a full comprehensive course and integrated with it powerful tools that you can use to connect with the creation angel as well as help you summon your inner creative.

Our course will lead you to tread on the celestial path where you will be guided by angels all throughout your journey. If you practice it daily, you will be able to achieve and maintain your high vibrational energy which will help you connect to divine beings easily and tap the vastness of the universe where you can download divine inspiration as you plan to design your own destiny.

Once you operate on a high frequency, you will only be attracting high energies not only creativity but also love, passion, happiness, peace, confidence, abundance and prosperity, health, wisdom, protection, and everything good you need in your life.

There will never be a shortage of these high energies to come near your energetic fields as like attracts like. In this way, you will be able to design your life for the highest good and live your greatest life.